ANN Radio Interview With Rodney Martin

Here’s an interview that I did yesterday of Rodney Martin of the American Nationalist Network. We spent an hour talking about White Nationalism and Southern Nationalism and especially about corporate influence over US immigration policy.

California is plagued by some of the same issues we face here in Dixie. It is the number one agricultural state and agribusiness wants cheap illegal alien labor to work on farms in the Central Valley. The state has also tried to defend itself several times by passing popular reforms, but federal judges gutted Proposition 187 and Proposition 8, which is the same story we have seen on multiple occasions in the South.

The Golden State is represented in the US Senate by two Jewish senators who have tirelessly worked to undermine its Christian culture and its previously dominant White majority. The forces in play there are a microcosm of America as a whole, and illustrate what Dixie could eventually become around mid-century.

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  1. I think where white nationalism really fails, is that it conceives itself as revolutionary, but it isn’t revolutionary. it’s main ideas, such as jim crow segregation, have already been tried and then moved beyond. It’s been tried in South African and then moved beyond. If you want to pretend Jews are non-whites, you can add Germany.

    I’ll point out that having white separatism didn’t stop the Vietnam war back then or the creation of Israel.

    If you’re in WN just to have a family, guess what, you don’t need wn for that. You don’t need a political movement for that. You just need to start a family.

    Thus my politics are far more against the Government than racialist now. This doesn’t mean I’m not somewhat racialist, but I’m racialist in an elitist sense, not a populist sense. Anti-capitalism and populism are not the same thing.

  2. The reason why WN has failed in America is “Americanism”. So many White people in America still place their individualism ahead of their Race. The 3rd World Peoples place Race ahead of individualism, thus they are winning. White Americans still do not realize this. The lack of cohesive Worldview and Ideology in WN has allowed “Groupism” to fill that vacuum which has prevented the development of a large scale movement that would have saved our Race and prevented the cesspool we see today. Tea Party, Libertarians, Kosher Conservatives and Republicans have all said they are “against the Government, yet they have delivered the votes to make key policies succeed that have been killing us off and today are in a race with the Reds and Liberals to be more “Non White friendly”, more “Gay Friendly” et al. White Nationalism will succeed when we clean house and impose discipline, and bring in new blood, which will be no easy task.

  3. Excellent job guys, never heard this show before but it came across as very professional and informative. Y’all both sounded very good.

  4. Thank you Rodney, I will definitely check it out further. Funny you sound like you have kinda a Southern accent, maybe from your mom? I’ve lived in California and it certainly did not have anyone who sounded like you 🙂 hybrid accent?

  5. WN spends too much of its time educating prospects about things like racial IQ differences, differential crime rates, and Jewish influence. All of this is very important, but it is not enough.

    If you don’t teach prospects the right moral values and get them practicing the traditional moral virtues, they are just going to remain highly educated, self absorbed individualists.

  6. I remain just as interested in anthropology as I ever was.

    But what turned me away from sort of populist politics with somewhat racialist overtones is when I realized that the average every day white person is just a cog in the wheel. I sort of bought into the idea that if white gentiles controlled things, America would be less pro-Israel, less pro-war (even though I joked around on and then I just realized there’s no reason to put faith in the masses.

    If you reject the masses, all that is left is a little ethnostate project. At that point, why even bother? Besides, some of those people probably don’t even consider me white.

  7. @CrimsonTide had not noticed my “hybrid accent” even though lots of people say I like to hear myself talk. 🙂 My mother is from South Carolina and I have spent a great amount of time with Southerners but I was raised by very traditional Grandparents in California. I make to claim of being a “Southerner”. Wallace is right here, all the “IQ” rants and scholarly work on IQ means nothing if our Movement Soldiers act like low life Third World Trash. One can be a very intelligent and well educated wigger. I prefer common sense hard working people with character and values.

  8. Things aren’t quite as dire as Martin thinks with regards to demographics. immigrant fertility is concentrated among 1st generation immigrants, and does drop off after that. America itself could even be saved. It is just not going to be.

  9. Martin makes good points regarding Mexican immigration in to the South. The South is a target for race replacement. They have been successful everywhere else up until this point in flooding areas with third world peasantry.

  10. I’m comfortable in my own skin.

    I know that “racism” is not a sin. It is not “immoral.” Thus, there is no reason for me,to act in public like that is the case.

  11. All fine and well, but when is Rodney Martin going to get off the internet and do something in the “real” world?

  12. For someone wanting to become a national figure or even a regional figure, the internet makes a lot of sense.

  13. @Bob Rob, In case you missed it, I work off the internet. The internet is a means of media and communication for our Struggle at the moment. I opposed a Fag Pride Proclamation in my home town, and spoke in a swarm of imported Fag activists at my City Council along with a small crowd of those of us who called for the Proclamation to be rescinded, and it was the first and only Ca City to officially rescind a “Gay Pride Proclamation”. We then pushed (successfully) for the removal of the feminist Mayor who had signed it in the first place. It was covered on video and my daughter who went to the meetings with me was confronted by a butch Lesbian. During the Crimea events, I organized a demonstrations supporting “self determination” which is the answer to all our problems, i.e. to break up these artificially created and illegitimate Unions. I was to have spoken at Freedom Palooza last year, but my wife’s stroke prevented that but I sent someone who spoke in my place. I will be speaking in Georgia on the 18th of this month. So YES, I get around. Juust going out and “doing something absent a clear objective is stupid. We are not in power and we are very marginalized, as such we have to be very good chess players and use current events to advance our positions and ideas. As to AnAnon’s assertion that the demographics are not quite as bad and isolated to the first generation, that is false and an argument used by Libs, Libertarians, and those who thinks we need immigrants for labor. Third World immigrants (Mexican & Latin American) do NOT rise up the economic and social food chain. They hold true to their Catholicism and have large families. Once here, either legally or illegally they go right to work to bring their extended family here. What they often identify as brothers and sisters are in reality 1st and 2nd Cousins and Aunts and Uncles. YES, the demographics are very bad.

  14. Perhaps the statistics are lies, and I do live in a sanctuary city, so I can imagine that you’re understating just how bad it can get.

  15. The Stats are posted on the Slideshow on the Radio Show and come from State and County Governments which are more reliable than Federal Stats. Living in a Sanctuary City means nothing and may well skew your view. Rural Areas are now festooned with Mestizos as are areas in the Mid West. Another good example is to look at the fact that White Children are already the minority, this was originally projected to be the case in 2020. Whites are NOT reproducing that is the problem while Third Worlders reproduce 2 and 3 times the rate of Whites. This is Fact. The most sobering Stat is the White population in 1970 and today, it has dropped tremendously in just 45 years.

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