The Cost of the Union: Small Town Mosques


Thanks to the United States’ immigration policy of open borders to the Third World small Southern towns, once all but religiously homogeneous (and ethnically divided between Whites and Blacks), now are home to mosques and other alien religious centers. The mosque pictured here is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, a former stronghold of Confederate general-turned-governor Wade Hampton (known as the Savior of South Carolina for overturning the Reconstruction regime and restoring White Southern conservative rule to the State).

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  1. There’s one on Hwy. 1417, between Sherman and Pottsboro, Texas. It’s been their since at least 1987/88. Nearly thirty years. At least here in Texoma Land, it’s not a recent thing. The FBI busted a convenience store on the south side of Sherman in 90′. Folks noticed that the shelves were not being restocked. Turns out the Mideast characters running the store were stockpiling weapons in the stock room, instead of twinkles, cokes ‘n smokes. Mostly small arms, that were going to be sent to Michigan and New York, according to the newspapers. That means that even a town of 35k or less can be afflicted by these types. They’re a real cultural threat.

  2. It is a scourge, to be sure. Btw Michael….we sure do miss ya. I wrote you an email weeks ago, but never heard back. Don’t be a stranger in our online communities forever.

  3. When these pagan cult temples were confined to Negro areas, no one noticed. Now that they are popping up in more visible locations people are starting to get concerned.

    I saw where Spartanburg, South Carolina is being targeted for Moslem refugees & immigration.

    We could take the what the heck, cavalier attitude, after all we have Roman Catholic cult churches, and Jew cult temples already. What’s a few more, more or less. LOL.

  4. Opposing Islamic immigration, hostile Muslim laws and customs – that’s very popular in the South. Just do it. Get away from endless talk, talk, talk about economics.

    I have a good Islamic post in draft modeHunter.

  5. Earl, you better hope more “Catholic cult temples” go up. Especially those of traditional Catholics. We have a proven track record of defeating Muslims. We’re also known for keeping Jews in check as well.

  6. I’m sure poor little Pedro is going to need a Roman Catholic church to take his wife, his girlfriend, and their 17 kids to.

  7. Earl, it’s my understanding a lot of these “poor little Pedro’s” and their broods end up converting(?) to Evangelical Protestantism. They may need the Baptist Church you go to to bring their wives, girlfriends, and 17 kids to. Trust me Earl, you and yours will enjoy the Mexican food at future church suppers!

  8. The Methodist Church near my house was sold and the Feds helped the ‘local’ Muslims buy it up and turn it into a mosque. Good news is the Church was selling because they needed a bigger space, bad news is I have to drive past a terrorist center everyday. I feel so enriched.

  9. Any place I’ve ever been & seen, where they have a lot of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and other Latino immigrants the Roman Catholic church is over flowing…I kid you not. That’s one of the reasons the Catholics want them here…

  10. I’m not happy at all about Spartanburg getting turned into a federal government approved dumping ground for diaperhead refugees. I wish we could welcome them with a big party just like in the good old days.

  11. Classically Anglo-American towns and cities everywhere are feeling this scourge – Anaheim, CA is a perfect example. It started out as a German farming town in the 1880s and but transitioned to mostly British stock by the 1920s, the area was a popular destination for Arkansans and Okies in particular. The place has collapsed within my parents’ generation.

    Anaheim was once the land of oranges (ain’t part of Orange County for nothing), walnuts, the inventor of the boysenberry (Okies Walter and Cordelia Knott of neighboring Buena Park popularized this with their berry farm and roadside stand during the Great Depression that became Knott’s Berry Farm, Reagan spoke at their 60th wedding anniversary), Walt Disney, and the KKK (they ran the city council for a bit and had the largest rally in California – attracted 20,000, Anaheim was marketed as a model klan city). It was a working class city of not only Dust Bowl migrants but other whites fleeing the africanization of some Los Angeles suburbs. The county was a stronghold of the John Birch Society too…

    1970 – 90% white, 2013 – 27%. Mostly Mexican now but also home to Little Arabia (which sprang into being mostly during the 1990s). There are least 42 mosques and Islamic education centres within a 30 minute drive. It is not at all uncommon to see women in niqab pushing strollers on the sidewalk. The local police department is being slammed with racial profiling because of their intelligence-gathering and surveillance (specificially cell phone spying) on the prolific criminal Arab element (an Anaheim resident was indicted for soliciting funds from al-Shabaab), they had to put the whole force through CAIR-funded sensitivity training (CAIR & the ACLU were also nipping at the heels of the LAPD when they were trying to map out terror hotspots after their was a threat to Los Angeles shopping malls).

    I’ve noticed rapid changes countywide in the last two decades, specifically at the beach. When I was small, the beach-goers were majority white, and not a hijab among the foreigners. Now, Muslims are inundating specific piers and consequently totally ruining that atmosphere too, especially Huntington Beach (Surf City).

  12. Holly—Let me assure you that the Moslems are everywhere, in every major metro area, and quite a few minor metro areas. The local hospitals and universities import them as doctors, instructors, technicians, and then the cultists send for their tribesmen to work in businesses they buy or finance. It’s a very vicious cycle, and not limited to Moslems, but, is also played by Hindus and other pagan imports.

    As Lew points out the Jews have played a bad role, but why do Roman Catholic hospitals import them? You, I’m sure have read a newspaper story about a Catholic nun gushing all over a pagan doctor who works at her hospital. Boilerplate.

  13. Our taxes are being used to build these. Moslems consider welfare/dole/section 8 to be jizya that tax that non moslems pay to moslems. They are being brought into the US via our tax dollars and placed on welfare just like the Boston marathon brothers. Refugee Resettlement Watch covers these stories.

  14. Earl, all of the hospitals run by various religious groups have Muslim or Hindu doctors now. Yet, you seem to focus on the Catholics. Please, don’t try to tell me the hospitals run by your Baptists are Simon Pure in that regard.

  15. Also Earl, one reason why so many doctors are being imported from India and Arab countries is that there isn’t enough grad’s from American medical schools to supply the demand for them. The extremely high cost of education and the almost never-ending payment of student loans is keeping a lot of young men and women away from the medical profession. So the doctors got to come from somewhere.

  16. I must say this makes me sick everytime I have to drive by this crap-hole of a building, but seeing how I live not far from this, and it is literally built 1 block off one of the MAIN roads in Rock Hill, they made it almost impossible to avoid, yet when out and about in town, I have never seen a raghead, in full raghead garb EVER, which actually concerns me a little, because why build this atrocity, if you have no one to fill it? Unless they are frightened to mingle amongst us country folks here in this town, at which I say, “Good, because I have no use for any or them, nor does anyone that i actually know or associate with”!

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