Knoxville Confederate Flag Rally



Kyle Rogers reports on the dueling Black Lives Matter and Confederate flag rallies this afternoon at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville:

Members of the CofCC, the South Knox Ten Mile Club, and others participated in a Confederate flag rally on the UT campus in response to an anti-Confederate flag rally held last Monday. The participants marched across campus and demonstrated in several spots.

There was also a Baltimore Solidarity demonstration being held on campus and they were able to take advantage of the media presence. Organizer Tom Pierce was interviewed by WATE, WVLT and WBIR, the Knoxville News Sentinel and UT The Daily Beacon.

Many of the extreme leftwing participants at the Baltimore Solidarity rally lit up Twitter to express shock after seeing Confederate flags march by them on campus.

Pierce was also on WATE last night after a news crew showed up at his home uninvited and unannounced for an ambush interview. He was also threatened online by people claiming to be members of “antifa” gangs. However, as usual, they failed to show up.”

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  1. The Federal Government has now bankrupted our nation, our children and our grand-children. Their ‘Great Society’ to buy votes by Blacks, Latinos, and low-class Whites has back-fired. America has between 100-200 trillion dollars in un-funded debt obligations with the US Dollar quickly being dropped by nations across the World because it is printed out of thin air with nothing to back it.
    When the Government officially becomes bankrupted, all welfare, food-stamps, pension checks and social security will be gone or greatly diminished. That’s is when society will break up into 3 major segments-Black, White, and Brown- all fighting for the limited resources. Black people are 14% of our population but consume 40% of Government welfare benefits. Latinos are hard working but because of having 4-6 children on a 25-50,000 year family income, we wind up paying for school lunches, health care, braces, food stamps, aid to dependent children, Section 8 housing and many other benefits. Also, Latinos are taking jobs that our 100 million un-employed/under-employed Americans need. How many large businesses do you know that were started by Blacks or Latinos that employ people?
    I feel we should succeed from the USA and allow our Christian values, schools and prosperity to guide us again; let the ungodly of the Northeast and Washington D.C. smother in riots, crime, high taxes,vast regulations and moral decay-exactly what Africa and Latin America have today.
    Wilson James/ Texas

  2. This is about the seventh action of the year: Gainesville, CPAC, Vidalia, Matt’s confrontations with Tim Wise in Bloomington and Charlotte, Tallahassee and now Knoxville.

  3. Does anybody know if Paul Jersey at “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” is a Jew?
    I just left a very tame comment there connecting Jews with funding and organizing black groups – pointing out that blacks don’t have the wherewithal to organize a cheese sandwich. His new article, which is quite good, has a picture of a group of blacks celebrating the arrests of the police and low and behold there is a guy with a yarmulke sharing in the festivities.
    He didn’t publish my comment which is very strange, I assume he is a Jew himself?

  4. How can one have a site focusing on black dysfunction without mentioning there main enablers? How does he get away with that? It seems rather disingenuous to say the least, and also very deceptive to his readership.

  5. No, he’s not.

    I know him in real life. Every single post he has written on that blog is about blacks. The blog is focused on blacks and he doesn’t want to get sidetracked into other issues.

  6. Mr. Paine,
    “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” is a brilliant site, detailing the true history of Black destruction of America. Chock full of detailed facts. I pass it around on “conservative” sites, and in 3D world. It’s a terrific “gateway” site.

  7. I’m loving the Silence=Violence signs the colored supremacist holds.

    That’s our slogan, Silence=Violence. The governmedia’s silence about black on white violence is intrinsic to the violence.

  8. All they do is distort and fabricate and then wail endlessly about these imagined offenses. It is precisely whites’ silence about our oppression which defines what is the real ‘violence.’

  9. BTW, this “Drost” Kokoye or something who organized the Black Lives Matter event is a familiar face.

    I’m sure we saw her in Murfreesboro at the second League protest. I also know for a fact she was with Daryle Lamont Jenkins at the Amren protest last year at Montgomery Bell State Park. I believe she was there this year too.

  10. I’ll be the token negative commenter on this one.

    Here’s what I see: soft, fat stomachs; cheap tee shirts (are they even clean?); unattractive facial hair; worn out jeans, not clean looking. This is how we want to be represented?

  11. People seem to look real and normal, not like some orchestrated plot-furthering photo op. They look like the workaday people the Michael Browns and Trayvon Martins of this world terrorize.

  12. That’s a good question.

    It comes up every single time there is a demonstration. My answer is always the same. If that’s not how you want to be represented, why don’t you get out there, organize your own event, and show others how it ought to be done? It’s not that hard to get on television with 11 people.

    If some organization is doing something the wrong way, why don’t you start your own organization? Why don’t you hold your own demonstrations? There’s plenty of room for competition. In fact, there is virtually nothing going on in the United States outside the South with only one or two exceptions.

    The entire North is an open playing field. No one except for the NSM is active from the Dakotas to Maine.

  13. When ordinary people think of WN, they think of the NSM or the Klan or various skinhead groups. That’s largely because only the NSM, Klan, and skinhead groups are willing to be seen in public and appear on television.

  14. Take Me Liberty, thank you for taking the time to defend normal people. I’m really, really getting annoyingly irritated at seeing people attack those who are at least making an effort to show some solidarity. They weren’t goose-stepping down the street and playing the part of typical media caricatures, so I really don’t see a problem. None of them would be turned away if they showed up at my door.

    If someone will make it, I would be more than happy to buy everyone of those fine ladies and gentlemen a Fuck You, Steve! shirt, just so long as they would all be willing to wear it next time they get together for an event.

    Sorry, Steve, you might be a good guy, but that shit is getting old.

    • If you want a standardized appearance, you need an organization to impose a dress code. Otherwise, the typical American will show up dressed however they feel like. Even then, you can’t count on everyone following a dress code because people just show up at demonstrations who are not part of your group, but who may have their own reasons to support your cause.

  15. I’m going to say it, because it needs to be said.

    How are a bunch of redneck, jeans-wearing, overweight ugly BUBBAS going to give ANY shred of legitimacy when you demonstrate, if you don’t at least LOOK like ‘decent’ American Whites?

    Suits, Ties, dress shoes, skanky Lynnard Skynnard beards and goatees GONE, and no Feed caps.

    Lord. You just confirm the stereotype the Jewsmedia gives you, and then revel in it?
    Misericordie, Domine.

  16. From the Dakotas to Maine, the Northern states are almost completely devoid of anything resembling pro-White activism.

    Here are the few exceptions:

    1.) The NSM, which recently held a rally in Toledo.

    2.) Trad Youth, which is due to Parrott and Heimbach.

    3.) Keystone United in Philadelphia.

    What else is there other than that? Nothing else comes to mind. The entire region is closeted, disorganized, and limited to e-activism.

  17. Northern states aren’t going to respond to essentializing whites and blacks as races. Whites will rally behind a notion of what’s fair economically and politically. Why can’t people see that?

  18. Black people are rallying behind a junk dealer with an arrest record a mile long and a recent felony assault charge, but Fr. John wants to worry about everyone not looking like J Crew models.

  19. Where are they doing that or anything? 115 million people and almost no one but Matt Parrott and Heimbach will publicly oppose what is going on there.

  20. “Redneck, jean-wearing, overweight ugly BUBBAS, skanky Lynnard Skynnard beards and goatees… ”

    Remember, boys and girls, this is coming from someone who once claimed,

    IF and when the South secedes, I’d be one of the first to apply for asylum in a new White Nation.

    (I assume that’s the same guy)

    Well golly gee, Johnypoo, why in the world are you gonna seek asylum in a nation filled with a bunch jean-wearing rednecks with skanky beards and goatees? You sound like a perfect fit for the Land of the Yentas, not the South.

  21. What did they accomplish that can not be accomplished on the internet? I just don’t see the reason for public demonstrations at this early point.

  22. If what they accomplished is equaled by what can be accomplished on the Internet, and vice versa, then why does it matter if they personally choose to do it in public? I think “at this early point” might be relative to when it is you think white unity began and when it reaches its own event horizon. Someone could have said exactly what you said 30 years ago. Someone did say what you said 30 years ago. I wonder if they are still saying it’s too early to stand out in public. What do you want to bet there will be someone 30 years from now saying it’s too early for public demonstrations?

    Personally, I think 10 people organizing in public trumps a 1,000 people whining on a website, rehashing talking points and complaining about the exact same crap day after day after day.

  23. Why hasn’t someone set up a website and declared that it is the new White ethnostate? We could all move there and live out the rest of our lives anonymously.

  24. Thomas Paine – it’s both The Internet is great – but ya have to show up. I’ve shown up to events in the past……use your resources wisely, and to the best of your abilities.

  25. All of you, who did this brilliant action, are wonderful and GORGEOUS – a joy to behold. You all are wonderful!

    Thank you and bless you!

  26. Hunter, can you cite one example where public activism has had any substancial effect in regards to Southern independence or White Nationalism?

  27. When I turned on CNN the other day, I noticed they were covering nothing but the Freddie Gray story because of all the protests that are going on in Baltimore and other cities.

    When does CNN cover White Nationalism? Almost never except in the rare event that 1. ) the Klan or NSM holds a public rally in some place like Memphis, Toledo, or Chattanooga or 2.) some WN has a meltdown like Glenn Miller or James von Brunn and goes on a shooting spree. That’s about the only time the public ever sees WN unless Rachel Maddow wants to interview Mark Potok or make a snide comment about Richard Spencer.

    We’ve seen all kinds of movements come and go over the years. The Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, this Black Lives Matter stuff, which is going on right now. At the same time, there are movements like American WN which never rose because no one ever got off the computer to take a public stand for anything.

    Why should anyone take people seriously who act like they are ashamed of their own beliefs? They don’t. And they never will.

  28. Just curious, Hunter, what kind of career do you that you don’t face repercussions for your public activism. I would say that most people are on the internet spreading links and such because they may lose their jobs. For a person who is self sufficient, public activism doesn’t seem like such a brave thing to do – those people have nothing to lose.
    I myself would like to see a day where are beliefs will be mainstream where we who have something to lose will not have to be concerned. This would come by way of mass media and mass transformation of world views in the US.

    • I can’t think of anyone who participates in our activism who doesn’t work. No one is stupid enough to broadcast information like that though all over the internet. That’s just inviting unnecessary harassment.

      People hang out on the internet because they are afraid of the oppostion. They use the internet as a place to vent their frustrations. At the end of the day, their beliefs are just less important to them than other things. They don’t believe in taking risks, however trivial, so they refuse to stand up for themselves and allow SJW bloggers to push them around.

      There’s no such thing as a revolutionary social movement that is completely safe and risk free. Anyway, I’m not interested in rehashing the same point, so I don’t go elsewhere to engage that crowd.

  29. Wht do you bother then if you know it is a waste of time? And why do you castigate others for recognising the futility for not wanting to partake in events that would cost them their careers?
    All due respect, you don’t make sense.

    • I don’t.

      People like that come to my website … and they bitch, moan, and whine about people who actually do stand up for their beliefs, while making every excuse for why they can’t do anything themselves.

      I learned long ago that it is a waste of time to bother which such people which is why no one asked them for their support.

  30. Paul Kersey a/k/a “sbpdl” will take a hard shot at Jews once and awhile, but, it’s not his area. He makes no excuses for Jews…

  31. I have had good luck shaming confederates with the documents stating the reason for succession found at:

    The Texas document is especially effective.

    Regarding the confederate battle flat, as it is properly called, It was invented and offered to the Confederate States Of America on March 4th 1861 the day the Confederacy came into existence. It was not adopted, but became popular as a battle flag first in Virginia and then more widely. Elements became adopted by the Confederate States of America, the nation created for the purpose of perpetuating slavery here in North America.

  32. Contrary to what you think, public activism at this point achieves nothing. I note that you could not cite one example of success for Southern Nationalism or White Nationalism. The act of standing outside with a cardboard sign is a self aggrandizing endeavor. And often times more damaging when it comes to groups such as skin heads
    or N.S.
    The internet is a far better way to spread information than a dozen folks that stand on a corner once a month.

    • 1.) For 15 years, I have watched people “share information” on the internet. What do they do after sharing the information? What do they do after educating themselves?

      The answer is nothing at all because there is a critical disconnect between knowing about the existence of some problem and taking action to do something about it. Knowledge without character doesn’t change anything. One can know how to lose weight, but that doesn’t mean a person will act to change his behavior.

      2.) Klan, NS groups, and skinheads are about the only WNs who are willing to be publicly associated with their beliefs. That’s why they are the only WNs who regularly appear on television.

      3.) I disagree.

      Those who have the integrity to stand by their beliefs in public are taken a lot more seriously than those who act like they are ashamed or afraid to do so.

      4.) We don’t have the numbers to make the impact we would like to have on public policy, but if we did, and more people followed the example we are setting, we could have a much greater impact.

      1,000 people posting anonymous internet comments doesn’t have the impact as 500, 250, or 100 people marching through the streets. The former can be dismissed out of hand because they don’t have the integrity not to crack under pressure.

  33. The internet is a far better way to spread information than a dozen folks that stand on a corner once a month.

    You are going to have abide by your own standards and provide some examples to prove this.

    Go ask anyone who has been doing this stuff before the rise of the Internet. Most of them are going to tell you that, while it is much, much easier to get people news and views to counter the mainstream media, the ease of which information is spread hasn’t translated into viable growth where it counts — in the real world, out in public. In fact, some will probably tell you it’s worse now than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

    You make it sound like the Internet is this brand new thing that just hasn’t been given time to turn a virtual reality into…. a reality. Stormfront is a perfect example. Almost 20 years… Thousands and thousands of screen names and virtual warriors… Donations, donations, donations…. Internet bravado galore… and what has it translated into? What has it accomplished?

    The Tea Party — even though is has become nothing more than a pathetic, cuckolding alternative of Republican Inc. — started out putting anywhere from half a dozen to several dozen people together. It took a year or so for it to morph into something that was so threatening to the establishment that mainstream media had to go out of their way to ignore and downplay the support they were getting. If they wouldn’t have made the effort to organize and get out in public, they would have been nothing more than a bunch of people complaining on the Internet and patting themselves on the back for pointing to problems that they had no intention of trying to personally fix. Essentially, they would have been White Nationalists.

    Not everyone is cut out for being in public, and yes, many can’t take the potential risk to their family and finances; but that doesn’t change the fact that a revolutionary movement needs those willing to stand out in public more than it does those sitting idly by in the shadows. When I say more, I mean both in terms of numbers and the significance of their roles in establishing a viable movement. Everyone can play their part and help in their own way, and some degree of anonymous support is a really good idea from a strategic standpoint. I just happen to think that a public face inspires people in ways that anonymous people and screen names can’t. Take me for example. I could probably say everything right and you could agree with me on every single point I make. But I highly doubt you’re going to take a bullet for me or feel obligated to help me in any meaningful capacity, because you really have no idea who I am or if anything I say is even true. Regardless of your views on public vs anonymous, you know this is true.

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