Ain’t that America: Tubman to replace Jackson?

The latest manifestation of the never ending March of Progress in the United States is a movement to replace President Andrew Jackson with abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar Federal Reserve Note. An online poll conducted by a feminist organization called Women on the 20s received over 600,000 votes, ultimately selecting Tubman over other Progressive and non-White women. The campaign has made international news. If successful, it would see the highly symbolic replacement of a Southern White slave-owning man who supported the Indian Removal Act (which mandated the forced migration of American Indians to Oklahoma and opened up large areas of land across the South for White settlement) with a Black women who recruited men for John Brown’s (failed) attempted slave revolt, spied for the Union cause during Lincoln’s War Against the South, and promoted Black emancipation, equal rights and women’s suffrage.

The campaign urges the public to “join our virtual march”. The ideologically-motivated movement says that it targeted Jackson for removal because he fought to “make room for white European settlers” in the South and “was a fierce opponent of the central banking system and favored gold and silver coin or ‘hard money’ over paper currency.”


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  1. The reason these characters favour central banking is that it allowed the politicisation of money. Money became an instrument of social and political control, rather than simply a tool of commerce, or a medium of exchange. Otherwise, their statement about Jackson’s opposition to central banking is weird and incongruous with the rest of their thesis.

  2. They favor central banking because without it they would starve to death.

    How do we split this nation up? That’s the only question.

  3. I would advise everyone who reads this to exchange your worthless pieces of paper for silver and/or gold, buy a safe, guns, and ammo.

    If you have any leftover, invest in a foreign currency bank deposit, or one of those bitcoin to gold accounts.

    Pay off EVERYTHING that you currently have a loan/mortgage on, and pay your taxes in advance for your home in your municipality, if they let you.

    The window for useable FRN’s is closing fast…

  4. I thought Harriet Tubman had hair braids and wore granny glasses? I saw another $20 facsimile with Tubman wearing a doorag. This is going to be a fashion statement.

  5. And yet, really important people are starting to beat the drums about getting rid of cash and coin. They’ll SJW-ize all the paper money then take away our paper money.

  6. I had a public speaking class back in my spring semester this year and one of the students did a PowerPoint presentation on this exact subject, although she proposed Dr. King….I regret not saying anything.

  7. Don’t be surprised, when you promote government over race, that racial advocates take precedence. Jackson is a hero, but it’s not what he did for government that matters. It’s what he did for his tribe.

  8. I will also say that bitcoin is real and will allow people to escape the federal reserve System. Please see defense distributed (google).

  9. Putting a negro portrait on dollars is no problem, whites still own 95% of the money. Smart people never depend on the face of bills but in their collection.

  10. I’d propose just having inventors on the money.

    Wright Brothers, Edison, Whitney… Then maybe some writers

    Poe, Mark Twain, Fitzgerald, Dickinson… Maybe a few musicians.

    That way they can’t slap too many revolting political figures on the notes.

  11. Also make a loony counter proposal, just suggest they stick Obama’s face on a bill. watch the monkey howl. suggest his visage because he’s the first black president and that’s a superdooper thing in itself.

  12. Isn’t this defilement of icons essentially a good thing in the long run? The more provocations the more likely the overwhelming eradication as reaction?

    A good ruse would be to have all the Presidents replaced by Dindoos. The crooked the Dindoo the better.

  13. Well, considering the USD is about to become confetti anyway, why not have worthless images on worthless notes of credit?

    It actually seems pretty appropriate.

  14. I agree with this movement. It’s time to get the faces of our forefathers and heroes off these bongo bucks before they begin being issued in denominations of 1,000,000,000 to be worth anything, like in Zimbabwe.

  15. Will Grant also be removed from the $50 because of his anti-Semitism and Indian ethnic cleansing?

  16. I hope they DO get rid of Andrew Jackson, because I think that old boy would have approved. With how hard he fought any private central banks controlling American money, I always thought he would be rolling in his grave at being put on any Federal Reserve fiat money.

    I confess that I am surprised that they are looking at putting Harriet Tubman on as a replacement rather than Martin Luther King or even Barack Obama.

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