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  1. 1. At least he has identified the problem even though I think his solutions are futile.
    2. Forming a political party would involve real activism rather the e activism. This gives people the opportunity to work person to person to effect political change (which I think is futile). When people are finally red pilled into understanding that the current system cannot be saved or reformed, those personal connections can be the infrastructure for separatist/nationalist movement.
    3. If American nationalists/heritage wish to save America, they should at least recognize that the Founding Fathers they revere founded America for the benefit of White people. They should be more explicit in their activism as to who they are fighting for. Deep down every American nationalist understands that attempts to save America in reality is an attempt to save WASP culture.

  2. What we really need is a Phoenix party, let it all burn down, and then something better can rise out of the ashes. The eagles have all become turkeys anyway.

  3. The Eagles, that might work. How many thousands of Eagles clubs are their already around the country. College and high school teams named the Eagles, etc. etc. I like it.

  4. Old American Constitutionalist patriots are rather predictable in what they do.

    Kind of like the actions of the race hustlers. rev. Al Sharpton… Only Rev. al Sharpton still manages to get on TV, and these old Constitutionalist patriots never seem to be able to get on TV, and that really is their only goal.. To get on TV and speak…


    And the truth will supposedly set the entire world free and follow race denying really old White American Constitutionalist patriots…

    I m afraid there is no cure for this disease except death, and these old guys never seem to die.

    Does anybody know if Paul Harvey (G’Day) who was really old back in Reagan’s day is still alive and spreading this stuff.

  5. These Old Constitutionalist patriot types never die and in so many Red States like North Dakota there are no Black people, let alone black gangs, Muslim immigrants, LaRasa etc. so old people like this guy and Jamie Kelso just sort of want to talk about something, have someone, anyone actually care about what they say and do, they always do this 3rd party run for President speaking…


    They and only they have…


    They are “truthers”

    At least destructive black gang bangers, rioters have the decency not to live to 87 and keep running for President.

  6. I don’t understand why you all are so negative towards this guy. Maybe he will not take over the country next year but at some point people will come looking for answers for the damaged heap of vile trash our country has become and maybe he will be there. True the mass media is completely owned by our enemies but less and less people pay any attention to the garbage. If you get as old as me you start to realize that they say the same stuff over and over and things just get worse. Eventually you look elsewhere.

    Even in depths of the depravity that we live in remember the Jews have always failed. They’ve been kicked out of every single country they’ve ever been in in any numbers. General Stubblebine came out and said that the pentagon hit on 9-11 couldn’t possibly be what they said it was. He knows…everyone. There are very few guys at the top. You think they don’t talk? No one wants to start the shooting but do you think they will do nothing if the Jews try to take everything like in Russia? Many people now know the mass slaughter the jews fomented in Russia and they also know if they let them take over they will be targets.

    The Jews have fucked up with 9-11. It seems that they keep making the same mistakes over and over. They are so full of themselves (psychopaths) that they just can’t help overdoing everything until one day the band snaps and people start doing some serious Jew shit kicking. The Jews aren’t magic they just have money and are super-hyper aggressive. Their hyper aggressiveness helps them to go far but when they fall…they fall hard. Let’s all wish them a hard landing.

  7. Sam J

    Because it s the foolish actions of an old man.

    He might as well be in a superman cape standing on a corner ranting about saving the world.

    If he were to go local, compete to win a local race, that would be practical. Running for President of the United States…. Might as well say he’s the Second Coming of Jesus.

    Don’t waste a second with kooks, screwballs, loners, losers.

  8. The same general group did pretty good with their “Golden Bear Party” out in California—instant name recognition, and by all reports they were growing. Then they morphed into the American Freedom Party that went nowhere.

  9. Sam writes:

    “They are so full of themselves (psychopaths) that they just can’t help overdoing everything until one day the band snaps and people start doing some serious Jew shit kicking. ”

    Please tell us when White American Gentiles have done some, any serious ” Jew shit kicking”?

    The last time there was any opposition to the Jew program was in 1944 with America First opposition to Jew led US war against our kinsmen the Germans and allies.

    There were a few arrest of Jew Communist spies in the McCarthy era, Nixon and Billy Graham whispered in private about Jewish domination of the American media, Pat Buchanan ran a 30% challenge to Jew Neo Conservative war mongering, Jew open borders immigration, but most of his support was White Christian pro life people who were either clueless on Jews or else, slaves to the Jews as Christian Zionists.

    The current crop of GOP presidential candidates compete for who is the most slavish to Israeli, Jew interests.

    Yeah, American White Gentiles about to some serious Jew kicking, more like serious arse licking.

  10. To much raa raa Americanism turns me off because, like it or not, contemporary America is merely a facade behind which Plutocracy rules. America has been co-opted by globalists , so much so that even the Navy has a commercial whereby it describes itself as a global force for good. I can see the rot in the whole name change from the revolutionary minded American Third Position to the even more bland American Freedom Party and now to the insane American Eagle party. Want freedom? Here is a freedom; a people are not free if they are not sovereign and a people are not sovereign, even if they still constitute a numeral majority of the population, if said people have lost control of their destiny. And whites have lost control of their destiny long ago.

  11. Miller and his faction within the former A3p got the name changed to American Freedom Party, AFP ….BUT that did not satisfy them, so so he and a group of AFP defectors left and formed this “American Eagle Party”. They got in a pissing contest over who could be more moderate. AFP has a Jew (Litoff) writing articles and posting them on their web site and Johnson and Kelso regularly has a black Jew convert who is a lawyer who ran off to Israel and served in the IDF on his pod casts. His name is Hardy.

  12. “…Please tell us when White American Gentiles have done some, any serious ” Jew shit kicking”?…”

    Not White Americans but Whites. In Spain they kicked them out, England, Germany, Russia has greatly reduced their control, hundreds of times in the past. A lot of you are ragging on this one guy but Hitler was just a nut in a beer hall. It’s very hard to see the future. There seem to be moments where everything changes all at once. The key is to be there when it starts to turn.

    All the establishment believed the Soviet Union would last forever. I was in the Air Force in the 80’s. The USSR was shooting down civilian jets. Subverting countries all over the world and had in excess of 30,000 nuclear warheads pointed at us. It was fucking scary. Then one day it was just all gone. Crumbled.

    I personally believe that everyone should be screaming about building #7 that went down on 9-11 constantly. Why? It’s just impossible for a building to have a few fires and fall the same speed as a rock dropped in mid air. 9-11 is a big screaming Achilles heel for the Jews.

  13. I might add that the Germans were WAY more controlled by the Jews than we are now and a couple hundred guys in a beer hall overthrew them.

  14. “American White Gentiles about to some serious Jew kicking, more like serious arse licking.”

    Not me. I call out bullshit when I see. Including the bullshit of Nicholas Stix. Including your bullshit, Jack.

    I applaud Merlin Miller’s activism. The counter-revolution has no enemies on the right.

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