The Sesquisentennial of the War for Southern Independence as Symbolic of the Fallen State of the South

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“With the Sesquicentennial of the epic war of American history winding down, many may think this War no longer particularly relevant and we can move on to more current concerns. Such an attitude, which I dare say prevails among most Americans, Southerners included, ignores the watershed importance of the War known by any number of names, the “Civil War,” the War Between the States, the War for Southern Independence, the Confederate War, the War of Northern Aggression, Lincoln’s War, the War Against Southern Independence, and by other names. …

In the reconstituted Union created after the North’s complete victory, the North commanded all the power and all the institutions of the U. S. as a whole and ever since has led the U. S. The South has had to conform and adjust and reconstruct itself, or be coerced to accomplish these things in “compliance” with the standards and the laws and the prevailing “moralities” of U. S. majorities, which time and again on issues of the utmost importance have prevailed against the will and culture and values of the South ….”

Note: I do have one criticism … the word “Jew” isn’t mentioned anywhere in this article, but that’s understandable because this essay was published at The Abbeville Institute. The Jewish Question is vital to understanding how and why the South, North, and the West have changed so much since World War II.

Think about it: Jewish billionaires are writing checks which effectively allow them to buy and control US senators in Arkansas, South Carolina, and Florida.

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  1. Generally accurate article – a predictable course of events. The only thing that would have stopped this Second Reconstruction in its tracks would have been for Arkansas, Mississippi. Alabama and Georgia to have declared their National Guard to be State Militia and let Ike the Kike know that a genuine military fight was in the offing. I think that might have actually caused the US to back down since Russia was perceived to be a credible threat to Europe and the US at that time – a honest to God civil war in the US might have encouraged Russia to make a move towards Europe.
    Anyway, it’s all over. Miscegenation, Negro control, Jewish/Liberal dominance had gutted what is left of Dixie, I’m sad to say. We can only wish this Devil’s Union the worst and hope for a better day.

  2. “Northerners knew that the Union they were fighting for would hence forth be totally dominated by the North at the expense of the South. ”

    They know it now, today in 2015. But they’ll deny it up and down.
    They’ll also swear that their sixteen little states north of the Ohio don’t enjoy special rights, set asides, privileges and exemptions from many Federal laws., either.  

  3. Honestly I think very few Southern men in 1861 had any idea what was really at stake except for the extremely intelligent thinkers ie Ruffin, Rhett, Calhoun (who had been dead 11 yrs by then), and others. The hand of the Jewish Power in 1861 was much more obscured and to have attempted to explain it in the South where Jewish slave merchants and cotton factors had political influence would have been almost impossible. Even the SCV brags about the Jews of the Confederacy (puke). Even noble Jefferson Davis trusted Judah P Benjamin with his life and I believe the bastard paid everyone back by stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down and leaving.
    150 years after the end of the war and still no sign of the Confederate Gold Reserves? Think about it.

  4. As for the Union, most of the Northern men and the Southern Unionists were typically uneducated and poor to middle class with very little education savvy or understanding. Ask yourself how did a small cabal in New England manage to capture the entire North? Two things, money and the control of information. The New England cabal was financed two ways, one through manufacturing/trade and the other from operatives in England and France. Sam Houston in one of his most famous speeches on the secession issue said that the Abolitionists were awash in European funds. The other was the control of information. The New Englanders ran the printing presses and the schoolhouses in the Midwest and slowly pushed their influence through the newspapers, school curriculum, religious tracts, you name it. Thus you literally had thousands of children from Southern families who moved north, educated into the propoganda and by 1860 the time was right.

    This control grid the Yankees established by the 1840s or so was mostly vacated by them as they died out and was purchased up by the Jews by the 1890s. The Jews of course in the early days kept around a few tokens, ie Oswald Garrison Villard but by 1890 the German Jews, most of whom were Marxist owned everything

  5. There is a very good reason Southern writers called the Union soldiers yokels, mudsills, tinkerers and illiterate immigrants because they were. There has never been another society I do believe as literate and thoroughly educated as the Planter Class of old Dixie. I do believe both Jefferson and Jackson were horribly wrong on universal sufferage, which helped to elect demagogues thus running the educated Patricians out of elected office and replacing them with buffoons and useful idiots. The very idea to a Southern Patrician that Poor Southern White Trash like an Abe Lincoln or Andrew Johnson would sit with their bare feet up on the desk in the Presidents office was sheer horror. Of course from white trash, its just a few more steps down the road to Negroes and now we are there.

    This was the true promise of a Southern Confederacy, a government of Patricians similar to the Roman Republic.

  6. “The consolidation of the states in one vast empire, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the precursor of ruin which has overwhelmed all the preceded it.” Robert E. Lee

    On an unrelated note I don’t think Jewish power and influence was an issue back then it really didn’t come about until the early 1900’s, that would be the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, Warburgs and the rise of international banking firms and the establishment of “The Inquiry” which mutated in the the Council On Foreign Relations. Don’t forget that one Armand Hammer (Of Arm & Hammer baking soda) was one of those Capitalist billionaires who helped finance the Russia revolution.

  7. In the late nineteenth/early twentieth century, I have read that US senators from Kentucky and West Virginia were nothing more than the puppets of Northern industrial and mining corporations. The same is true today with these pro-Israel Jewish billionaires.

  8. You’re exactly right Hunter, Kentucky and West Virginia were seized by the Northern Corporations and Railroad Interests to harvest the coal and timber. In fact, Kentucky, West Virginia Missouri and Maryland are the only 4 Southern Labor Union States and in KY and W.VA the only union of any size is the United Mine Workers UMW. The North of course promised benefits to Appalachia people, my family is from the Cumberland Gap region of KY, they built railroads and helped fund roads but in the end all it did was destroy the traditional way of life and steal all the wealth.

    As for the ping I got about did the South understand the stakes in 1861 I would say most of the thinkers and Aristocrats understood. I expect the common man understood if not before than AFTER SHERMAN. The only bad part of Jim Crow is it lulled the South into complacency thinking it no longer had to fight for its self-determination it was a stop-gap measure. People got comfortable and slowly the Jews and others like rats gnawing at a piece of string weakened it till it broke. Some men woke up in the 1950s and some are still asleep.

    • I’m sure the flags will come back, and they will be removed again, and this tit for tat will go on until either the state or the courts clarify the issue.

  9. HI Denise- Your types – maybe not your family- probably not- but you pl. brought them here in the first place. and then wanted to continue even AFTER it became clear it was no longer a good idea- and then tried to fight to make the entire South look like Jamaica. My kind did what we had to do. and mine who died in that war are buried too.

  10. I am assuming you guys are not Commie false opposition and professional provocateurs and professional protesters.

  11. We are getting alot of European- British-Canadian and foreign and jewish bullshit over here. They like to mess with Americans.. Some of them even sound like us. Don’t go along. If it feels foreign- it is.

    When you are the real deal- you can tell a counterfeit alot easier.

    and that’s my message to any Patriots- if there are any left in my country.
    I’m starting to feel like that last guy in the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

    I’ll leave you all now. Thanks for not bouncing me.

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