“Cooter” and Alabama SCV Cut Deal With Union Springs

Dukes Of Hazzard

Gary Carlyle, the Alabama Division Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, finally waded into the Confederate flag controversy that has been brewing in Union Springs with this bit of slapstick comedy the other night:

“It was the Southern Soldier that was the determining factor of defeating Great Britain in the war for Americans Independence. General Cornwallis surrendered in Virginia. Prodigy of the gallant men and women who fought in the war for Independence fought again in another war with England in 1812. It was the Southern men of many Races, who with Andrew Jackson defeated the English Army at New Orleans and secured U.S,’s claim to the land of the Louisiana Purchase. When their lands were invaded in 1861 the grandsons of the American War for Independence gathered again to defend home, family, and fireside. In their ranks were Asians, Hispanics, Hebrews, Africans Americans, American Indians, Cubans, and other Nationalities along with many Northern citizens. A note overlooked by most historians is there were more slave states in the U.S. than in the Confederacy when Lincoln called for the invasion of Southern States. Also, more slave owners fought for the U.S. than for the Confederacy. Remember, Delaware was the last State to legally have slaves and Massachusetts was the first Colony to have slaving laws for Whites, American Indians, and Blacks. One should read what was said and published in the 1864 Democrat National Convention in Chicago.

As for the Spanish American war,” Every soldier’s grave made during our unfortunate civil war [sic] is a tribute to American valor… And the time has now come… when in the spirit of fraternity we should share in the care of the graves of the Confederate soldiers… and if it needed further justification it is found in the gallant loyalty to the Union and the flag so conspicuously shown in the year just passed by the sons and grandsons of those heroic dead.” …President William McKinley, 14 December 1898. Every war that the U.S. has entered, the Southern Soldiers have proven a great defender of America. At D-Day on the beaches of the war head, it was the descendants of the old Stonewall brigade that first broke through.

Today, we the Sons of Confederate Veterans honor all our Veterans and many in our ranks are Veterans. We the Sons of Confederate Veterans are outraged at the act of Myron Penn of dishonoring Southern Veterans graves. Federal law P.L.38, 59congress Chap. 631-34 Stat. 56 passed by the U.S. Congress places Confederate Graves with same rights, respect, and privileges as all U.S. Veterans.

Where is the unity, tolerance, and togetherness in denying free speech to those who wish to honor their forefathers? The Hebrew, American Indian, African American, Hispanic, American Cuban, and many others along with many “Whites” who accepted their responsibility to maintain liberty are worthy to be recognized and honored.

Gary Carlyle
Alabama Division Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans”

Hurr durr … Don’t forget the cisgendered Cherokee Confederates, the bisexual Tejanos, the Jewish transsexuals or the African-American lesbians who fought for the Confederacy. We must never forget their heroic sacrifices!

What could possibly be lamer than that? Well this

“Union Springs Mayor Saint T. Thomas, Jr. has approved a request from the Sons of Confederate Veterans to place Confederate flags and United States flags in the cemetery behind the Red Door Theatre. The request was sent in writing to the City of Union Springs on May 22, 2015. Mayor Thomas told the Herald he approved their request to place flags in the cemetery on May 23, 2015, but instructed the organization to remove the flags before 10:00 a.m. on May 30, 2015. This is the request which was sent to the City of Union Springs by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. …”

Get ready for this too:

“Ben Jones, Chief of Heritage Operations for the 30,000 member Sons of Confederate Veterans, an international organization of men who are directly descended from those who fought for the Confederacy, praised the Mayor for “taking a clear stance for healing and reconciliation.”

“The removal of these flags from the graves of our ancestors was a terribly wrong-headed, provocative and divisive action,” said Jones. “No amount of political sanctimony can excuse it. Our membership asks that this ceremony on Saturday will be given the respect and reverence it deserves by all. We are grateful for the leadership of Mayor Thomas during this time, and we are hopeful that the event will take place in an atmosphere of reflection and genuine understanding.”

Ben “Cooter” Jones, the Chief of Heritage Operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, doesn’t mention in his official press release that he agreed to remove the flags from the Union Springs graveyard a week later.

Hurr durr … it is offensive and provocative when Myron Penn removes Confederate flags from Confederate graves, but when the Mayor of Union Springs and the Union Springs City Council does it twice, it is an illustration of their great leadership and reflects an “atmosphere of reflection and genuine understanding.”

Cooter might be crazy y’all, but he ain’t dumb!

Update: According to Al.com, Gary Carlyle said the flags would be removed “in a timely manner as to not interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery.” The Mayor of Union Springs has now converted the Alabama SCV into his cat’s paw for removing Confederate flags from Confederate graves! Surely, Thomas deserves at least some credit for negotiating such a deft surrender?

Hurr durr!!!

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  1. I wonder how the SCV is going to attack the Orlando flag burning this weekend? Maybe they will offer up half a flag as a token of good will?

  2. This has been a long pattern for the SCV and other “Heritage Organizations” in compromising with the enemies of the South. You can’t play nice with the enemy. We know that from the War for Southern Independence. The Southern Nationalist Movement is the future of the Southern Movement. Free Dixie ! Deo Vindice !

  3. Fortunately, the DCC and Alabama Flaggers don’t appear persuaded by the SCV’s move. Those two groups are now carrying on a public quarrel on Facebook.

  4. What the hell are the Sons of Confederate Veterans? Isn’t that like a Civil War reenactment club?

    Symbols representative of ideals and values are meaningless when you haven’t the fortitude to defend them until your dying breath. There’s no point in having and protecting a symbol when it can easily be manipulated, and when it puts you in a constant state of defensive posturing and excuse making. Could those same people also be convinced to only protect their own sons and daughters Monday-Friday, between the hours of 6AM to 10PM? Probably not, but that is essentially what they do when it comes to pseudo-Racialism and pseudo-Southern Heritage. What the fuck is the point of clinging to a symbol when you capitulate and surrender that symbolism so easily?

    I hate to borrow a line for V for Vendetta, but I must in this case:

    The building is a symbol, as is the act of destroying it. Symbols are given power by people. Alone, a symbol is meaningless, but with enough people, blowing up a building can change the world.

    Your average Civil War reenactors and Hobbyists are no substitute for unwavering and unapologetic Racialists. Honestly, they are no better than Trekkies.

  5. Have the DCC or Alabama flaggers ever done anything in the real world? Before I was kicked off the flagger page a few years ago it was basically made up of just two people

  6. A beautifully worded and wonderfully vigourous defence given by Commander Carlyle. I only wish we had been defending our culture this way, all along. We need buckets and buckets more of this.

  7. Maybe I just have not read enough, but, I’m downright befuddled why our flags have to be removed on the 30th. Where I live, the flags are on the graves, 365 days a year.

  8. I had a friend that was in the SCV, a direct descendant from somebody who fought in Forrest’s Company 3rd Tennessee Cavalry. They found out he posted on Stromfront. They never confronted him about this personally but in a vile underhanded manner filled out a form on him that went to the national headquarters to get him expelled because of association with a “hate group”. He only found out when he get a letter by mail from the national SCV headquarters. The local group never talked to him one on one, called, or e-mailed.

  9. Celestial Time has it right : SCV are just Trekkie, overgrowns playing dress up, without a clue or a conviction.
    Some years ago there was a character named Kirk Lyons that seemed to be trying to steer the organization toward a semblance of traditional Southern viewpoint – but I also recall a Negro I think he was allied with – anyway, SCV should be shunned.

  10. You should thank him and the other “leaders” they’re basically throwing you a softball right over home plate.

    They are allowing and even participating in blood libel so obvious even a ‘Murkan conclown could spot it.

    My guess about two sentences of rhetoric repeated over and over in a consistent manner would initiate a coup within or against the quisling orgs

  11. The whole movement to destroy Confederate heritage is tied to the fact that White’s lost political control of their territory (i.e. States) commencing in the 1950’s beginning with the Eisenhower presidency. Initially, there was stiff opposition in the South, but not a united front. Tennessee and Texas federal politicians sold out quickly. George Wallace might have turned the tide when he returned to the Democratic party and was threatening to win the nomination in 72 before he was taken out by Arthur Bremer. Wallace threw in the towel in the late 70’s and the abdication by Southern leadership across the board quickly followed. Without political dominance one’s culture withers away, as is happening now. Public school integration has allowed the lower class White’s to mingle and interbreed with the Negro and the Negro is perceived as the dominant race, politically, in the South. Young Southerners do not know their history since it has been replaced with the “Gods” of the Civil Rights revolution. Confederate Memorials are not understood or cared for by the vast majority of Southern youth and their attitudes are more in line with the propaganda the System has imposed through its mass media. I wish I could say I had a solution. Unlike Europeans, especially Germans, Italians, Hungarians, et al. White Americans do no seem to have the energy to participate in any mass movement or produce any leadership anymore.

  12. why in hell would one have to ‘ask permission’ to fly any kind of flag on a family grave? that’s ridiculous.

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