Union Springs Update

The protests scheduled for Union Springs, AL this weekend have devolved over the past month into a three way fight between the Alabama SCV, the Alabama Flaggers, and the Defenders of the Confederate Cross:


After brokering his “compromise” with Union Springs, Gary Carlyle has denounced the Alabama Flaggers and Defenders of the Confederate Cross who plan to move forward with their protests. The DCC, who are fighting with the Alabama Flaggers, have moved their protest to July 11. And in a separate story, the Alabama SCV is clashing with the Alabama Flaggers over a separate protest scheduled for Athens in July.

Note: I won’t be present at either the June 20 or the July 11 protests because I have two weddings to attend in Atlanta and St. Louis.

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  1. 1.) The SCV sees itself as the only game in town and resents flagging groups because it believes that it is the only legitimate organization “charged” with heritage defense.

    2.) Last month, the Alabama Flaggers and Defenders of the Confederate Cross had a huge falling out over local media coverage. From what I understand, there’s a history between those two groups involving one individual that goes several years back.

  2. BTW, it would only be surprising if small rightwing organizations WERE NOT engaging in constant infighting. This type of infighting is the norm on our side of the political spectrum.

  3. @BGriffin…

    Thank you for the explanation. Not being involved in ‘right-wing groups’, like you, I have precious little idea of the infighting. Sir, I am sorry to hear it. The left must rejoice at this!

  4. The SCV has needed “Southern Nationalist” leadership for many years. Hopefully this will get the right people interested in taking officer positions in the SCV in Alabama and across the Nation. The SCV serves a good purpose. However you can’t be “non political” all the time. You need public activism and get those Confederate Flags in the streets when needed and show the enemy Southern Pride is growing and recruit more people into the Southern Nationalist view of our World. Deo Vindice !

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