Supreme Court Rules Against Texas SCV

texas-scvIn other news, the US Supreme Court has finally resolved this lingering issue:

“The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld Texas’ refusal to issue a license plate bearing the Confederate battle flag, rejecting a free-speech challenge.

The court said in a 5-4 ruling that Texas can limit the content of license plates because they are state property and not the equivalent of bumper stickers.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans had sought a Texas plate bearing its logo with the battle flag. A state board rejected it over concerns that the license plate would offend many Texans. ….”

I first wrote about this case years ago when this blog started documenting The War Against The South.

Note: Four years later, 33 percent of Americans have confidence in the Supreme Court, and the League of the South has been completely vindicated in its long held position that reforming the system is impossible.

While illustrative of our plight in the South, this fight over license plates in Texas is small potatoes compared to the far more devastating blow that the Supreme Court is about to inflict on the institution of marriage. It’s long past time to quit wasting our time and energy on meaningless elections that go nowhere and focus our attention on organizing our own communities for secession.

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  1. I know I’m in the minority here but I actually agree with this ruling. There is no abridgment of the 1st Amendment by the state of Texas not issuing Sons of Confederate license plates. Plus, this is a state issue and the SCOTUS has no place in resolving what is a state issue. I know the American Left is immoral, corrupt, and dishonest so asking for consistency is expecting too much. Just as this issue is a state issue, I would hope that the SCOTUS would also see the issue of marriage is also an issue to be resolved by the states and her people.

  2. This should be a Freedom of Speech issue in respecting Veterans. The American Empire will never legalize Freedom for the South. That’s why Secession is needed for the survival and advancement of the Southern People. Deo Vindice !

  3. I am for the State’s right to pick and choose also but they chose poorly. This was a flag that thousands of Texans fought under for independence. It has since become a cultural symbol of the South. Texas needs pro-Soutg leadership like it had in 1861.

  4. white americans have a decision to make and soon. the killings in Charleston was a false flag. once again we have a white loner, isolated, with a history of mental issues and being high on Xanax. the father, knowing this kid had issues, gave the boy a 45 acp semi auto handgun for a recent birthday present. once again it looks like the feds deliberately set this up. could it be obama’s effort to start a race war so that he can use the issue to swoop into Charleston and begin disarming white gun owners, just as his supporters in DC and the media are now calling for? how will whites react when the hate speech of the president sees thousands of black thugs from across the country descend on Charleston to begin attacking, raping, and killing whites, just as both the New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam are both calling for over their web based radio stations? people, please understand, the Charleston Law Enforcement Agencies are all under the control of the leftists and when this violence kicks off they will be nowhere to be seen. my advice is for any white males out there who still have the guts to protect your families to get yourselves formed into neighborhood protection groups, armed to the teeth, otherwise prepare to see your women and children beat down, raped, and murdered. if black community leaders call for a march, and all indications are they will, you can expect heavy support from left wing anti-white groups, communists, black activists, and inner city thugs, who will descend on your city and make it a living hell. looks like by attacking a church the obamites have removed the only sane black group in the Carolinas, the black church, from trying to stop the violence. black sites from California to New York, from Chicago to Detroit, are actively calling for the targeting and murder of whites across the country if Obama refuses to follow threw on his promise to disarm Charleston whites. is this all a little bit too co-incidental, after all, Charleston was the birthplace of the Confederacy where the Civil War began. what better place for the left to have their little race war begin?

  5. Outside of this, the Texas Nationalist Movement has gotten two bills introduced into the Texas House. One will create a Texas Bullion Repository, and the other a Texas State Bank. Though less important, there is also a bill in the works to legalise the Bowie Knife. Which, as is well known, became the recognised symbol of Southern fighting men, especially during the WSI.

  6. Remember the is the same SCV that has excoriated the LOTS and makes common cause with the SPLC in any effort to curry their favor. They are politically correct rainbow Confederates and regard any serious pro-Southern activity as distasteful and possibly even bordering on hate.

  7. 3 Jews on the Texas SC ? Can Texas really be considered a Southern State any longer ? Houston has a Dyke mayor that is married to, of course, another Dyke ? I’m sure the SCV made PC arguments in a groveling manner, to no avail. Many Catholics fought for Dixie. The Southern Baptist leadership is Negro (recently at the very top) and Leftist – and now its preachers are rooting for more integration with the Negro. Glass houses and all that.

  8. If the sa=tate of Texas does not allow special license plates with any symbols to be made, then I think their position is reasonable.

    If, on the other hand, you can order customized plates, that are not Confederate flags, I think their position is a bad one.

    Can anyone help me out? : Is Texas consistent on this score?

  9. Observer: The Supreme Court of the United States is composed of 6 Roman Catholics and 3 Jews. Three Jews and two Roman Catholics making up the majority voted against the SCV.

    There were few Roman Catholics in the United States, and almost none in the South in 1861, maybe a generous 1% of the population if that.

  10. ‘There were few Roman Catholics in the United States, and almost none in the South in 1861, maybe a generous 1% of the population if that.’

    Inaccurate hyperbole.

  11. Earl, here’s an accurate quotation of Robert E. Lee, for your interest:

    ‘There is already more than enough of Romanism in this country’.

  12. Hey Butzhead..there were 4 Roman catholics who voted for the SCV..the only ones who didn’t were the Puerto Rican soto and the house negro Clarence Thomas. And hey tnag nisom (weird name), Junius, whatever your names are..which of your ancestors fought for the confederacy? My great grandfather (first born son of Irish Catholics born in Mobile, Alabama) fought for three years in his Alabama regiment, Rode’s brigade,Army of Northern Virginia, wounded in the hand at Chancellorsville. Why don’t you Yankee trolls go back to where you belong? Butzhead is a well known Jew troll..and this Tnag .whatever seems to be his name..seems to be the same..

  13. Tnag..whatever are a few Romanists in the South:
    General PGT Beauregard..
    Genreral Alfred Mouton (victor at battle of Pleasant Hill , La.)
    Admiral Raphael Semmes, captain of the famous commerce raider CSS Alabama,,
    The good hypocritical Protestants like Butzhead and the rest always downplay the role of fanatical protestants like Henry Ward Beecher and the rest of the abolitionist prods of he North in their attack on the South.

  14. You really had no Roman Catholics in the US until the Irish Roman Catholics and the German Roman Catholics came here after famine in Ireland, and revolution in Germany in 1848.

    These 1848ers formed whole corps in the union army…

  15. An apparent jewess, Mischka, scamming unsuspecting people from the background and deviously spreading jew thoughts about the Confederacy, that: “The Confederacy is the symbol of racist losers.”

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    Ms Snooby Pants

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    The Confederacy is the symbol of racist losers.

    The Confederacy lost the Civil War. Their flag is the symbol of racist losers. Germany does not embrace the Nazi flag. It is certainly time that we do the same, after more than a century and a half of clinging to their whiny lamentations of white supremacy. Take down the flag and put it in a museum, relegating it to the ranks of history where it belongs.
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  16. The murders were reprehensible and clearly arose from a very sick mind. Some of the commentary about the massacre in WNst circles is an embarrassment. And of course, our enemies are not wasting any time exploiting this apparently highly deranged, evil psycho’s actions for their agenda.

    Jews have been working for years to re-brand the “war on terror” in the popular consciousness from an overseas Muslim threat to a white domestic threat. This event will help them in that Jews in their assault on internet free speech, internet (quasi) anonymity and gun rights.

    And yes, that reply by Robert Ransdell was pretty good. I don’t read VNN any more either, but they still get a few diamonds in the ruff. None of this changes the fact that white genocide is underway on a global scale or that the number of whites assaulted, attacked and murdered by blacks in the US dwarfs the reverse.

  17. Ha ha ha!

    Hillary never says a damn thing about Mexican and nigger violence. Minorities can only be portrayed as victims of evil Whites.

    It’s Trump’s fault!


    On Thursday, 2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton blamed the Charleston, South Carolina church shootings by racist Dylann Roof on the rhetoric of 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    Speaking with host John Ralston, she explained, “Public discourse is sometimes hotter and more negative than it should be, which can, in my opinion, trigger someone who is less than stable.” She continued, “I think we have to speak out against it. Like, for example, a recent entry into the Republican presidential campaign said some very inflammatory things about Mexicans. Everybody should stand up and say that’s not acceptable.”

    Presumably, Hillary was referencing Trump’s comments during his announcement speech in which he said Mexico was sending people across the border: “They’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

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