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Now that I have knocked out that essay, I am announcing some changes in how I administer this site. Henceforth, those who choose to participate in the moral life, and who have a genuine interest in the topics we discuss here, will be allowed to participate in the discussions in the comment section.

I’ve grown tired of the laissez-faire policy which has filled the comment section with trolling and retarded conspiracy theories. The comment section has become an embarrassing gutter of anonymous people sounding off on their nihilistic, sociopathic worldview. Frankly, I was nauseated by much of what I read here last night and I shutdown the comment section because there was no telling what I was going to wake up to this morning and find on my doorstep. I’m not blaming anyone. It’s my own fault for allowing some of the same characters to come back.

In the future, I plan to continue to write about the things that I enjoy: our activism, our conferences, our real world social network, social commentary and especially my interests in the South and its people. I want to write a lot more book reviews. I want to continue to connect more people in the South like we have done for the past two years. I want to work on material that can be distributed to people who are curious about our movement. There are a lot of bad ideas floating around out there that need to be shot down.

I don’t want to be distracted by narcissistic maniacs, their periodic meltdowns, and debates about the morality of their actions, etc. I’m also finished writing about the WN movement and its drama and various problems – I’m a father and husband and don’t have time to bother with juvenile crap like MGTOW. Honestly, I was done with it a long time ago, but it has spilled over into what I am focused on now. There are plenty of people who are pro-White who are moral and decent. I plan to continue to work with those people, but I don’t want to work with others. Those people are already blocked by moderators on CofCC and Amren and will be blocked here in the future.

This site will continue its present focus: pro-White, pro-South, pro-Christian, pro-independence. I’m not going to post any set of rules. Instead, I will just edit the comment section to steer discussions in a more productive direction. As always, I don’t mind discussions about Jewish influence, but frown on conspiratorial thinking, sloppy generalizaitons and exterminationism. We also need less flaming and trolling. The internet is a big place and this site will benefit from taking some of the material in the comments and steering it toward other venues.

Note: It seems that I am not alone in this respect. Lots of people are sick and tired of waking up to Groundhog Day and see the need for a stronger firewall to screen out violent, mentally unstable fantasists.

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  1. Way back in the way back in the family tree, I have a very distant Confederate hero who went after the Yankees, Colored troops, as they were called, and various other malefactors in the early days of Reconstruction. He even has an SCV Camp named after him, and there are still state roadside markers about his exploits.

    Today there is a reconsideration of this man’s life. Was he a Confederate hero of the people, or was he a psycho killer? They are still finding bodies with federal uniform buckles and buttons buried in the area, and including down a well on his farm.

    The man was a good Christian, by all accounts. The legend is that the Yankees tried to capture him in church, and he escaped after a gunfight by jumping out a window of the church.

    The state PBS has featured a documentary about him, and a movie trailer has been made.

    During the Civil War he had been a Confederate cavalry scout, and he came home to Reconstruction, and Black political rule backed up by Yankees and Colored troops. He was denied the right to run for political office (sheriff) and to vote.

    I’m not about to deny him, even though he may have killed 64 or more Yankees and Blacks after the Civil War during Reconstruction. I doubt there will be any movie deals after Roof’s outburst, and his memorabilia will probably lose value.

    Unfortunately, this Roof fellow had no ambition, no political base, and had allowed himself to become a pill popper, and consumer of psycho active drugs. (Isn’t it odd how psycho active drugs are part of every mass shooting outburst. It makes you wonder where he got them, and were they prescribed?)

    I think it’s worth reconsidering Bacon’s Rebellion, and the Regulators in North Carolina, the French & Indian War…

  2. Where I come from, Barbour County was “redeemed” in a similar way, but this was more a symptom of widespread unrest and resistance to occupation than a private act of violence. I was planning to address this subject in the next post.

  3. But you conservatives need a bit of real talk yourselves. As you play the reactionary that tailgates the entire spectrum of war against us you contribute to the hopelessness, and the left loves this. The Narrative is ripe to be flipped but like the idiots in the WNS camp you refuse to leave the past and it’s now failed strategies.

  4. The conspiracy, false flag and crisis actor lunatics have got to go. The ones that aren’t agent provocateurs evince enough disconnection from reality to suggest mental instability. I also hope you ban spelunker.

  5. @Miss Denise…

    ‘Test! I just want to see if I’m banned.’

    Yes, you are banned for being articulate and for your fondness of roses!

  6. I will have a lot to say about this later, but in short I don’t want to be held responsible for the actions of anonymous people who I don’t even know, who never reached out to me, and who only come to my attention when they have a psychotic meltdown on national television.

  7. In the media interview, I brought up the fanatic who assassinated the police officers in New York City. That one slipped my mind last night in the previous thread.

  8. HW

    Notice that I’m once again using “countenance” instead of “Question Diversity.” WordPress-based blogs have on-and-off been giving me trouble when I post as countenance. I want to see if that problem is continuing.

    As for the subject matter at hand, I definitely agree. Something else that we should watch out for and nip in the bud is a**l-retentive a**holes slash purity priests slash paranoia peddlers. I’ve noticed a troublesome trend on one of my favorite websites where a number of commenters, both regular ones and (apparently) new ones are becoming just that, accusing everyone else of being deficient in their nationalism, intimating if not coming right out directly stating that it’s their way or the highway, that if you don’t agree with them 100% of the time, that you’re either stupid or an infiltrator from the other side, all the time wanting to pick fights.

  9. Can we stop these never ending theological attacks by one Christian group against another? a la Butthead?

  10. Democratization of the internet is turning out to work out just as swell as the democratization of public affairs and the democratization of the business world.

  11. Bad money drives out good. This is my experience after 25 years of administering computer-based discussion systems: if you allow in the dysfunctional, they simultaneously attract more of the same and drive away the functional, who like people walking up to a new restaurant and seeing a dogcatcher truck out back, tend to tiptoe away and never come back. There is always 4chan.

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