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  1. While there may be some insight in the article the readers are being led down the same old path.

    Quote: ‘Once again we face a mass murder (FBI defined as 4 or more) and we need to get past the debate over the nomenclature (terrorist, extremist, mass murderer, lone wolf, genocide, etc.)—that serves no prophylactic purpose. When it comes to Dylann Storm Roof, Anders Behring Breivik, the Boston Marathon Bombers, or the likes of Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski known as the UNABOMBER, and Timothy McVeigh, it’s not what we call them, the issue is: could we have prevented their acts?’

    What do you know? All White guys and caucasoid muslims used as examples. I guess there are no blacks or browns fitting the narrative, huh?

    Quote: ‘They narcissistically have the right to devalue others (people of color, minorities, abortion clinic doctors, police, etc.) with impunity and without remorse.’

    Once again note the examples. He specifically mentions people of color and minorities as being devalued. Whites can’t be victims I guess, only perps, narcissists.

    He surely must be aware of statistics and unbelievable numbers of hate crimes committed against Whites, but for some reason chooses not to go in that direction.

    Typical politically correct anti-White spin.

  2. How many “profilers” does the FBI have…1000, 2000, more? What useful purpose do they serve? Speculating about crimes after they happen isn’t exactly productive. The stuff of Dick Tracy comics…

    I’m sure Navarro is a nice Roman Catholic fellow, not related to any greasy type Italian criminals, politicians or “businessmen”. I’m sure he also isn’t related to an Italian friend of mine whose father was robbed and murdered years ago by Negroes who wanted the drugs and money in his pharmacy.

    I’ll never forget my Italian friend, a handsome blonde haired blue eyed guy, selling the stuff from his dad’s drug store in his dorm room, while telling me how good his dad had been to the Negroes.

    Can you remember ever reading a verifiable story of a White man robbing or stealing from a Black?

  3. I agree Sam the article reeked of the “narrative.” You could line up the cast of MSNBC and they would write the same thing.

  4. no. Psychology is a Jewish construct, to avoid THEIR guilt over the Crucifixion, that is now genetic, and 2000 years of trauma hard-wired into their chromosomes.

    This article is (as Sam noted) nothing but ‘more of the same’ from the same foreign ethnos in our land.

    What is missing is the government-doled out MEDS that lead people like this to commit crimes. It is the indiscriminate solution of DRUGGING people, rather than helping them admit their sins, psychoses, and MENTAL problems, that is at fault.

    Moreover, why are the vast majority of Black on White crimes, homicides, etc. not treated, seen, viewed, or talked about in the EXACT same manner.

    Are we actually (by not treating these identical crimes) seeing the Negro as ‘less culpable,’ because LESS INTELLIGENT/Less ‘White’? It would appear so….

    Which means they ARE a ‘lesser race’ and should NOT be given Equality- just as Lincoln said, prior to signing the fallacious ‘Emancipation Proclamation.’

  5. From the link on the article to “narcissistic personality”: People who are narcissistic are frequently described as cocky, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding. Narcissists may concentrate on unlikely personal outcomes (e.g., fame) and may be convinced that they deserve special treatment.

    That sounds nothing like Roof of Breivik as far as I know.

  6. I have noticed the increased denouncing of psychiatric drugs by some on this website. This is ignorant as hell! Mental illnesses are real, and like any other illness they need to be treated. Mental illnesses have physical causes just like cancer or any other disease or illness. Psychotropic drugs are now the best way for the mentally ill to have a chance at a normal life. I have known several individuals who have suffered from mental illnesses, and the various drugs they took helped them to control psychotic behaviors. Being mentally ill isn’t a sin, but the impaired mind of a lunatic can cause him to act out in sometimes dangerous ways. Spiritual guidance must be given to these sufferers, but they should never be condemned for being ill. If the meds can restore them to their right mind, they should be told to make amends. If the illnesses is too severe, they should be confined to prevent harm to themselves and others.

  7. Dalton- always ready for an attack on my person, aren’t you?

    Did I say that psychiatric basket cases shouldn’t be given drugs? Hardly. But what is being done on a far greater level than ever before, is to give these people drugs OUTSIDE OF THE SANITARIUM.

    And the concept of Mental Illness is just that- ILLNESS. The Biblical worldview (unlike the Papist) clearly points out that a sinning NATION will have greater and greater instability, due to demonic possession, genetic miscegenation, and the destruction of the crops, livestock, etc. – either by war, or by things such as GMO, Frankenfoods, Abortion on demand, and Sodomites/Lesbians/Non-Whites acting as if they were ‘normal’ – i.e., White Heterosexuals.

    Roof would never had done what he did, if he was locked up in a mental institution.
    Jumping to conclusions, much like always….

  8. Good lord, there is a little bit of paranoia here. Psychology is not altogether useless. It is, however, the bastard child of Behavior Analyses and Ethology. Two infinitely more useful studies. All White, too. No fear there.

    The real problem with the article is that Mr. Navarro seems a tad oblivious to the greater narcissism of our time. Nobody is really going to observe or listen because that is scary. Much of the narcissism that fuels the killers is exacerbated by our culture. I think even the black killers could possibly have been more productive protesters if it were not for every facet of society feeding this sense of entitlement and solipsism. Though, that does not mean that black people and White people would ever really be able to live in the same nation.

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