Dylann Roof Is Innocent … Of Making The Confederate Flag Poisonous

By Hunter Wallace

Rod Dreher writes:

“Liberal Yankees didn’t do this to the Confederate battle flag. Dylann Roof did. Look at that picture if you want to know who finally drove this flag from public life.”

Dylann Roof is innocent of something. He’s innocent of the way the “national conversation” about the Confederate Battle Flag has unfolded over the last 48 hours. This is genuinely not his fault.

How come? It’s because if Dylann Roof had been a member of a favored minority group like, say, Floyd Corkins or Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who was a vocal supporter of the #BlackLivesMatter movement who drove to New York City to put “wings on pigs” last December, then his actions would have been dismissed by the Jewish media as the work of a lone madman. Brinsley set out to #ShootThePolice and he explicitly said he was doing it in the name of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley didn’t stop the anti-police movement

Here’s how CNN described Floyd Corkins who targeted the Family Research Council:

“After years of thinking it over, Floyd Corkins finally had a plan.

He’d bought a gun and learned how to use it. He’d loaded three magazines. And he had stopped by Chick-fil-A to pick up 15 sandwiches, which he planned to smear in the dying faces of staffers he expected to kill at the Family Research Council in Washington.

It would be a statement, he said, “against the people who work in that building,” according to documents filed in U.S. District Court, where Corkins pleaded guilty on Wednesday to three charges related to the August shooting at the conservative policy group.

Corkins told Judge Richard Roberts that he hoped to intimidate gay rights opponents.”

The key difference between New York City and Charleston, or Baltimore/Ferguson and Charleston, or Washington, DC and Charleston, is that the Jewish media already hated the Confederate Battle Flag, but supported the LGBT movement and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. This is why black radicals can get away with shooting police officers, rioting, looting, and burning down cities like Los Angeles without anyone like Al Sharpton or the SPLC or the Civil Rights Movement suffering any consequences or loss of prestige from it. This is why the media can push one race hoax after another without skipping a beat when a lone fanatic self detonates.

Indeed, it doesn’t matter how bad black people in America behave. Even if they murder White people, black privilege means that they won’t get called out on it. The Council of Conservative Citizens has been condemned for talking about this double standard. We’re not supposed to talk about it because in our time, which is Black Run America, its a truism that White lives aren’t worth fussing about. The precious feelings of black people are worth more than the blood of the victims of black violence.

As Matt Heimbach accurately point out, shit like that is what made Dylann Roof a ticking time bomb. When the news broke of Roof’s horrific actions, his actions were almost universally condemned across the White Nationalist movement. Indeed, Roof acted alone precisely because no one wanted to be a part of his mad scheme. He never reached out to anyone because he expected rejection.

Now that we are witnessing this disgusting pile on though, a moment of genuine empathy for the victims of Charleston is passing, and we are being reminded of how much we loathe those who are taking advantage of this tragedy. With every Confederate flag that is burned, every Confederate monument is desecrated, and every Confederate flag that is torn down by gutless politicians, the realization is starting to dawn that Southern identity is irreconcilable with American identity.


If Dylann Roof had been an Islamic terrorist like Major Nidal Hasan or the Tsarnaev Brothers, would we be witnessing this cultural genocide? The answer is “no” because the Jewish media and the entire political establishment would have gone on television to insist that “Islam is a religion of peace” and that “moderate Muslims” are not extremists and that only “hateful bigots” would blame an entire religious faith.

How many Dylann Roofs are being created out there? We will never know. Rest assured of this though, if a black fanatic had gunned down a White congregation, or a Muslim terrorist had flown a plane into the Empire State Building, it would have been labeled a horrible tragedy, but nothing would have come of it.

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  1. Maybe we should ban the Israeli flag, symbol of hate and oppression of the native people of Palestine.

  2. I find it interesting that he is wearing a Gold’s gym shirt.

    Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts know that Joe Gold a jew owned the gym that Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous in ‘Pumping Iron”

    The image of the bodybuilder holding the barbell was designed by Ric Drasin (jew) who was a wrestler, actor, training partner to A.S. over 40 years ago.

  3. I’m not a fan of El Rushbo, but I think he has some insightful views on the Big Picture regarding the CBF.

    I’m Not Arguing to Keep It, But This Is Not Really About the Confederate Flag in South Carolina

    This effort to have the battle flag of northern Virginia removed is really an attempt to segregate and isolate the entire South and to sort of Alinsky it. You know, the Rules for Radicals, you seek the target, you isolate it, you attack it, humiliate it. This flag represents what the left believes is the last remaining Republican electoral stronghold in terms of presidential politics, and that would be the South. So this is an effort going far beyond the Confederate flag or the battle flag of the army of northern Virginia.

    This flag represents to the left a symbol of everything that’s wrong with not just South Carolina, but North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, you name it. And that’s what the objective here really is. And that’s why when Republicans make these efforts to appease, to please, and even if they think they’re doing the right thing, it never is enough, and it’s never genuine, and it’s never accepted, or very rarely is it accepted. Very rarely do the Republicans seeking to gain political points with their opponents or their enemies actually pull that off by acceding to their demands.

  4. The media was outraged that anyone would associate the Tsarnaev brothers, Nidal Hasan, or the 9/11 terrorists with Islam. That was absolute proof of sheer beyond the pale bigotry.

    Dylann Roof … the Jewish media hates White people, hates the South, hates Christianity, and hates the Confederate flag. Hence, the difference in their preferred narrative. Brinsley was just a lunatic and his actions did not reflect on the anti-cop movement.

    As for the Republicans, they aren’t a real opposition party. They are there as a punching bag, to create the illusion of choice, and to gracefully lose.

  5. That flag doesn’t stand for any of the above, not hate, heritage, any of the attributed content. What it stands for is simply us. It stands for the South.

    Everything they say about the flag, they say about us too. They only hate that flag because they hate us. They want us to take it down, and they want us to apologize for being Southerners.

    I wish people would quit arguing about what it stands for in the enemy’s terms, say, by the clever rhetorical trick, being more clever than them, by saying it stands for “Heritage, not Hate,” or some other even more clever slogan. We should just hammer on the obvious truth, just say, “No it doesn’t stand for anything; it just stands for us.”

    That’s why those Southerners calling for taking it down are mostly cowards, or Stockholm Syndrome sufferers, deeply confused. If you have even the mildest Southern accent, they hate that as much as they hate the flag, and they’ll want you to take that down too, because they simply cannot be appeased.

    That hatred is a deep problem because it is superficially exercised. They’ll express hatred of Southerners, just as they’ll high-five the Negro they know. And if they don’t, they’ll be shunned by their neighbors. It was going on long before the “Civil War,” an act of “military adventurism” if there ever was one. “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the Lord”: fanatics if any fanatics have ever existed. Just call them out on it!

  6. “[T]he realization is starting to dawn that Southern identity is irreconcilable with American identity.”

    What Southern identity means for whites is the interesting question; I don’t even think about America anymore. America is of the past–trash.

    Here at Occidental Dissent, as you know, Mr. W., a number of Northerners, including me, who are racist through and through, have expressed a lack of sympathy, to put it mildly, with Dixie’s cause in the Civil War. (Yeah, yeah–I know: the War between the States.) This is very odd. It is such a stark divide between groups whose views are otherwise very similar.

    The one thing I will say–and which I’m sure I’ve said here before–is that I find Southerners’ disavowals of racist sentiment in Confederate flag-waving disingenuous.

  7. If Dylann Roof had been an Islamic terrorist like Major Nidal Hasan or the Tsarnaev Brothers, would we be witnessing this cultural genocide? The answer is “no” because the Jewish media and the entire political establishment would have gone on television to insist that “Islam is a religion of peace” and that “moderate Muslims” are not extremists and that only “hateful bigots” would blame an entire religious faith.

    The difference is that BRA and its jewish media know it can’t outright conquer the muslim world. BRA already conquered the Southland.

  8. My take on this is that the “American” anti White, anti Southern, anti traditional Christian media lies about 95% of the time and it is always for some goal of getting something they want – homosexual marriage equality, removal of all things Confederate, public displays of Christmas, some new Neo Conservative Jew war against Iran our worse, our kinsmen the Russians.

    But, and this is a very strong “but” the MSM does include about 5% of truth. In this case this troubled alienated young White male Dylan Ryder got attracted, addicted to the extreme negativity of Black in White crimes news stories featured in places like the CoCC. Instead of offering concerned, troubled White youth some positive, healthy options to this mess, the CoCC blog presented an extreme message of negativity – all gloom and doom, with everything supposedly controlled, conspired , hopeless.

    So this bright young White male goes off the deep end and does something extremely violent, negative, counter productive – yeah murdering nice, old Black Christian ladies in a Christian Church – that’s definitely not a positive thing to do.

    That 5% truth in the MSM is that our side does promote negativity and yes Hate. We shouldn’t do that.

    Let’s offer our youth something’s possitive, hopeful, something’s constructive and practical to do.

    We can’t blame this terrible crimes, tragedies all on the Liberal Left, anti White media, our side messed up in some basic , simple ways. CoCC has way too many negative crime stories of the worst Black criminals slaughtering our people without anyone supposedly doing anything to stop these crimes.

    That’s not a possitive message for White youth.

  9. Jack, I like much of what you have said in the past. You mean well. However, you have fallen for the BS of the left. Sorry, but the CoCC has provided a very valuable service in exposing the lies and hypocrisy of the media by educating the public of the true nature of crime in America.

    They are one of the few voices in the wilderness.

    The kid had no bloody clue about the reality and magnitude of black criminality and the war against Whites before reading the items at CoCC.

    How could that be when black crime is ubiquitous?

    Our corrupt media is like Pravda was in Communist Russia. Lying sacks of crap.

    Should CoCC write movie reviews between news stories or offer line dance lessons or post Norman Vincent Peale sermons to lighten things up a bit?

    That is not their purpose and the kid was troubled well before he heard of Trayvon Martin.

  10. I bought one. Just because.

    The furthest South I’ve ever lived is Central Brooklyn, NY. I’m a Yankee, with a capital “Y”. Two of my ancestors wore the blue suit in the Late Unpleasantness.

    But what is happening is a disgrace.

    I rotate my second flag, next to my Betsy Ross. I will fly my new one on Confederate Memorial Day, and maybe other appropriate days, or when I’m feeling particularly oppositional.

    Best of luck to y’all.

  11. Hope the left doesn’t notice that in addition to carrying the flag, Roof is wearing clothes. The sight of all those naked leftists demanding Walmart, Sears, etc. stop selling pants would be a scary sight.

    If Roof had been black, we’d be hearing about the “root causes” of his act in slavery. If they think that the Confederate Flag played a part in his actions, shouldn’t they then say the root causes of his action was Lincoln and the North’s suppression of Southern independence and the continuing endemic anti-Southern bigotry of the North.

  12. Sam says:

    “Should CoCC write movie reviews between news stories or offer line dance lessons or post Norman Vincent Peale sermons to lighten things up a bit?”

    I reply:

    I think CoCC should do what we do here at OD. Write interesting articles about history, give music breaks, celebrate our sports teams like my alma mater the Vanderbilt Commodores playing tonight for the NCAA college baseball championship against the university of Virginia – two Southern schools.

    And yes, profiles of Southern C&W , pop stars, profiles of young families with cutie little children like Hunter’s son G. Women like stories about babies, young mothers.

    There are lots of good hobbies for young men like this suspect Dylan, CoCC should write about that – lot’s of good political news in Europe, South America, Dylan could have gone to Panama and been given a very warm reception there.

    My point is to never read from the enemy’s playbook and preach gloom and doom, all is lost or else, your only choice is to join the Zinost anti Southern forces like Rand Paul or something. There are other options and we must give our young people some hope and inspiration and never push them to the destructive, counter productive actions that this guy Dykan did.

    • Jack,

      I’ve told you before that the reason why I don’t obsessively focus on black-on-white crime here is because 1.) it is horrific, negative, and dwelling on it lowers my spirit and 2.) it attracts legions of angry, alienated people who in my experience want to vent about the problem without making any effort to do something about it.

  13. You know, the real reason the Confederates lost is because they weren’t fighting the Government they were just fighting invaders. If you wait for the enemy to come to your neighborhood your family and house might be destroyed.
    When I fight a War I go to their neighborhood. When their houses burn and their families die, I just don’t care. The jew can blather all day because that’s all they do. I just don’t care about them, Israel or niggers…

  14. Ask Dreher what leftist propaganda specifically has turned him, frightened him

    You must specifically use the word propaganda

    • Rod Dreher triangulate against “racists.”

      Don’t worry. He will get what is coming to his crowd when SCOTUS legalizes gay marriage and the target shifts to Christianity. Maybe some Bible toting fanatic will then go on a shooting spree or a bombing campaign like Eric Rudolph.

      Rod can then explain why the Bible shouldn’t be treated like the Confederate flag.

  15. 1) The Confederate flag is a contemporary symbol of the Southern people. We will define its meaning, not our enemies. As for the charge of slavery, the South fought to deal with this issue in its own way and time peacefully. The North opted for an illegal and immoral war of aggression. In any case, the flag today does not stand for slavery, an institution that died long ago and will never return. People who obsess about slavery are people who truly live in the past.

    2) The flag today stands for the dignity and humanity of Southerners. It affirms the virtues of love, loyalty, and honor in an age of greed, materialism, and selfishness. Furthermore, it stands for defiance of federal tyranny, a very real threat in our modern time.

  16. We ought to start calling Republicans Boar Hog Republicans after the old Southern saying…useless as tits on a boar hog! I see where the leader of the Neo-Conservative faction in the Senate, one Tom Cotton from Arkansas, has returned all money donated to his campaign by the C of CC. Quit funding the Republicans! They are as useless as tits on a boar hog! What did they promise to do in their recent congressional landslide? Stop Obama care and kill Amnesty! Instead they put those issues on a back burner,( As they were never really serious about them anyway just ideological flypaper for the masses) and now work night an day to get us smack dab in the middle of the whole Sunni-Shiite civil war with boots on the ground in Iraq and hopefully, if we are lucky, even a nuclear confrontation with Russia!

    Disagree with OD doing commentary on collegiate or professional sports. Spectator sports is just one more weapon in the arsenal of the enemy! Whites need to learn to wean themselves from that devotion. After all the athletes are majority black but the stands are whiter than Iceland! I was once a sports fanatic and a season ticket holder. No more!

    Will not Southern nationalism be academic if, or when the South becomes majority black and Latino?

    • Just to clarify, the CofCC never donated money to the Republicans. Earl donated his own money to them as an individual.

      Lots of people fall every election cycle for the false hope the GOP the is peddling. We saw it happen here last November. I didn’t partake in it.

  17. Ok folks here it is. What we must do is deprive the beast of 1) money, 2) manpower, and 3) “matter”. I have spent my last dollar at amazon and ebay. I never got into etsy. Sears is dead as a doornail and walmart can be the ebt headquarters as far as I am concerned. Think we can’t make a difference? Ask the nuckleheads at mcdonalds how the 365black thing is working out. Next we deprive the beast manpower. Encourage every young person you know to NOT enlist in the military. Let the homosexuals, the transgenered, the illegal, and the criminal fill the ranks. They will then have to prey on one another and the fighting effectiveness will start approaching -0-. Let our children learn marketable blue collar skills, not some made up college bs, and then they can make their own way rather than be some number in a corporation. Finally make sure the beast no longer matters. Dont celebrate it, dont acknowledge it, dont support it, dont cooperate with it. Screw it! Every chance you get shove some sand in the gears. They have made it plain that they hate us and we have no place in their holy union. Well to hell with them. They made their bed now let them lay in it.

  18. “You know, the real reason the Confederates lost is because they weren’t fighting the Government they were just fighting invaders. If you wait for the enemy to come to your neighborhood your family and house might be destroyed.
    When I fight a War I go to their neighborhood. When their houses burn and their families die, I just don’t care. The jew can blather all day because that’s all they do. I just don’t care about them, Israel or niggers…”

    What a moronic comment. The South tried to do that, it just didn’t work.

    No one studies military history anymore, I guess.

  19. The most disappointing thing about all of this is not the predictable calls from the mainstream media for removing the CBF from the state capitals and the state flags. This has been going on for years and will only intensify with further demands for removing all aspects of our history that remind us that it was white people that built this nation. However, it is most disappointing in how pundits and politicians across the South have universally not only acquiesced to these demands, but have enthusiastically embraced them. Speaking as someone who doesn’t live in the South, this is most discouraging.

  20. Surely by that logic, Gold’s Gym T-shirts, blue towels and floppy white hats are also symbols of racism?

  21. The odd saga of the image of the Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia in the Jew Run Media and by copious amounts of programming into the Northern conscience going from 1865-about 1905 as a flag of “treason” from 1905 to 1948 as a historical item seldom seen except for Confederate Veterans meetings and at cemeteries, from 1948 to 1977 as the flag of defiance to 1977-1994 ish as the flag of Rednecks, Smokey and the Bandit and the Dukes of Hazzard. From 1994 to now as the symbol of all that is evil.

    I find it amazing almost no one complained about the flag after reconciliation ca 1905 and those who complained about it in the 1950s and 60s were looked at as morons. This disparage and destroy the Confederate Flag movement got started BIG TIME during the Clinton Years. When I was a kid we all had Dukes of Hazzard stuff and NO ONE LOOKED TWICE.

    This entire thing makes my head want to explode. Hunter we need a permanent divorce from this mess and we need it soon. Hopefully.

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