Republican Controlled Supreme Court Upholds Gay Marriage

The red flag of "equal rights" flies in triumph over Washington
The red flag of “equal rights flies in triumph over Washington

In another 5-4 decision, the Republican-controlled Supreme Court has declared that “gay marriage” is a fundamental right and has legalized it in all fifty states:

WASHINGTON — In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the Constitution guarantees a nationwide right to same-sex marriage.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote the majority opinion in the 5 to 4 decision. He was joined by the court’s four more liberal justices. …

In the words of Justice Scalia, the US Supreme Court has launched a “judicial putsch” against the states, which he compared to the Nazi takeover of Germany. I believe my friend Steven Ingram put it much better at the 2015 Florida League of the South Conference when he compared the US Constitution to the Trojan Horse.

Please watch and share this video. Steven explains everything you need to know about the US Constitution. He predicted these decisions:

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  1. Are any states up for nullification? It would be great if a Southern governor declare that if the Federal government has usurped jurisdiction over marriage, then gays should go to Washington to get Anthony Kennedy to sign their marriage license.

    Remember, any state that respects this ruling by following it cannot complain about Federal abuse of power.

  2. In the words of Gomer Pyle: surprise, surprise, surprise! Well, my Southern brothers and sisters, it’s time more than ever to divorce ourselves, spiritually, mentally, and culturally from this Evil Empire.

  3. Start the stopwatch…now. Counting up the time until some Republican says that “gay marriage” was a conservative idea all along and is a traditional value.

  4. Did anyone doubt the outcome?

    Launched a judicial putsch against the states? Like today? Where the hell has Scalia been for the past 60 plus years?

  5. Scalia?

    What does he mean “judicial putsch”? This was what the court was set up to do.

    Additionally it’s nothing like the Nazis. Don’t besmirch the Nazis on this. They’d have banished Kagan, Breyer and Ginsberg from the bench. They saw right through this sort of crap and snuffed out Jewish subversion.

  6. Hell, who knows? Maybe the Ayatollah has a point. Maybe Amurrica IS the Great Satan. I mean, it sure as hell acts the part. I hope white men remember this when we’re asked to fight for Ukraine.

  7. And you do know what comes next, right? The only logical conclusion–access to the minds of children in schools. It will be slow at first, but then a barrage. We’ve only started to scratch the surface of free-dumb.

  8. My hope is that this destroys any connection to the U.S. flag and the Con-stitution. You can bet I’ll be calling out “Christuns” who wave the flag.

  9. The theory behind this, charitably is that sexual repression leads to stuff like ww1 or ww2 or slavery or something bad.

    Of course when this ruling is subtly used to attack Russia or Iran for repression of homosexuality in their societies it’s going to be a cause for war.

    Scalia is a such a nitwit for comparing the three Jewish judges to Nazis. These judges won the war and they are damned close to annihilating the Anglosphere.

  10. This makes America into the Sodomite Empire when it starts criticizing Orthodox lands and Islam.

    Broad toleration is one thing to expect from the state but this is biblical.

  11. Is this good for Putin and the Ayatollah?

    Probably. My heavens the sport they can have with this foolishness.

    I’m disappointed in Scalia. Comparing these foolish rulings with National Socialism? Is he a shill? If he thinks it’s true he’s a fool.

  12. I’m waiting for the first time some LGBTQetc legal defense fund sues a black church for not performing a gay “marriage.”

    It won’t be just a car wreck at an intersectionality, it will be a massive bottomless sinkhole. Grab the popcorn.

  13. Jeff

    A crawfish writing for a clickbait website, I would have expected that right way. Eventually, some serious self-styled social conservative will be saying that. But that will take a lot longer.

  14. What will the Christians do?

    On the one hand is the power of the state over this life, on the other hand the power of God over the next. God demands resistance, not necessarily killing ones enemies, but resistance of a verbal and political kind at a minimum.

    How many whites are ‘Murricans first and Christians second (or not really at all?)

    America is a thing of centuries, God is eternal.

  15. This is the thin end of a wedge of law suits that could bankrupt churches.

    Not black ones though. The black churches will be passed over from the Angel of Death.

  16. Scalia is a master wordsmith who must carefully think about the meaning and tone of every word. Does anyone find it interesting that in his dissent he used the word putsch? Scalia is a traditional Catholic. Reading between the lines, I believe Scalia blew the dog whistle in this passage.

    Judges are selected precisely for their skill as lawyers; whether they reflect the policy views of a particular constituency is not (or should not be) relevant. Not surprisingly then, the Federal Judiciary is hardly a cross-section of America. Take, for example, this Court, which consists of only nine men and women, all of them successful lawyers who studied at Harvard or Yale Law School. Four of the nine are natives of New York City. Eight of them grew up in east- and west-coast States. Only one hails from the vast expanse in-between. Not a single Southwesterner or even, to tell the truth, a genuine Westerner (California does not count). Not a single evangelical Christian (a group that comprises about one quarter of Americans), or even a Protestant of any denomination.

    The strikingly unrepresentative character of the body voting on today’s social upheaval would be irrelevant if they were functioning as judges, answering the legal question whether the American people had ever ratified a constitutional provision that was understood to proscribe the traditional definition of marriage. But of course the Justices in today’s majority are not voting on that basis; they say they are not. And to allow the policy question of same-sex marriage to be considered and resolved by a select, patrician, highly unrepresentative panel of nine is to violate a principle even more fundamental than no taxation without representation

    • I saw that over at Dreher’s blog.

      We’ve made the same point for years now. White Southerners are a minority in the Union. That means we are destined to be ruled by a hostile majority. The US Constitution has not and will not restrain the power and ambition of the central government.

  17. Scalia is a warmongering Israel-loving neocon. That’s the Israel where Tel Aviv hosts gay parades unlike anywhere else in the Mideast.
    Scalia represents the self-destructive element of the Anglo-Zionist Elite, an element which should be encouraged and accelerated when possible.

  18. Maybe the Ayatollah has a point. Maybe Amurrica IS the Great Satan.

    Wayne, I agree. The traditionalist Catholic writer E. Michael Jones also agrees. So what’s next on the Judeo-Liberal agenda? Legalization of man-boy relationships? Human-beast nuptials? Marriage between the living and the dead? Just how low will this stuff reach before it bottoms out?

  19. That LGBTQ suit should be interesting. At least we’ll find out which officially accredited victim status group moves to the head of the line.

    It won’t stop here. Normalizing pedophilia is next.

  20. Additionally it’s nothing like the Nazis. Don’t besmirch the Nazis on this. They’d have banished Kagan, Breyer and Ginsberg from the bench. They saw right through this sort of crap and snuffed out Jewish subversion.

    This is precisely why it perplexes me to see people expend so much energy when fighting about issues that are really nothing more than a symptom. If this didn’t happen this week, it would happen next week or next year or right after the next election cycle. An ideology not cemented with racialism as its foundation will be at the mercy of these kind of shifts and political posturing.

    White people are already diverse enough to cause tension and conflicts; but we usually have the ability to overcome those conflicts and find ways to keep society from seriously degrading and collapsing into chaos. Add different races and vastly different cultures, however, and society ends up being a 24/7 freak show where every little minority and minority opinion and view will be bound together with tons of other minorities and minority views in order to attack the White majority. If someone takes a few steps back, they can see that removing the White majority—not necessarily the views of the White majority—is the impetus that is currently driving society. It’s not to have a nation of homos, or a nation of Muslims, or a nation of atheists, or a nation of bull dykes and feminists, or a nation of never-ending government handouts, or a nation where you can pull up to a drive-through and order a #3 combo meal and an abortion. Most of the issues Whites fight about are nothing more than a methodical wedge used to push White people into competing factions so that they don’t notice that they are being amalgamated into the abyss. It works because, seemingly, White people are the only people that are willing(or dumb enough) to sacrifice their racial identity for these issues.

    White society can rebound, recover and refocus its priorities when it comes to many idiotic policies. But White society can NOT recover from a scenario where a racially homogenous society is slowly turned into a melting pot of races, even when it can be said that some major battles have been won in the process. Win some battles only to turn around and realize you’ve lost the war. It’s losing not matter how you look at it.

    No matter what one thinks of Nazi leaders or the policies they imposed, this kind of social engineering at the expense of the majority would never had even made it out of the initial stages.

  21. When it is all done and said more will be said than done. Now is the time for Mormons to sue for polygamy. After all, if two consenting partners of the same sex, being legal adults cannot be refused marriage then what if a man wants 2, 3, or 4 wives as long as they are consenting adults and all agree? At least polygamy has a longer historical tradition and was common in Biblical times whereas Gay marriage was not.

    Another win for Pan-Mixia! After all, what does American culture export around the world but sitcoms with gay or race mixing couples? The ruling doesn’t surprise me. I expected it just as we will now see lawsuits against separate restrooms for men and women and new laws for gun control, and hate speech, all of which will be ruled constitutional using the “compelling interest” logic.

    That’s what happens when you build a nation on abstract principles contained in a written document instead of a nation built on a firm ethic reality. How could it have ended any other way? Remember the genetics of science and heredity was not round when the Founders devised an abstract document filled with altruistic-egalitarian ideology.

    At least the Confederate Constitution has strict laws on judicial malfeasance. In the coming Ethno-State the preservation and perfection of the race shall be our constitution.

  22. @Palmetto Patriot

    To answer your question sir, most will wave the flag on the fourth of July, if not all. The gay marriage supporters will probably not though, ironically enough.

    BTW, are you going to post some of your old writings on the Yucatecos from your old site to your new? That was fascinating stuff for sure. Take care dude.

  23. Afterthought says:

    ‘What will the Christians do?’

    Pray, sermonize, complain, buy more Chick-fil-A sammiches, talk about end times, send more money to Israel because ‘God will bless those who bless Israel’, spout slogans like ‘God is in control’ and ‘Deo Vindice’ while getting thoroughly whupped.

    Remember: God hates the sin, but loves the sinner. So, we must show more love to queers and beg forgiveness for being judgmental. There go I but for grace. Who among you can cast the first stone? Love conquers all.

    And so it goes.

  24. Lew,

    Scalia is a shabby-goy.

    The Nazis would have banished every Jewish judge from that bench.

    Who the hell is he trying to appeal to?

  25. Where does this court get off thinking they can give civil rights to a group just because of their deviant sexual preferences? So the story of homosexuals fighting against the oppressive american people will be the next thing taught in history classes across the nation. Our children will be taught that they are terrible bigots for opposing sexual deviancy. That it is normal to lay with the same sex. Marriage and the natural family unit have just been neutralized. There is no stopping the decline of society in this nation any more.

  26. Reading between the lines, I believe Scalia blew the dog whistle in this passage.

    It was a revealing comment, for sure, but it’s difficult to ascertain from it just where his heart lies. That he regards the ruling as an assault on mainstream society’s norms is clear; what he thinks of the racial dimension is not.

  27. “It’s a waste of time to work within the system. We are a hated minority and lack the power to change course. Thus, we should secede.” – Hunter Wallace

    How are you going to achieve succession short of bloodshed? What makes you think the majority of white Southerners, who are close to being a minority in what used to be designated as the CSA, support the traditional values embraced by this site and are willing to push for succession given the horrific outcome of the last attempt back in 1861? Finally, what makes you think the ruling Judeo-Liberal establishment will permit such a thing from happening? If you think the liberal protestant North responded fanatically to the first endeavor to succeed, try to imagine just how much more ferocious it will be now that it is primarily headed by blood-thirsty Jews who harbor a deep seated antipathy towards traditional-minded Christians?

    Sorry, but Hymie and his boot-licking goy underlings are not about to let the territory and its people formally known as the CSA walk away form his North American plantation without a fight.

    At a bare minimum, succession requires a massive grass roots campaign coupled with a political agenda and a political party willing to push it through combined with enemy acquiescence to the demand. Where is this to be found? Without a plan and political platform to implement it, calls for succession amount to nothing more than a form of pseudo-intellectual masturbation. Sure, it feels good, but at the end of the day it’s nothing more than empty rhetoric.

  28. It was a revealing comment, for sure, but it’s difficult to ascertain from it just where his heart lies. That he regards the ruling as an assault on mainstream society’s norms is clear; what he thinks of the racial dimension is not.

    True enough. There is no way to be certain. Bur what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word putsch?

    Scalia used the term in close proximity to a riff on the unrepresentative nature of the US Supreme Court, a riff that specifically mentioned the court has zero protestants but multiple members from New York (Ginsberg, Kagan) and California, which isn’t the real west (Breyer is from San Francisco).

    Of course, it very possible I’m seeing what I want to see. Nevertheless, however Scalia meant it, I bet he set off every silent alarm in New York and Hollywood with that one.

  29. Scipio: You make some very good points. I think the best route for us now is to follow the example of the early Christians in the Roman Empire and build our own counter community, based on love, loyalty, and mutual support. Then we bide our time until our present rotten Empire collapses. This form of secession is feasible.

  30. The right for non-Whites to rape Whites is a new social justice/civil rights frontier. After all, how can a White be raped if they are the racists and dominant members of society? How can a Black be guilty of rape if they are the victims of racism? Surely, “rape” has to be an emerging civil right, right?

  31. If it wasn’t clear before – nothing can be effected by working within the law anymore. The Republican Party will go nowhere if it has nothing to offer besides tax cuts for the rich and more overseas military adventures.

  32. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:
    June 26, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    I see what you mean there Lew.

    Functionally Scalia’s comments amount to an attack on Jews.

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