Christopher Columbus Statue In Boston Vandalized By “Black Lives Matter” Movement


Here in the South, there are so many Confederate monuments being vandalized with “Black Lives Matter” slogans that I can’t even keep track of them all. Now the vandalism has spread to the Northeast.

Note: Don’t forget that when a frat boy hung a noose around the James Meredith statue at Ole Miss in 2014 that he was indicted on federal hate crime charges. It’s now open season on Southern and Confederate monuments in the public square and the US federal government is looking the other way.

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  1. If they keep this up it might eventually prompt Whites to ask the question, “Why?” in response to their stupid slogan. Do their lives matter because they vandalize our statues and take down our flags? Have Black Lives Matter in Haiti since they genocided the Whites that lived there and made the former French plantation colony one of the richest places on earth?

    The slogan, especially when spray painted on our monuments seems to say, “Our demands matter and your heritage/identity doesn’t.”

  2. Black Lives Matter only when taken by Whites – an extremely rare event. When Black lives are taken by Blacks that community says nothing and raises no fuss at all. And when White lives are taken by Blacks neither the Black community nor the US media/government care.

  3. In spite of their vandalism, their crime, their looting, and this stupid hate campaign against police officers, I accept the notion that “Black Lives Matter.” I’m not the one who is murdering black people in their communities.

  4. “It’s now open season on Southern and Confederate monuments in the public square and the US federal government is looking the other way.” — Hunter Wallace

    It’s more than just Southern and Confederate monuments, Hunter, it’s the entirety of our Western culture that is under assault. Note that Vladimir Lenin’s statue in Seattle, WA has not and will not be vandalized. Wonder why? At best, the negroes are just shock troops doing the bidding of the All-Destroyers who are still pulling the strings after all these years. Of course the Feds are going to look the other way given that we are living under an enemy occupation government.

  5. Black Lives Don’t Matter.

    They are of no consequence and no import.

    Columbus changed the world. He also gave Europeans two continents to rule.

  6. Why would Negroes protest Columbus? I’m not sure they would have figured out a way to come to the New World without the benefit of riding for free on whites slave ships

  7. This reminds me of the early 60’s when MLK was being touted as a great hero and “freedom riders” were descending on the South. The anti-whites were lining up Northern Whites against all those horrible Southerners, segregationist, black hating, black lynching, blah, blah, blah. Northerners so good and righteous, Southerners so bigoted and evil.

    Well, “civil rights” and “voting rights” got passed and next thing you know, Watts is burning down, deadly riots in Newark, Detroit and other Northern cities followed. Forced integration proceeded like a plague, North and South, punctuated by black riots in various cities.

    Bottom line, anti-Whites hate us all. Columbus statue in Boston is just as “racist” as Robert E. Lee statue anywhere in the South.

  8. There are voodoo traditions that claim the African gods tricked whites into shipping blackie over to the new world.

    I can now BELEIVE in such magic interventions.

    Why for example is a beautiful place like Jamaica overrun with blacks rather than wealthy whites? Yeah yeah I know Slavery. But still, we could have brought Chinese coolies. They have resistance to malaria in certain areas.

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