As Black Politicians Attack Confederate Monuments, Criminals Affiliated With #BlackLivesMatter Movement Continue Vandalism Spree

#BlackLivesMatter movement vandalizes monuments and graves to send a political message

In Birmingham, AL, the assault on this 110 year old historic monument has begun by the black majority government:

Confederate monument in Birmingham’s Linn Park has stood for 110 years

Also in Linn Park, there is another monument to Martin Luther King, Jr., but no one has vandalized it or demanded its removal from the public square. If there was an epidemic of attacks on “civil rights” monuments, the Obama Justice Department would be furiously filing federal hate crime charges.

Martin Luther King, Jr. stands unmolested in Linn Park

Meanwhile, vandals affiliated with the #BlackLivesMatter movement continue their criminal rampage unmolested all over the South. The latest example is a Confederate monument that has been vandalized in Durham, NC. Since White Southerners are the target of this genocidal campaign of destruction, it is being ignored by the mainstream media and smiled upon by the political establishment.

Note: The Alabama Flaggers are holding a protest against this in Birmingham, AL on July 10th. All good Southern men and women who value and want to preserve our heritage for future generations should make plans to attend.


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  1. It’s not.

    Blacks already control lots of these places: Birmingham, Memphis, Selma, Tuskegee, etc. Attacking Confederate monuments which have stood for over 100 years though is an easy and proven way to create a distraction from all the real problems facing these cities.

    In Baltimore, 17 people have been shot since Monday. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the Confederate flag or Confederate monuments. It is just blacks shooting each other and everyone else:

  2. Fascinating that the “art” or at least monuments are being targeted.

    The Taliban of the left really are a disgrace to decency.

  3. The government on all levels has camera’s up for surveillance of just about everything now, how about some camera’s on these major Confederate monuments?

    • I’ve often wondering the same thing.

      If black lives matter, why do they shoot each other? I’m not shooting them. I’m not committing any crimes against them. What can I do about it? What does this monument in Birmingham have to do with the crime rate there?

  4. It’s ungodly.

    I don’t think I’d draw a picture mocking Muhammad or MLK. I’d certainly not mess with shrines or graves devoted to either.

    The exhumation of NBF in Memphis is a direct assault on whites. It’s not unlike Charles II digging up Cromwell or the Bolsheviks sticking the Romanovs down a mineshaft.

  5. Once again,the Feds and SPLC are nowhere to be found. If we were to desecrate one of their monuments the Feds would be investigated it as a hate crime. Civil rights don’t apply to straight white Americans.

  6. Okay here’s a question what do we do about it? Do we A Move the Monuments to Safety or do we B Figure out how to secure them? If we could rig up camera surveillance around the most prominent ones, we could save them.

    The question is how do we do this?

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