In Spite of Media Stampede, Public Opinion on Confederate Battle Flag Remains Unchanged

There are several new polls out which show the public is rejecting the narrative about the Confederate Battle Flag that is being propagated by the mainstream media and the corporate whores in the political class.

Note: As a relative of mine so artfully put it, “they keep poking Whitey, and we are not going to poke back, we are going to SHOVE BACK.” Let’s get out there this month and SHOVE BACK. Whitey can quell this media fomented hysteria in the same way that we killed the push for gun control after Sandy Hook.

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  1. This will be a formal Florida League of the South event. For those who wish to join us, please follow the dress code. For those who have the black League polo wear them. Either nice denim jeans or slacks, close toed shoes or boots without colored laces and no symbols,flags, worded sayings on clothing. We don’t want anything that will distract from our message. We will provide flags and signs. Thank you for joining us.


    Marion Greene
    23 hrs ·

    Are message will be “Secede” and “Feds Out of Florida” our flags will include the current Florida state flag, Bonnie Blue and Southern Nationalist Flag.


    I have two questions.

    1. What exactly is considered “the Southern Nationalist Flag”?

    2. If it is other than the CBF, am I to understand that there will be no CBFs at LS rallies?

    • 1.) It is the black-and-white cross flag.

      2.) I’m not sure about this rally, but Confederate flags will be used in Harrison, Stafford, Jackson, and Memphis.

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