Isn’t This Lovely?

Here’s the most recent act of vandalism on one of our monuments in Augusta, GA:



Is this a hate crime?

Imagine for a moment that this act of vandalism were reversed. Let’s suppose the message was “I hate blacks” and “white power” and that over three dozen similar acts of vandalism had taken place against civil rights monuments within the last three weeks.

What would the media be saying then?

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  1. This is hardly a new phenomenon. Black rage has been evident since the late 1960’s. I leave it up to you to decide whether or not blacks are justified in their rage (I say that they are not), but no one can deny that they are full of rage and full of hate. I say that if they are are justified in their rage, they certainly are not justified in targeting non-urban, southern or rural northern whites. Urban “progressive/ liberal” elites agitated to have them set “free”. And when they were set “free” they filled their heads full of nonsense about diversity, universalism, and equality. Moreover, they were simultaneously and perhaps more devastatingly fetishized (indeed sexualized) as “noble savages” and paragons of social justice. Blacks may be different than whites to a large degree but they need not be deliberately lied to and mistreated; to mistreat and lie to someone is and intolerable cruelty. Blacks, like anyone, ought to be treated like adults and held to account for their actions. The fetishizing of blacks has led to absurd levels social disintegration within their ranks (poverty, ghettoization, poor educational achievement/ attainment) and a steady culture creep insofar poor white trash are hardly rednecks any longer but pale white imitations of black ghetto thugs – Whiggers/ Whegros.

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