CofCC Members Support The Confederate Battle Flag In St. Louis

CofCC members gather in Forest Park in defense of the Confederate Battle Flag

By Hunter Wallace

6 members of the CofCC participated in the nationwide Stand By The Flag Rally demonstrations this afternoon in support of the Confederate Battle Flag. We showed up to participate in an event that was scheduled to take place in Maplewood, MO.

After we arrived at the Wal-Mart Supercenter, we saw no sign of the organizers or other participants. The parking lot was swarming with Maplewood Police. We concluded that either the organizers had gotten cold feet and failed to show up or the police had been called and run them off Wal-Mart property. There are reports of that happening at other affiliated demonstrations.

Determined to show our Southern pride, we decided to reconvene for an impromptu event at the Confederate monument at Forest Park in St. Louis which was recently vandalized, and which US Rep. William Clay and St. Louis mayor Francis Slay have been agitating to have removed. This was a more scenic and historic location anyway. We unfurled the Confederate Battle Flag and the Missouri Battle Flag, snapped some photos, and lingered for a while in Forest Park.

After leaving Forest Park, our party had to drive through a ghetto looking area of St. Louis to reach I-70. I snapped two photos along our route: the first, graffiti on the side of a building which memorializes the urban legend that Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson with his “hands up”; the second, a photo of yard signs which we saw scattered throughout this neighborhood which simply plead with local residents, “We Must Stop Killing Each Other.”

The Mainstream Media has launched a crusade to demonize the Confederate Battle Flag. They also want to silence the C of CC to keep us from reporting on the truth of black-on-everyone crime. Driving through this violent, impoverished black neighborhood, I couldn’t help but wonder what that Confederate monument in Forest Park or my Confederate Battle Flag in the backseat has to do with the dismal state of Mayor Francis Slay’s St. Louis, which in the words of the rap artist Nelly, “you can find me in St. Louie / Where the gun play ring all day.”

Note: This experience taught us that we should have organized our own pro-Confederate Battle Flag demonstration. We are looking to do that at some point later this month in Missouri.

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