South Carolina House Votes To Remove Confederate Battle Flag From State House Grounds

Gov. Nimrata Randhawa Haley leads the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce to victory over the Confederate Battle Flag

Editor’s Note: This was originally posted on the C of CC website.

By Hunter Wallace

In a huge but expected victory for the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, the South Carolina House voted late last night to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the State House grounds in Columbia:

“The Confederate flag flying on South Carolina’s statehouse grounds is set to come down after the House voted 94 to 20 to remove it. The bill, passed early Thursday, now heads to Republican Gov. Nikki Haley’s desk, and she is expected to sign it.

After more than 13 hours of debate — which became increasingly contentious as the night wore on — House Republicans and Democrats agreed not to amend the legislation with a proposal that threatened to make final passage more difficult.

Just before 1:00 a.m., the lawmakers approved the legislation 93 to 27 in a critical second-reading vote. Minutes later, the bill easily cleared the two-thirds threshold needed for it to officially pass the chamber, a hurdle the state Senate cleared earlier this week. …”

The C of CC has documented how three recent public opinion polls have shown that even nationwide attitudes toward the Confederate Battle Flag have remained essentially unchanged from 15 years ago. In fact, a Gallup poll released yesterday shows that self-identified Republicans are slightly more supportive of the Confederate Battle Flag in 2015 than 1992.

At the end of the day, the South Carolina Republican Party showed its true colors as the handmaiden of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, and threw its lot in with the CEOs and corporate interests who opportunistically seized on Dylann Roof’s heinous massacre in Charleston to accomplish a long held policy goal of removing the Confederate Battle Flag. Gov. Nimrata Randhawa Haley’s actions come as no surprise to us given her rise through the Orangeburg County Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors in 1998 to the Lexington Chamber of Commerce in 2003 to become the president of the National Association of Women’s Business Owners in 2004.

During Haley’s reelection campaign last October, the issue of the Confederate Battle Flag came up and she told her Democratic opponent Vincent Sheheen in the gubernatorial debate, “What I can tell you is over the last three and a half years, I spent a lot of my days on the phones with CEOs and recruiting jobs to this state. I can honestly say I have not had one conversation with a single CEO about the Confederate flag.” It was an interesting turn of events in that the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce had endorsed Sheheen for governor in 2010, but threw its support behind Haley’s reelection in 2014.

Last month, the CEOs called Nimrata Randhawa Haley at the governor’s mansion and the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce unanimously told her that the Confederate Battle Flag had to come down, and at that precise moment her position on the issue suddenly flipped 180 degrees to what Vincent Sheheen’s position had been last October.

This morning Gov. Haley released a statement announcing that “it is a new day in South Carolina, a day we can all be proud of …” But just what is this new day? It’s a new day in South Carolina for unbridled corporate power and rewarding huge, out-of-state corporations with favorable tax breaks at the expense of small business and South Carolina’s cultural heritage.

Note: Sen. Lindsey Graham chimed in this morning to tell CNN that the “flag had to come down. And thank God that it has.”

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    You may contact Governor Nikki Haley by sending a letter to the following address:
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  2. This personifies the GOP perfectly: A 3rd world executive surrounded by traitorous legislators.

  3. This simply means that we must display the flag as much as possible on our private property, and organize to fight the anti-South jihad that is sure to continue. Don’t lose heart, my Southern brothers and sisters, the struggle has just begun!

  4. Jenny Horne, personification of a white anti-White race traitor. Davis must have turned over in his grave.

  5. I would really like to know if that Jenny Horne is truly related to Davis, or if she just said so to advance her agenda.

    And if so, I wonder how related she really is, probably her brothers wife is related. Either way good acting on her part, or was it really acting?
    I think the fat babe just got tired and exploded because her big butt wanted to go home to get some sleep after one too many hours of debate for.

  6. “Southron says:
    July 9, 2015 at 5:50 pm
    This simply means that we must display the flag as much as possible on our private property, and organize to fight the anti-South jihad that is sure to continue. Don’t lose heart, my Southern brothers and sisters, the struggle has just begun!

    Also fly the Rebel flag in protests against soon to come anti Southern movies like D Jango Unchained and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer.

  7. Southron said
    “This simply means that we must display the flag as much as possible on our private property, and organize to fight the anti-South jihad that is sure to continue. Don’t lose heart, my Southern brothers and sisters, the struggle has just begun!”

    Yes! To the contrary, I haven’t been disappointed, except by my own city, so far.

    My flag came today. Can anyone advise me on dowel size? It is a 32 x 32 ANV flag.

  8. The flag has been taken down before in 1865 and was put back up in the 1960s.

    A strong effort by Southern groups needs to be made to influence local Southern GOP politics. There needs to be strong effort to get local GOP supporters to stop backing people like Haley and Graham.

  9. The worthless GOP is beyond hope. They have used Southerners to prop them up starting in the late 1960s while basically spitting in our faces..They serve no one but their corporate masters. I would love nothing more than to see them reduced to irrelevance.

  10. Hunter,

    You should do a story on this. Haley is really receiving some negative feedback by SC voters. The comments lambasting her have 1,000 likes or more on her Facebook page.

    Here is one Comment:

    “I would not vote for you again. Ever. Would you have so much “courage” if you were in your first term? You’ve done more to divide SC than any single person in our history. To think i wasted my votes on you for SC House, and Governor, twice.”
    855 likes · 15 hrs

  11. The comments on her page is damming proof that people are very upset at her. The comments on her page aren’t “racist” types either, but average South Carolinians. Comment after comment on her page is very negative against her. Hopefully, people won’t forget next election and vote against her or her handpicked successor.

    I think people woke up today and realized that there is a bigot sitting in as Governor who hates everything about them, who considers them and and their heritage trash that can be thrown away.

  12. My distant relatives in South Carolina must feel terrible. It was them who put up the first resistance to Federal occupation and re-construction after the Civil War in South Carolina. A sad day.

  13. Here in North Carolina, we have a Nikki Haley-type Republican governor by the name of Pat McCrory who has recently launched a scorched earth campaign against the Sons of Confederate Veterans while also attempting to have the SCV’s custom license plate outlawed.

    Such deep-seated antipathy for Southern heritage shouldn’t come as a surprise given that McCrory established his anti-Confederate credentials years ago, as mayor of the city of Charlotte, when he ordered the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the Confederate section of Elmwood Cemetery — like a thief in the night under the cover of darkness!

    Fortunately, the North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans has initiated a counter-offensive against this Confederate-hating Republican and his Chamber of Commerce cronies:

    SCV Returns Fire In Flag Fight:

    PS: The growing anger on display in the comments section regarding the Republican’s jihad against our Confederate heritage is an encouraging sign.

    As one commentator stated, “It is obvious that our yankee, carpetbagger governor is on a vicious and vindictive crusade to destroy the NC Sons of Confederate Veterans. He is acting like a deranged caged animal. Hopefully, the legislature will keep McCrory’s cage door locked! The voters can lock him up permanently in 2016. In the meantime, all of us must resist McCrory’s madness with all the strength we can muster.”

  14. What the South Carolina League of the South, or whatever supporters of that flag, need to do now:

    Meet in front of the State Capitol every weekend with Confederate flags waving. Don’t worry about the size of the turn out, just continue to make sure the flag stays flying. Not only will it keep the on the grounds, it will give Southern patriots an excellent opportunity to network.

  15. The reaction against the confederate flag after the hostile actions of the young kid in Carolina point more toward a scared shitless elite than a comfortable purge of white culture from a position of strength. The devotion of media to this crime culminating in the political ban of the flag is not the typical hype of white on black crime seen from the ministry of propaganda.

    They are dead terrified it will be repeated. This is not more of the same leftist coverage. They understand how easy it would be for anyone to repeat; thus they need to send the message, we will erase your heritage.

    Their strategy works so long as it doesn’t happen again. We all suffer because of the actions of one person. But if it does occur again, it could reach a point fairly fast where instead of 24 hour news coverage of the event, they begin to censor the news coverage for fear of it spreading out of control into sporadic guerrilla actions. The Marxists have bit off far more than they can chew and are on edge of “unstable” people within the white community instigating and committing such actions.

    If our ruling elite would honestly speak about the horrendous levels of crime committed against whites by blacks with equal devotion they gave the Carolina incident, it would most likely never have occurred to begin with. But as such they do not and most likely will not, undoubtedly among the tens of thousands of yearly white victims are a few who seek the recognition a Carolina incident would bring to their oppression.

  16. Good the days of feckless reaction are over now the right can actually learn to capture the moral level of war, the most important level of war.

  17. Have any posting here from SC considered starting a recall petition at Name the petition “Recall Governor Nikki Haley”, address it to “The South Carolina Voting Public”, and write up a brief, hyperbole-free reason for the recall, namely, a failure to represent Mrs. Haley’s constituents when those constituents most needed her. Once created, a link to the petition can be readily posted in social media and the media’s comment sections.

    As an example of how this might work, a recent petition to allow South African Whites to return to the EU garnered over 35000 signatures:

    A petition to recall Nikki Haley could gather far more signatures if started now while the story is still being spun and gloated over by the media cartels.

  18. Oh, I was more correct than I knew. Haley isn’t even a White person?

    So she truly IS a shiksa multiculti whore for the Jewish Megabiz interests… in every sense of the word.

    Anathema. Anathema. Anathema.

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