Michael Brown Art Exhibit Set To Debut In Chicago

Is this offensive?

By Hunter Wallace

SJWs have finally found something not to be offended about … it’s being hailed as a social justice masterpiece, a full sized replica of Michael Brown’s lifeless body surrounded by the Confederate Battle Flag and nooses.

“A Brown family member praises the exhibit.

The artist is a white woman from New Orleans.

She says it represents white privilege in America and how it negatively affects the black community.

The exhibit runs through August 10th.”

The purpose of this work of art is to expose “white privilege” in America.

Some will say that it is offensive, but SJWs will point to the Washington Redskins, Louisiana’s fleur-de-lis, the Confederate Battle Flag, Maryland’s official state song, and the Dukes of Hazzard.

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  1. More about this so-called artist. I long for the day she gets Sutherlanded.

    Artist Ti-Rock Moore strikes out against racism with provocative works


    “My major theme is racism,” she said in a later conversation. “It makes me want to yell. It’s almost unbearable what’s going on in this country.”

    Her art, she said, is an avenue to express her disdain.

    On one wall, an American flag painted black hangs beneath a Confederate flag that had been painted with a white cross. In a floor sculpture, Moore replaced the Washington Monument with the nozzle of a fire hose, a symbol of 1960s civil rights-era suppression. Against another wall, a neon sign bears Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s premonition: “I may not get there with you.”

    “I’m not pretending that I’m coming from a point of view that I have experienced racism,” she said during the studio visit. “I’m coming from a point of view of completely being able to view privilege, white privilege, all the time in my world. And the power and the entitlement.

    “My whiteness carries an unearned advantage in the American system. We’re living in a society of very complicated systems that create advantages for white people and disadvantages for others. That’s what my work is about.”

    Posted this inadvertantly in a different thread.

  2. It’s amazing that in a country where the vast majority of racial violence is perpetrated by gangs of black teenagers that the media can get people to believe the exact opposite of the truth.

  3. She’s trolling the journalist.

    Most art people publically pay respects to diversity, but almost everyone does so cynically.

    They all know it’s bullshit.

  4. The face down Mike Brown reminds me of the Gavin McInnes #takemedown meme.

  5. Gee, just when you think the silly SJW’s have a hit a new low in utter tastelessness, they someone find a backhoe and dig deeper still.

  6. The most wonderful thing about the Internet is the permanent record of the things the various White traitors say and do.

    This really simplifies matters.

  7. How about an exhibit that features life sized replicas of a slaughtered, 19th Century Southern family, surrounded by life sized Union Soldiers. It could feature 1863 Union flags and images of Thaddeus Stevens, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Oliver W. Holmes, John Brown and Abe Lincoln. It could represent Northern, white SJW privilege in America.

    Since the Federal Government is nothing more than the hidden hand of Boston, New York and Chicago. It’s fitting that this MB exhibit is in a Chicago venue. Some of the white SJWs who helped stir up the flames in Ferguson, came from Chicago. Thus proving that not only do we have the Jewish problem, but the age old Yankee problem is still around, too. Assuming she’s white, I doubt the “artist” is a native of Louisiana, much less Dixie.

  8. Shocking? Provocative? No, it’s hilarious! Leave it to a self hating, white anti-White “artist”.

    “White privilege” is an anti-white hate word used to silence and intimidate White people and to justify White Genocide.

  9. “… an anti-White hate word used to silence and intimidate White people and to justify White Genocide.” We now live in an anti-White hate culture for the purpose of silencing, threatening, and destroying White peoples of all native European ethnicities. Modern art says dribbling is as good as Rembrandt. PC academia says all peoples and cultures are equal.
    HW and others are correct in confronting the situation with courage and optimism. But we need optimal strategies and new ideas. Of the ancient Romans it was said that their drills were bloodless battles and their battles were bloody drills. George Washington and Andy Jackson rank among the nation builders. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton rank among the nation destroyers. We are like Cherokees with a tribal chief who is a drunken half-breed.

  10. Wonder how much traction that silly b***h would get if she did a display of the 100 shot and 17(?) dead blacks from the chitcongo 4th weekend?

  11. Re-enactors ought to reconstruct documented atrocities by union troops at their re-enactment meets.

    The Raping and Burning of the Harris family farmstead.

    Sure this opens up the posibility of re-enactors whipping black slaves, however it’s got to be good for whites to see the actual war the Union really fought as it ravaged white southerners. Who incidentally rarely operated outside the south in an entirely defensive crouch.

  12. the plaque apparently reads: “I can’t breath”.
    So, is the “artist” intentionally misspelling the word like all the blacks did?

  13. I think before people too excited about a supposed white traitor, she looks suspiciously like a lesbian of the merchant ethnic tribe that shall go unnamed.

  14. I am telling it as I see it. In olden days, St. Boniface cared little for public outcry against the pagan shrines, and especially cared little for the ‘sacred oak’ that the Pagan Germans worshiped as a ‘god.’ He took an axe and cut down the idol.

    This is a modern ‘sacred oak’ and is not art. It is a lying misrepresentation of the truth of the matter, and does not deserve to stand when righteous White Christians are being killed for their race alone.

    Read Cambria’s latest post over at his website. We are engaged (some would say, finally) in a racial holy war, and the enemy has clearly defined their satanic credentials. What normal human with a heart beating in his breast would allow such a blasphemy or travesty to stand? just sayin.”’

  15. Mike Brown was killed because he robbed a store and fought with a police officer in an attempt to steal his weapon. Why is this monster being lauded as some kind of a hero?

  16. James Owen, according to the article she was born and raised in Nola but that’s neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is, the South has always had enough self-haters and those who hated the system who were born and raised there WITHOUT the outside interference.

    The reasons for this are complicated but we have to understand the undue influence of Virginia liberals in the early days. Jefferson, Madison, Henry, Randolphs even King Carter’s grandson Robert Carter III were touched by this ugly strain of liberalism that came from the writings of John Locke, Montesquieu and others with the whole Equality Fraternity crap, all abstract ideas. Robert Carter III freed hundreds of slaves as did John Randolph of Roanoke who took his to western Ohio and Edward Coles who was a friend of Jefferson Madison and Monroe who took his slaves to Illinois and turned them loose. The influence of the Virginia liberals evidently made the antislavery issue more common in the Upper South, but the influence of South Carolina made it much less of a problem in the Deep South.

    You had the other group that sought the collapse of the system represented by the Lincolns, Johnsons and others who hated it because we were po’ folks and we were kept out of the good life and we were forced to leave our Southern homes to seek wealth elsewhere. Strictly class envy and class warfare here.

    The Self-Haters and their fellow travelers are scum. The Scalawag list is long of course Lincoln will forever reign as the King of the Scalwags but I think LBJ Carter and Clinton will join him in the Pantheon

  17. The hidden hand has always been Jewish and always will be. The most nasty Yankee abolitionist had to pay the bills and where did the money come from? A good part of it came from London Jewish banksters. Sam Houston himself brought up this fact that overseas money was funding much of the problem in his anti-secession speech.

    The United States, having completely open borders thanks to Jefferson’s Democrats allowed hundreds of revolutionaries from Europe and Jews fleeing the blowback after Waterloo to immigrate here and begin to subvert our educational system. The ’48ers should have NEVER been allowed to enter the USA PERIOD but our open borders allowed them in. Another fact about the ’48ers seldom mentioned is a sizeable number were Jews.

    In the scheme of things, it is unfortunate the Pilgrims and the Puritans ever brought their warped Calvinism to this country it has been a plague on us since Day One. The Scots Irish were Calvinists as well but their disregard for education and individualist nature spared them the evil elements of New England Calvinism, in fact by the early 1800s most Scots Irish had rejected Calvinism altogether.

    The English blamed the entire Revolution on Boston and her Calvinist Roundheads. These same Roundheads who murdered and enslaved our ancestors in the 1600’s, started a Revolution in the 1700s and an evil intercene ware in the 1860s. In the final analysis its always been PURITAN vs CAVALIER with Jews raking in the loot and stoking the fires

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