Cuckfederates Under Siege In Richmond

Cuckfederates are under siege in Richmond

By Hunter Wallace

Ever since Dylann Roof’s shooting spree in Charleston, I have been waiting for the news cycle to slow down a bit so that I can write some longer, more thoughtful articles about everything that has transpired in recent weeks.

As this will likely go down as a watershed moment in history, there is a lot that needs to be said about the self-styled Heritage movement. In particular, I have watched Ben “Cooter” Jones, Chief of Heritage Operations at the SCV, impotently decry “racism” and “hate groups” about half a dozen times now on FOX News. The Sons of Confederate Veterans has been in a frenzy to fight “hate” and have issued press release after press release condemning the KKK, church burnings, racism, etc. In fact, the group has even gone so far as to say, “we go up against hate groups even more so than those who seek to repudiate the Memorial Confederate Banner.”

In the weeks before the Charleston shooting, the Alabama Division and Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans were preoccupied with condemning two flagging groups, the Alabama Flaggers and the Virginia Flaggers. I still remember how two years ago the SCV joined forces with the NAACP to protest the Klan in Memphis after the black majority city council voted to rename three Confederate parks including Forrest Park where Nathan Bedford Forrest is buried. Now, the same black mayor and black majority city council want to tear down his statue and dig up his grave.

Back in May, I watched a Southern heritage fiasco unfold in my own backyard in Union Springs, AL where the Alabama Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans came to town, brokered a compromise that allowed the flags to be placed in the cemetery for only one week, praised the leadership of black mayor and black majority city council who had removed Confederate Battle Flags from Confederate graves, condemned the Alabama Flaggers, and then quashed the smoldering resentment that had arisen over the issue before returning home to congratulate themselves on their huge victory.

With all that in mind, the Sons of Confederate Veterans are having their annual convention this week at the Doubletree Hilton in suburban Richmond, so pardon me for engaging in some well deserved schadenfraude:

“Protesters have targeted the convention’s hotel — the DoubleTree by Hilton Richmond-Midlothian — asking management to cancel the SCV group’s reservation. At midday Saturday, as local SCV members were distributing Confederate battle flags at the Hanover Tomato Festival, a handful of Richmond residents staged an anti-SCV protest next to the DoubleTree’s sign on Midlothian Turnpike. …

“The mask is slipping,” said Sebesta, who has authored several books on what he calls the Neo-Confederate movement. “It’s pretty upfront.”

The SCV frequently denounces hate groups and racism, but critics said the organization has not done enough to keep those elements from its ranks. At the protest near the hotel Saturday, demonstrators held a banner that said: “Why is the Hilton Hotel welcoming white supremacists?”

Apparently, SJWs feel that the Sons of Confederate Veterans aren’t committed enough to advancing their cause of civil rights, social justice and eradicating racism, and have organized on Facebook to pressure the hotel to cancel the SCV’s national convention. Protesters are encouraged to call Hilton corporate headquarters to urge the chain to “cut ties with the SCV, which embraces and glorifies the history of slavery and racist violence in the South. Organizations like the SCV make Black people feel hated, unsafe and unseen in their communities.”

Despite many years of trying to appease this beast, it seems likely that the Cuckfederates of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are about to be labeled a “hate group” and cast beyond the pale of “respectable society,” and that this will mark the end of the Heritage movement as we have known it. In nature, a “cuckold” is a male that “unwittingly invests parental effort in offspring that are not genetically their own.” Thus, the term “Cuckfederate” is an accurate label for those who have long nurtured anti-racism, social justice, and multiculturalism within the Southern heritage community.

Somewhere between 1970 and 2000, a generation of Southerners bought into the preposterous notion that the armies of the historical Confederacy were filled by legions of Black Confederates, who nobly fought under the Confederate Battle Flag against Abraham Lincoln and the racist Union Army to end slavery and create a multicultural utopia. In the words of Gary Carlyle, the Alabama Division Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, “Where is the unity, tolerance, and togetherness in denying free speech to those who wish to honor their forefathers? Hebrew, American Indian, African American, Hispanic, American Cuban, and many others along with many “Whites” who accepted their responsibility to maintain liberty are worthy to be recognized and honored.”

Cuckfederates spent the last twenty years spreading this kind of disingenuous propaganda on the internet. It has never made the slightest impression on our enemies who despise the Southern cause as much as ever, especially now that they smell blood in the water, but it has succeeded in “softening us up” and undermining our ability to morally defend and preserve the legacy of our ancestors. The ubiquitous slogan “Heritage, Not Hate,” which was never used by Confederate veterans, framed their cause in such a way that one lone fanatic was able to successfully define the Heritage movement.

Fortunately, it seems like we are at the end of an era. After all this is over, even if they follow through on their vows on Facebook to protest the Klan in Columbia, I doubt the Cuckfederacy will rise again. It just couldn’t continue to be tolerated in a world that is stridently anti-White, anti-Southern, and anti-Christian.

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  1. If a pedophile were in your area and posting on facebook how he really feels you’d make some notes right?

    When cultural marxists are self identifying, don’t stand in the way. Take detailed notes. You can bet they have detailed files on vocal Southern men & women… addresses, employers, friends, etc.

    If someone is calling for your destruction you better damn well know where he lays his head at night.

  2. In order to show just how not-so-hateful and unracist they are, maybe the SCV should trot out a couple of their flaming homosexual members and some of their most prominent members who are in interracial relationships. A few homosexual interracial couples would work wonders in the public relations department. Don’t they know that you can’t remove yourself from the Racist stigma until you’ve met the proper multicultural/multiracial quotas?

    Good thing about being an admitted Race-ist is that I can wake up in the morning and know exactly who I am. The guy I was last week or last year is pretty much the same guy I am today. Ask me my preferences and my agendas, you’ll get an honest answer. Just about everyone I’ve ever seen that backpedals and runs away from the racist stigma keeps running away until they are dead, or they inevitably retreat and surrender and sink back into a life of lies and politically correct servitude. Why run when that will just make you tired when they finally catch up to you and corner you?

  3. The SCV needs to realize denouncing “hate groups” is going to make them pasties for the SPLC and other leftist groups. They need to realize that while some of the people defending the heritage may not be to their liking, they are defending the heritage.

  4. I appreciate groups like SCV, proud of them, but keep in mind, those librulls got this tendency to do as they please, and stick their fingers in their ears going “ya-ya-ya” like stupid children. We have to wear them down! And too, more and more stories about how blacks are their own worst enemy, that certainly helps.

  5. Brian Pace says:
    July 12, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    It’s not “White Supremacy” the liberals Hate….it’s White People! Deo Vindice !

    Actually, White people are superior, without even trying to be. That’s what they can’t stand.

  6. I remember you writing 2 – 3 years ago about that batty novelist Chastain who spent a lot of time complaining about the LOS and racism. She and oithers were determined to learn the hard way.

  7. It’s a boomer thing.

    That entire generation born in the late 40’s and 50’s has done this to the South, playing up the God bless America claptrap and all the rest of the bullshit allied war propaganda that they were brainwashed by in their youth.

    All they cared about was sucking up to DC and especially the Republican party (who are actual enemies of the South going back to the civil war) so they could hold on to their government/military jobs and remain “relevant” in politics – they personally make me ill and I welcome their downfall.

    Good riddance to the fake heritage movement who do nothing but promote baby boomer style allied war propaganda – not Southern heritage. The SJW’s are drawing the line and only a real Southern movement can meet them on the battlefield, not baby boomer/GOP style whining and apologizing.

  8. John,

    Not to quibble but I’d like to point out that blame can’t really be laid on a single generation. It was “the greatest generation”, for example, the boomers’ parents, that failed to take up arms against integration. Fresh from their great victory in 1945, they were much more immersed in patriotardism than were their children. Their surrender in the 50s and 60s was the final nail in the coffin. Legalized fag “marriage” and other such nonsense was ordained 50-60, probably more like 70-80 years earlier.

    As for the “heritage not hate” idiots, of course that’s a loser from the beginning. In my opinion those of us who know what’s really going on behind the purposeful deconstruction of civilization ought to stand up and proudly and unashamedly claim that battle flag as our historic Southern symbol of defiance against the subjugation and attempted destruction of White Europeans. Period.

    The “historic memorabilia” crap is for the birds. That flag of ours that was raised throughout the South in the 50s and 60s was the closest thing “the greatest generation” could get to pretending they had resisted. They knew it. Their enemies knew it. We should know it. And we shouldn’t shy away from declaring it THE symbol of OUR PEOPLE’S resistance, and that, without any malice at all, Africans are NOT our people.

    Just my two cents.

  9. In order that one might join the SCV one must prove one is a descendant of a Confederate Soldier or Sailor who served Honourably. One must prove his own good Character and earn the right to join the organization. We are proud of our Black members and descendants of the 65,000 Black Confederate Soldiers who fought alongside the white Confederate Soldiers . We do not discriminate against nor support any anti black organization. We know who we are and we are a proud, God fearing and good spirited organization. Feel free to visit with us and find out what we are before you discriminate against us…..

  10. Since your article last year things have gotten worse. I believe many Cuckfederates are actually closet liberals who want to shut the movement down. Also the numerous BLM assassinations on White police officers and civilians in Milwaukee still did not convince many Whites that a multicultural society was impossible with Blacks. After Omar Mateen shot 49 gays in Orlando, there was no outcry to ban Muslims. In fact the left double downed on their support of “people of color” and the world’s most dangerous ideology which is Islam. Cuckfederates did not unite Whites and Blacks, they made us look even weaker.

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