The American Kristallnacht: #NoFlaggingChallenge Declares Open Season On Confederate Battle Flags

Delaware man returns home to find his boat vandalized and his windows broken

By Hunter Wallace

What do you suppose the leftwing media would be saying if our side was scaling flag poles to tear down the American flag, defecating on the American flag, burning the American flag, assassinating police officers, burning down major cities, destroying flags we dislike at private residences, vandalizing dozens upon dozens of “civil rights” monuments, firing shots into civil rights marches, forming flash mobs to loot Wal-Marts, racially targeting blacks in violent assaults in a game called “Knockout King,” or forming Twitter campaigns to tear down flags on private property?

Think about it: what if our side was disturbing the graves of the dead, breaking windows and vandalizing property with profane messages, and eagerly plotting the demographic demise of a distinct ethnic group in the mainstream press? It would probably be labeled and investigated as a “hate crime,” right?

Isn’t it strange how “hate” works in America? In Black Run America, those who burn down cities, kill cops, loot businesses, disturb the graves of the dead, and come onto private property to vandalize homes are treated like saints by the media, but those who object to these things are consumed with “hate.”

I find my mind fixating on the broken windows … now that one rings a bell.

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  1. Seems like a perfect boobytrap situation here.

    Custard Pies, buckets of water, bear traps…

    Endless fun.

  2. I’ll say one thing for the black kids they are out having fun, contrast this with us aging baby boomer contards (this includes me) mainly gripe on the net waiting for some one to do for us. Of course the picture below this entry does show some young folk enjoying the atmosphere of being within their newly forming Confederate tribe, god bless them.

    One idea try CBF stickers

  3. If we so much as tried to counter this by spitting on a snible rights monument, the FBI would get involved and threaten us with a decade in prison like they did to Jeremiah Munsen and Graeme Philip Harris.

    But ethnic intimidation like this is okay with the elites.

    Pure anarcho-tyranny.

  4. They got me last night. My Battle flag was stolen off my flag pole in my fron yard approximately 3am. according to my security cameras. I just had the sheriff department out to report it. I have already put up another one. I am installing additional high res cameras today. I hope they return when they see I already have another one up.

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