The False Narrative: Black Gunman Opens Fire on Confederate Battle Flag Rally

Black man opened fire on Confederate Battle Flag parade in Ocala, FL

By Hunter Wallace

Real shocker here:

Note: The SPLC has condemned the C of CC for spreading a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.” We’ve seen other reports of guns being pulled and rocks and bottles being thrown at pro-Confederate Battle Flag supporters.

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  1. This behavior is typical violent black behavior: You don’t like what somebody has to say, so you shoot him. It’s precisely this type of behavior that necessitated segregation. The Battle Flag symbolizes (among other things) segregation – which saves lives. By firing upon the parade, the shooter vindicated the exact thing he thought he was fighting against.

  2. Jew among you.

    Herschl Grynspyn shot a fairly lowly German diplomat in Paris to protest German domestic policy. He’s a hero in Israel.

    This trigger nig is likely to become a hero of the Republic these day.

  3. Anti-Whites are not adverse to using and justifying violence as a means of making their White hating decrees stick.

  4. @jewamongyou
    You know, there’s an ever nastier race whose behavior necessitated 109 expulsions…
    Hopefully, the 110th is on its way.

  5. In the interest of blog neutrality, someone needs to start a Pro-Black, Pro-North, Pro-Dependence blog where fellows like this can be fawned over and encouraged. They could call it Occidental Descent.

  6. Would it be ‘H8ful’ to say that anyone associated with a Stars and Bars display, also exercise their Second Amendment right, with a public announcement that all displays of premeditated attempts at murder, will be met with comensurate force in self-defense?

    Just asking…

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