Monumental Dixie

Join us in Birmingham, AL on Saturday

By Hunter Wallace

If you live anywhere near Birmingham, AL or just want to do something this weekend to support our Southern heritage, join us in Linn Park at 10:00 AM on Saturday, July 18 for Monumental Dixie:

We are planning to be in Birmingham ourselves.

Note: There is a pro-Confederate Battle Flag rally in Knoxville, TN this evening at 6 PM.

If you are anywhere near Graham in Alamance County, NC, please show up there instead on Saturday with the North Carolina League of the South for an enormous rally at the Alamance County Courthouse. Also on Saturday, there is a Confederate Battle Flag rally in Vicksburg, MS.

Next weekend, there is a Secessionist and Southern Pride rally at the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia, SC, and a Rally to Stop Cultural Genocide in Fredericksburg, VA.

Join us in Birmingham, AL on Saturday
Join us in Birmingham, AL on Saturday
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