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  1. What’s soooo “courageous” for coming out as a girl in this degenerate climate? So many idiots, including this heshe’s momma accept it. Niow if he accepted such an award in a Muslim country, that would be courageous. Of course, the pervert would be dead as soon as heshe got it, but hey, bravery sometimes comes with a hefty price tag!

  2. I’ll give Shapiro a little bit of credit for trying.

    The problem is, I don’t see why Zoey Tur is so upset, other than the fact that leftists are such sore winners. Her side is winning just about everything it tries, no matter what people like Shapiro and every cuckservative in the country does to try to resist.

  3. I’d have to agree with the neocon on this particular subject.

    That freakazoid in a dress said, “You cut that out now or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

    Where is your tolerance, missy?

    If someone said those same words to IT the panelists on the show would have gone ballistic and denounced the speaker as an intolerant hater.

    Lefties really are twisted beyond belief.

  4. The tragedy isn’t so much that the midget kike (I’ve met him) was flustered. The sad part is the attractive white chick Schaser (presume it is a woman) standing up for the trannies.

    What the fuck does she gain here? What is wrong with women?

  5. Lol.

    Loking at the Tranny, I wonder if the decline of 80s hairbands or the end of overtly hippy dress or going further back the abandonment of Macaroni type powdered wigs and tails, isn’t what is going in here.

    The other thing that I tend to think when I see trannies is SERIAL KILLER!

    S/he definitely assaulted the Jewish lad. He must have been tripping balls after that! Did the little Shapiro realize that he’s suddenly the straight white male hate figure? No Jewish priv to invoke here.

  6. Ben must have wondered how he could claim these minorities killed 6,000,000 Jews. You could see the thought in his face.

  7. http://survivalblog.com/married-under-god-or-licensed-marriage-by-g-p/

    I can find no other outlet in which to point out the utter idiocy of most Americans when it comes to matters sexual, procreative, and normal, than to post this piece of EISOGESIS (reading into Scripture that which is not there) from the already mixed-up ‘right’ to show you have FAR GONE THE ENTIRE NATION IS.

    This poster (from the right-wing, prepper site Survival Blog) is trying to ‘defend’ traditional marriage, and yet, is married to a non-White himself!

    Over eight years ago, James Edwards noted that the first wedge in the door of normalcy, was to pretend race does not exist (it does!) when it came to Male/Female couplings of ‘inter-racial’ unions, back in 1967. This was done (via the Marcusian Jewish sexologists) in order to ‘pave the way’ for ‘gay rights’ – including sodomite [sic[k] marriage.

    Yet, here, on a supposedly ‘Christian’ (well, Protestant) site (SB.com) we have EXACTLY the same argument being made by someone, over fifty years later, to ‘distance’ one’s self from the slippery slope argument that faggots and sodomite rights advocates have been using all along!

    The fact that this fool (yes, I am using that term biblically – Prov. 26:5) also is trying to posit the Ken Hamite fallacy of ‘One Blood’ – i.e., that all hominids are descended from Adam -hint, they aren’t… either study raciology [vide Avdeyev’s modern tome] or Biblical [Ussher] Chronology;

    And you eventually come to the realization that Adamkind, like Christendom, is coterminous with White Racial paradigms. I know that some on this forum may disagree with that latter point (but ask yourself the question, “Cui Bono?” who benefits? if you continue with the fallacious notion that ‘the Negro is our brother’ in the wake of this last eight years under a Black Metrosexual King IABNO (in all but name only))

    But the belief that a little ‘fooling around’ with someone not your race, without it being used as a tool for Sodomite’s arguing for their own perversion as normalcy- well, it’s the height (nadir?) of idiocy.

    Just sayin.’

  8. I’ll give Ben credit, he stated the mad situation honestly and told the stupid Shiska he didn’t care about her feelings – he should have clocked “Zoey” when that laughable faggot threatened him – like the Skinheads did on the Gerlado show back in the 80’s when Big Nig got in their face.

  9. Someone please tell that….whatever….his/her/it’s fame clock now reads 14:59:30, m’kay? Thanks!

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