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  1. CoonTown has a high profile right now because the idiots on other side don’t know when to shut up. I’ve never bothered with reddit, but I signed up last week at reddit and voat to support CoonTown (1Lew1) .

  2. IMO the CoonTown is a rare victory for freedom of speech, but the victory might be temporary, as the beast of the liberal brainwashing machine never sleeps. IMO we need CoonTown (anti-MSM views of blacks and mulattos) and CohenTown (anti-MSM views of Jews and their allies). IMO, under the tutelage of Jews, white-skinned Yankees are not satisfied with destroying White Southerners but are determined to destroy themselves.
    “Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the War; will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.” – General Patrick R. Cleburne, Confederate States of America
    “In the beginning of the war, Southern women wanted their men to leave – in droves, and as quickly as possible. They were the Confederate Army’s most persuasive and effective recruitment officers, shaming anyone who shirked his duty to fight.” – Karen Abbott
    About one-quarter of the Southern White men of military age were killed. Southern Whites were afraid that hordes of feral negroes would loot, rape, and murder like cannibal tribes from Africa. Some fears are justified by reason and experience.

  3. Re:

    And the people on our side wonder why we keep losing.


    Ain’t that the truth.

    Why do you say this?

    Coon Town is riding high — 19,000 subscribers and 700 people logged in right now and who knows how many lurkers — and massive exposure in the mainstream media.

    I don’t like the tone or the racial slurs. But let’s face it, it’s part of the attraction. The proof is in the numbers. This is true, also, of The Daily Stormer.

    The tone of the posts at Coon Town has value in that it gives Jews, Cucks and Shabs (formerly known as SJWs) a much needed taste of their own medicine. They don’t hold back slandering us. More importantly, the SUBSTANCE of Coon Town is dead-on.

  4. @Lew
    19,000 is a joke. The Daily Stormer’s numbers are pathetic, as are Stormfront’s numbers. Stormfront has 300,000 members and they are a globally known outfit. Ann Coulter is a complete unknown outside of America and she has Twice as many followers on her Twitter account as Stormfront has members – most of whom haven’t posted in years.

    If you think a strategy of kids having fun saying naughty words on the internet, has been working for White interests in any way, then I can’t do anything for you. Its just common sense. These are the very same kinds of people that beg Don Black to delete all their posts years later.

  5. Heck we can’t even get a pro white elected to dog catcher, anywhere on the planet

    Are you suggesting sites like Coon Town are a reason for that?

  6. Richard Bird,

    So Ann has 650K cucks and morons following her pro-GOP cheerleading. BFD. Can you clarify your point?

  7. If you think a strategy of kids having fun saying naughty words on the internet, has been working for White interests in any way, then I can’t do anything for you. Its just common sense.

    This is a straw man. I never said that.

    The fiercer sites like DS and CT seem to be doing a pretty good job attracting and radicalizing the young. That’s important because what matters in politics is always the rising generation not the current one. The SPLC realizes that. Why do you think they’ve been trying to get CT shut down?

  8. Coontown and Stormfront are not the best recruiters to pro-White whatever it is Obama and the left. Go read Drudge today, a NY Post article detailing the meta data collection and use by our government and others is all about RACE.

    The cucks are toast, all their “there is no race” crap is going away, they are going to go away off into the dustbin of history. Even those cucks of the 2A and their silly cuckservatism is toast, on the 4473 when you buy a gun there it is racial data collection, wait till the left finds a way to use that against them (of course they will find that black women buy a lot of Glocks for some reason, hmmmm)

  9. This is a straw man. I never said that.

    And yet you immediately follow this statement by stating how younger Whites are being radicalized by those kind of sites. Stormfront has “radicalized” younger people for close to 20 years.

    It’s almost like someone said, “Here is your little slice of carte blanche pie. We’re going to give you a medium to spread your message far and wide. Do with it as you like.” What do many of them do? They go on to spew noxious crap that could just as easily come from the minds of common negroes. Why would any sane and intelligent White person complain about the illiterate, idiotic and vile nature of blacks and some other non-Whites, then turn around and write in a way that makes it very hard to separate the idiot Whites from the idiot blacks and Marxists?

    Why do you think they’ve been trying to get CT shut down?

    Common sense—provided you’ve actually analyzed the SPLC—would tell you that the SPLC will target anything that is considered White and racialist in nature. Making yourself an easier target by giving them a very deep pool of quotable rhetoric to pull from just makes their job a little easier. Why wouldn’t the SPLC try to target them when the SPLC makes its money from frightening people into believing there are legions of crazed, violent and ignorant Whites looking to harm them?

    Why is it so hard for some pro-White people to understand the concept of the Warrior Poet?

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