Anthony Hervey Speaks In Birmingham

Anthony Hervey said anti-racism is anti-White

By Hunter Wallace

H/T Robert Jackson

The anti-flag crowd suddenly has nothing to say now that one of their own was so consumed with hate that they apparently stalked, chased, and murdered Anthony Hervey because of his pro-Southern cultural and political beliefs. I hope the Mississippi State Flag stays up as a tribute to his memory.

We’ve been repeatedly told that #BlackLivesMatter. Well, I guess they don’t. I noticed that Anthony Hervey made it a point to say in his speech that he only felt safe surrounded by a bunch of White people with the Confederate Flag. From June 2012 to May 2013, we established here that 100 percent of homicide arrests in Birmingham were black, so Hervey’s beliefs about his safety were not without foundation.

Update: I see now they are clinging to the hope this was an accident. That’s a comforting illusion. Really, what else can they do?

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  1. Sir, as this is a bleak topick, which will be much seen, in the coming days – I thought I might add a glimpse of brightness and light, with this recommendation…

    After my wife and I traveled the hinterland roads, 120 miles, to an antique mall in Goldsboro, North Carolina, today. After finding much decorative stuff for our abode, we inquired where the most defiantly unmodern place to eat would be, and, were swiftly directed, nearby, go eat at, WILBER’S BARBECUE.

    What a joy, for, outside, was a large peach, peanut, and preserve stand – and a vendor more friendly than Jed Clampett. Inside was wood-paneled restaurant, without one single foreign voice – not even one Yankee in sight. Filled full of a friendly gab, we were quickly welcomed by a waitress who never troubled my ears with pronouns like ‘you guys’ … but, was ever ready with the proper ‘y’all – who never said, ‘I’m will do that’ – but, ‘I’m fixin’ to do that.’

    AND, beyond the fact everyone spoke the very best English, there was the food – unbelievable hush-puppies as an appetizer – fried violently crisp on the outside, while still soft on the in-, and having just a hint of sweetness.

    After that, we feasted on the most succulent oak-fired barbecue pork and chicken – with delicious batter fries, cole slaw, and drowned ourselves in a dangerously sweet iced tea!

    If any of y’all, appreciating the very best in Southern cuisine, happens to be anywhere near Goldsboro, NC – we cannot recommend WILBER’S BARBECUE too highly!!!! These people, from negroes out back, to the whites up front, are virtuoso artists at the culinary game. Don’t any o’ y’all doubt it!

    We ate for only $27, including a generous tip – this for nearly an hour of pure Confederate paradise.

  2. Junius Daniel says:

    ‘These people, from negroes out back, to the whites up front, are virtuoso artists at the culinary game. Don’t any o’ y’all doubt it!’

    Spittin’ in y’alls food is a culinary specialty of the negroes out back.

  3. Dear Sam,
    If it is the spit that makes it good, then I am all for it. There always is a secret to the recipe, Sir!

  4. On a more serious note : I am very sorry that none of us were there, with our Confederate flags and various-n-sundry accoutrements, to defend Mr. Hervey, or, at least, bring him comfort in his last minutes..

    May Our precious Lord rest his soul. I will be including him, and his wife, in my daily prayers.

    Sir, this last month has more and more reminded me of the time of John Brown,

  5. Whites are fleeing from from the blacks and the Confederate flag gives them hope that they can run fast enough. MSM claims Multiculturalism is creating love between the black brothers and white sisters, mulatto children are seen everywhere.

    • Pretty much.

      They don’t really care about black lives. They just hate White people, the South, Christianity, etc. Blacks will pay the price for the Obama crime wave when the homicide rate explodes in their neighborhoods.

  6. I shook his hand after his speech there in Linn Park.
    He spoke in the true style of the Southern Black Church and spared no words in his points he made about the true situation of how Southerners are portrayed, both black & white.
    He is true to his heritage and to the Southern way where we all live in peace together.

  7. This guy was a two bit shyster who was arrested for a college loan scam (look it up).

    I suppose I’m deranged but I think something fishy is going on here. And I love how you halfwit inbred hicks are automatically assuming something nefarious went on here. I’m seeing people blame the NAACP, New Black Panthers, etc when – if they were being chased by another car it could’ve just been some idiot with a case of road rage. But that does fit into some redneck paranoid narrative now does it? I can’t exactly put my finger on it but something isn’t adding up with this incident. Guess we will have to wait to see what the findings are….

  8. SC Governor Haley is indirectly responsible for this man’s death. She needs to call Anthony’s family and ask for forgiveness. Plus, she needs to check on Arlene in the hospital. Please call Haley’s office and let her know 803-734-2100, I’d post an email address, but I didn’t find it on the site.

    This is sad and horrible.

    Btw, Anthony couldn’t be labelled a shyster, he’s a black man, look up the term. His past actions shouldn’t diminish or take away from the cause of his death or the value of his life.

  9. I noticed that Anthony Hervey made it a point to say in his speech that he only felt safe surrounded by a bunch of White people with the Confederate Flag.

    That turned out to be prophetic.

  10. “Halfwit inbred hicks.” Such a comment would be considered racism if made against any other group. But it’s OK against us. White Southern lives don’t matter.

  11. Is the rally at the SC State House in Columbia still on? It seems to have disappeared from the “Monumental Dixie” section. Also, relying so heavily on FaceBook is a mistake. Some of us are above FaceBook and have never been there. And never will go there. Yes, I DID say “above FaceBook.” Anyway, is the rally still to take place?

  12. @Strummer

    Raw nerve huh.

    The irony of it all is however good or bad a population is to start with, mass unemployment will make them worse over time and full employment will make then better over time so SJWs and anti-white hate groups like the SPLC through their support for mass immigration – and the subsequent under and unemployment it causes – are actually to blame for the ever worsening dysfunction among the black population.

  13. Hunter and others:

    What was the term used in “Birth of a Nation” for the Blacks who stayed loyal to their White families during Reconstruction?

    “Noble souls”.

    Anthony Hervey was certainly a noble soul who deeply loved the South and all true Southerners Black and White (also Cherokee Indians).

    In such times it’s important to have positive religion with the idea that souls do not die at the death of the body. We must honor the spirit of this noble soul and honor him on the yearly day of his death/martyrdom.

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