Woman Plans To Marry Her Dog

A photo of the happy couple

By Hunter Wallace

From the Netherlands:

“A woman has revealed that she is planning to marry her dog following the death of her former husband, who was a cat.

Dominique Lesbirel, 41, from Holland, married her pet cat Doerack eight years ago but sadly, the animal had to be put down after suffering kidney failure aged 19.

Determined to move on Dominique has revealed she now plans to marry her dog Travis. …

Despite plans for marital bliss, Travis isn’t the only love in Dominique’s life. She has a long term partner Peter Knist, 43, but she says he is very supportive.

She explains: ‘Peter’s supportive. He’s an animal lover too, so he understands my desire to make a life-long commitment to a pet.'”

Love wins.

Note: A few years ago, an Australian woman married a bridge in France. The Daily Mail quipped that she was attracted to the “strong and silent”-type.

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  1. Maybe she was called a dog as a young girl and got confused. Let’s just hope it’s symbolic and the “marriage” is never consummated.

  2. They were doing this sort of thing in Germany for a while, though, I believe, some legislation has put an end to it….

  3. The other dog doesn’t look happy at all!
    Unlike mike sonmore, he doesn’t like getting cuckholded!

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