Ain’t That America: Vanity Fair Interviews Transracialist Rachel Dolezal Who Plans Return To “Social Justice” Movement

Now her transition is complete

By Hunter Wallace

In spite of her 100 percent European ancestry, Rachel Dolezal’s blackness is reportedly non-negotiable:

“I’ve got to figure it out before August 1, because my last paycheck was like $1,800 in June,” she says. “[I lost] friends and the jobs and the work and—oh, my God—so much at the same time.”

And yet, Dolezal’s claim on black womanhood still seems to be non-negotiable. Even in conversation with an actual black woman on the other end of the line or sitting in her cozy home, Dolezal unequivocally identifies as black. (Never mind the heritage test that arrived on her doorstep the day I visited.)

Dolezal spent years researching and then perfectly molding her black identity. She commands an impressive knowledge of African American literature, its writers, and the history of the Civil Rights movement.” …

I would like to write a book just so that I can send [it to] everybody there as opposed to having to continue explaining,” she says. “After that comes out, then I’ll feel a little bit more free to reveal my life in the racial social-justice movement. I’m looking for the quickest way back to that, but I don’t feel like I am probably going to be able to re-enter that work with the type of leadership required to make change if I don’t have something like a published explanation.”

We also expect to see Rachel Dolezal’s return to the ranks of the “social justice” movement. Perhaps one day our society will overcome its bigotry against trans people who believe they were mistakenly born into the wrong race or species. In the meantime, maybe the SPLC could hire Dolezal like they hired one of the Jena 6?

Note: If Caitlyn Jenner, Chelsea Manning, or Zoey Tur obtained a DNA test, what would it say?

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  1. This is very subversive. I understand this has upset many #BlackLivesMatter types and they are demanding racial purity tests, because they don’t want Whites to share in the racial spoils.

  2. Yeah. Duh-huh. Okay. Sure. WTF.

    Just wail until the HNIC gets his database up and running. And how would I be classified? You? Someone else? Ah! For diversity sake, we are all then classified as an independent alien life entity! Benefits out the wazoo HELLO!!!

  3. And another thought? Just to be an irritant to the PC Marxist crowd? Put down on any form…you are African-American.

    Proof, they shall demand, and you then state: “Well, as most leading genetics and the anthro crowd swear we are all evolved from a being that lived near the Olduvai Gorge some 5,000,000 years ago…yeah, bitch! I am one! Hand me my gibs NOW!”

    Then watch their facial expressions. Try not to smirk too hard.

  4. One must wonder if there is sufficient instinctual impulse for self preservation that her eyes will be opened after the first time she is mob attacked and seriously injured.

  5. Sir,
    I go through this, all the time, with my blessed and much beloved mama – she 100 pure Anglo-Saxe Southron, and raised as such deep in the deepest sticks of Appalachia, – yet, unshakeably convinced she is part Indian and of the Levite tribe…

  6. And, no, Sir – ‘her parents did NOT do it to her’.

    Nope, they were as straight-edged hard-working and God-fearing, beautiful rednecks you could ever find – pure unalloyed good-ole-boys and girls, every one of them:)))

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