Gathering The Remnant: An Insider’s View of the 2015 League of the South National Conference

By Hunter Wallace

In my view, the 2015 League of the South National Conference was by far the best conference that I have attended, and I have been to the last four conferences since 2012. Almost everyone except for Matthew Heimbach was there.

If I had to summarize the experience, I would say that it was a crystallization of a trend that has been underway since I first joined. When I attended the 2012 conference, there were only a handful of young people in attendance, most of whom came with Matthew Heimbach from Maryland, but since then I have seen young people with families becoming more and more prominent in the League. The norm is shifting toward men and women in their late twenties and thirties with children.

There is a new generation taking over within the League of the South and that was also on display again at the conference. That’s already the case in Maryland, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Until recently, it was also true of South Carolina, and soon it will be true of Georgia. Florida is another state that is well prepared for leadership to be passed on to the next generation. Unlike virtually all other organized “hate groups,” the League is growing more youthful, cohesive, and active, and we are assembling a vanguard that will be a thorn in the side of our enemies for a very long time to come.

There was a moment at this conference though that stood out from everything I have experienced at previous conferences. It came when William Flowers gave his speech on Saturday and received the most thunderous standing ovation I have ever seen. The norm at these Far Right conferences like Amren has long been the dry, academic-style delivery from the podium before a captive audience. In fact, the League of the South started out as more of a think tank for Southern academics in the 1990s.

The dynamic leader who can use rhetoric to tap into emotions and grievances, connect with a sense of identity, and inspire men to follow him into action has long been the key missing piece on the chessboard. We have a full bench of intellectuals who can educate and persuade (myself included), but a true leader taps into something different with the spoken word which is more visceral than rational. I don’t think anyone who left the conference this weekend had any doubt that our next leader has started to emerge.

The League’s shift in identity from think tank to activist group, the spearhead of the secessionist movement in the South, is now complete. The flags, t-shirts, and polo shirts have now become standard fare even beyond the ranks of the group itself. This was also on display at the demonstration in Wetumpka that followed the conference. About 100 people participated this year and held Secede signs and Confederate Battle Flags that were just straightforward anti-government. There are so many reasons for Southerners to hate the federal government these days.

In light of the Southern Kristallnacht, the guns were on much more prominent display this year with an armed patrol around League headquarters. This ignited some controversy on Facebook in light of the media presence at our building, but I can see both sides of the argument. An armed anti-Southern gunman like Floyd Corkins could have decapitated the League in one deadly attack given our concentration in that single location. The League was also in the news with a particularly scandalous article appearing in The Montgomery Advertiser. “The New Hate” was on the front page of USA Today.

Back at our hotel room, I had one conversation with a friend from Mississippi that is worthy of further comment here. It was about why we do what we do. Are all these rallies and speeches really going to change anything?

Quite honestly, I am averse to grandiose projects and thinking. I prefer to focus on smaller things that individuals can do. As I see it, we are living through America’s equivalent of the French Revolution, China’s Cultural Revolution, or the Soviet Union. This too shall pass in time because all leftist utopias eventually crumble under the weight of reality. Like St. Benedict in the Dark Ages, our job is preserve what we can through these turbulent times, to be a visible beacon in the approaching darkness.

We are the remnant of Southern civilization. The task before us to gather the remnant underneath our tent, to challenge Americanism, to bring new people into our institutional home, to pass down our traditions, to rebuild our attenuated sense of Southern identity, to build horizontal relationships between our people and ultimately communities where we can live out our ideals at the flesh and blood level until this storm passes. One day our descendants will be called to rebuild a shattered nation.

Note: The photos and videos from the conference will be posted here as they become available next week. Check this space.


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  1. I agree with you about the speech of William Flowers. I even shed some tears, it
    was so wonderful! However, it was not a departure from the speeches of Dr. Hill.
    It was a continuation by a younger generation.
    I have a Confederate friend here in Tuscaloosa who has recently commented,
    “I wonder if Mike Hill knows how powerful his commentaries are!!”
    I share your admiration of Compatriot Flowers! I have told him how
    much he is appreciated. However, we are all inspired by the leadership
    of Dr. Michael Hill, who started our movement in 1994 here in Tuscaloosa.
    His speeches are inspired and passionate. They have liberated me to serve
    my South without explanation or apology with my head held high.
    William Flowers has not brought us a new gift; but has reaffirmed and
    reinforced all that Dr. Hill has taught us. He is a wonderful supplement
    to our present cause; and a potential leader for the future.
    But, the commentaries of Dr. Hill are powerful indeed; and affect
    us all. God willing, he will lead us for a long long time.

  2. Whatever leader(s) and luminaries are manifested for you guys, I hope you keep in mind that intelligent and effective delegation has always been an Achilles’ heel for pro-White leadership and groups of all stripes.

    Other than that, good luck on your growth.

  3. The Tuscaloosa demo will be August 8, 2115 (Saturday) from 1:00 p.m.
    until 3:00 p.m. Place: Intersection of Hwys 82 and 43 at Northport Civic
    Center. Parking available there.
    Mike Whorton says the theme will be “Defense of Christian Marriage”. I
    wouldn’t mind if our demowas just like the one in Wetumpka that ran the
    I’d like to see some signs with “Benedict Arnold Bentley” on them,
    personally speaking. Tuscaloosa is Bentley’s hometown; so we need
    to make a great showing!

  4. As I see it, we are living through America’s equivalent of the French Revolution, China’s Cultural Revolution, or the Soviet Union. This too shall pass in time because all leftist utopias eventually crumble under the weight of reality.

    This reminds me of a post I recently read by Antidem over at TRS

    Guest Post: The Left’s Self-Destruction

    Now that the mainstream right has collapsed completely, and now that they’re just about done bayoneting the last survivors of the Culture War, all that the left can do is turn on itself. Look, I actually visited the Soviet Union before it collapsed, and I can tell you firsthand: leftists can’t build shit. It all looks very impressive from a distance, but get close, and you see the peeling paint and the cheap, crumbling concrete. Leftism is, however, great at destroying. That’s what it’s there to do. That’s what it’s good at. That’s what it enjoys; what it revels in. That’s why it always turns on itself after it wins. That’s what “permanent revolution” is all about – leftism needs to destroy, and loves to destroy, so it will always find someone or something that it can destroy, whether they’re genuine enemies or not. That’s how Robespierre wound up on the guillotine; how Bukharin ended up in the basement of Lubyanka dumbfounded about why Stalin would want him executed; how veterans of the Long March were paraded through the streets by the Red Guards; and how, in turn, the Red Guards ended up being mowed down by the PLA while still chanting slogans exalting Chairman Mao. This shit happens over and over again, which any rational person would learn a lesson from, but because it is against the left’s principles to learn anything from history (They’re utopians – to them, the future is always better than the present, which is always better than the past. History is about the past, which is nothing but a cesspool of racistsexistbigotedhomophobia, and clearly there is nothing to be learned from any of that), they don’t. So once again, the Old Bolsheviks are going to be dragged out into the streets and put up against the wall by the very people who they came to liberate and who are supposed to be their allies.

  5. “… to pass down our traditions …” The way to preserve traditions could be to form small independent churches with each church consisting entirely of ten to twenty families that share the same ideas on religion, politics and culture. Each small church could organize the homeschooling of the children and prepare to resist various dangers from a hostile Fed Gov. White people need pro-White churches. #cuckservatives and #cuck-stians
    The Confederate bishop went to war. God only knows what the PC bishop might do.

  6. .. to challenge Americanism …” What is Americanism? Vice President Biden Speaks at the National Menorah Lighting The 2012 White House Menorah
    IMO Americanism is now judaized internationalism with Whites as targets. The Jews of the Confederacy supported states’ rights and white supremacy because they knew that the choice was between John Brownism and white supremacy. The Jews of the contemporary world know that the mind-battle is between the idea of Jews being persecuted and the idea of Jews being retaliated against. The words racism, free trade, and open borders mean judaized anti-Whitism, judaized trade, and judaized borders.
    “No, we are not a race of cat ladies. … The leaders who are selling out and betraying us are not cat ladies either. … Jews are the ones wielding the carrots and the sticks.” – Tanstaafl

  7. I agree with Mr. Flowers, but add, what someone said, I cannot recall the source: “If there was any way to sneak Marxism and Communism into the US, it was using blacks to do so.”

    I’ve heard some blacks say it, that Johnson and the Democraps were up to no good, there was no such thing as “parity” for blacks, the whole scam…The Great Society…was a con to get the blacks to forever vote Democrap. And on that, others used this incoming welfare state to start dictating their precious little whims…all from Trotsky or of the same ilk.

    Please assure the man, I’m glad someone else is seeing this besides me!

  8. “I can’t let them go. Who would pay for the government?” – Abraham Lincoln
    When life is a daily struggle the immediate problems tend to overwhelm the big picture and the fundamental problems.
    How can you survive if your religious leaders undermine you?
    “Our loyalty is to our God, our folk, and our land.” – Dr. Michael Hill
    “If our people die, our cultural dies.” – James Edwards
    “The cuckservatives are even taking over the church. … The whites will be outvoted in the church …” – Eddie “The Bombadier” Miller
    Find a church take supports you, your family, and your political and cultural values.

  9. I think the new design looks good, but simply present too much – too many stories, pictures, too many Black on White crimes etc. The effect is something like a video game where everything is exploding with sound and flashing images.

    A new person coming here will not receive focused education, instead it’s more of a White Southern version of contemporary pop music where everyone is shouting something, or nothing.

    With this format it is very difficult to co-ordinate concerted activism as there are 30 stories, posts going on at the same time. It is of course not nearly as unfocused as a V Bulletin board format the worst was VNN.

  10. Yes, I have been following the recent events from The League of the South and am much heartened with this new leader of the Georgia Chapter, William Flowers.

    However, demographics is destiny, South Carolina is now majority Black and Mexican with a Sikh as Governor, and with the other Southern States soon to follow, what lands will the LOS claim? Build “Horizontal Relationships” and what, hunker down?

    Land belongs to those that TAKE IT, occupy it, and defend it in defiance of usurpers. Blacks, Mexicans, Sikh’s, and Cuckoid Whites see no value in White Identity or Southern Culture and Heritage, and are efforting forcefully for its’ eradication.

    Clearly, succession is the only path forward and the enthusiasm of The League and it’s members are commendable, but is their purpose directed?

    Here is Mr. Flowers again, speaking with Lana Lokteff on Radio 3Fourteen. A passionate leader, Mr. Flowers exudes a determined and indomitable spirit that is the true South.

    I follow The Northwest Front which also promotes succession. It’s not a perfect plan, but it is a plan. I’d like to see some type of alliance of mutual support among disparate groups with the same core values as Mr. Flowers suggests.

    Gather and prepare. 90/10 Alliances. Godspeed to all.

    • The Northwest Front isn’t a real organization. A friend of mine from Oregon came to our last national conference. She can’t get in contact with the Northwest Front. They won’t meet or even talk to her without using a voice anonymizer.


    I’m the only true race-ist.

    Race means race and ism means belief. So racism or race-ism should mean belief in existence of races and possibility of racial differences.

    Jews believe in their racial uniqueness and difference. Zionism is founded on the biological identity of Jews. Israel wouldn’t exist if it had an ‘inclusive’ policy of Right of Return for all those Palestinians who were ethnically cleansed.

    Also, it is a canard that race as biology has been discredited. What has been discredited is radical racism of the kind pushed by Nazis, Nation of Islam, and Jewish Defense League.

    But just because radical racism has been discredited doesn’t mean rational race-ism has been discredited. More DNA evidence is proving that lots of evolution happened in the past 50,000 yrs. I mean if people cannot detect physical, muscular, intellectual, and emotional differences between Japanese and Zimbabweans, they must be blind or mind-fuc*ed with PC.

    It’s like, just because radical socialism(aka communism) has been discredited doesn’t mean all facets of socialism has been discredited. Public schools and libraries are good ideas.

    Also, Jews say all the PC anti-racist drivel, but in terms of what they actually do, they notice race all the time.

    Why do Jews use stop and frisk against blacks in NY? Because Jews know that blacks are stronger and more aggressive than Jews. If all races are the same, why did blacks kick Jewish ass in the Crown Heights Riot? Why did Jews cower in fear and even fail to defend their own women from black thugs?

    Blacks have more muscle. Blacks are more aggressive. That accounts for black thuggery.

    Of course, liar Ari Feldman will say my views are ‘discredited’. But my truth is ‘discredited’ only by PC that has iron grip over the media that are controlled by the Jewish cabal.

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    Feldman is full of BS. He cannot back up his views with facts and reason, so he resorts to emotive terms like ‘virulent’ and ‘hateful’.

    Feldman is a rabid and virulent hater of truth and white people.

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    Feldman, Stop lying, you son of a …


  12. We must have a singular template, or we will not exist at the end of the century: S.A.S. Segregate, Apartheid, Secession. If we do exist as a distinct people, all our women could be forcibly raped and be forced to produce babies by Blacks, Mestizos, and Muslims.

    Amren is a “controlled opposition”. ANY negative comment on Jews, even a quote that is from a respected source is deleted. I am banned permanently from that site, and wear it as a badge of honor. Jared Taylor is now a subsidiary of Jewish money. I’m sure that the money was welcome, but also promises that his children will be admitted to Harvard, Princeton, or Yale-all Jewish controlled and therefor be able to be part of the Network that leads to life in the Nomklatuera. Chelsea Clinton is a good example, married to a Jew whose parents are financial felon criminals and how is such an idiot, his hedge fund loses money. Still, they live in a $10 million dollar apartment in Manhattan.

    Straight bribe money, blackmail, and promises of one’s children to The Nework of The Elites and Deep State. Once you’re in, your Deal With The Devil is set, and you are rewarded.

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