Confederate Graves Desecrated In Van Buren, Confederate Monument Vandalized In Reidsville Cemetery

Why are these people compared to ISIS? I have no idea …

Whether it is Union Springs, AL, Memphis, TN, Van Buren, AR, or Reidsville, NC, entering Confederate cemeteries in the middle of the night to vandalize and desecrate the graves of the dead in order to make a political statement seems to be a hot new trend on the Left, especially among supporters of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Is there a better way to virtue signal your opposition to “hate,” “intolerance,” and “bigotry” than this?

Van Buren, AR


See, they “love” everyone, and we are the nasty “haters.”

Reidsville, NC


The Confederate monument in Reidsville, NC was moved to this cemetery after it was toppled in a car accident in 2011. The original was destroyed and the UDC’s replacement was placed there exactly a year ago. It was a huge “heritage violation” controversy for a number of years. This is just the latest proof that there is no such thing as “compromise” with the Left. Even if all Confederate monuments were removed and placed in cemeteries, these people won’t be satisfied until those monuments are physically destroyed, the graves of Confederate soldiers are demolished, and the dead are dug up from their graves, burned and their ashes are scattered to the wind.

Sadly, we live in a time when armed patrols of Confederate monuments and cemeteries are now completely justified. If Jewish graves were desecrated with swastikas or “civil rights” monuments were vandalized like this, it would be international news and the vandals would be charged under federal hate crime statues. Because of the ongoing campaign of Southern cultural genocide though, federal law enforcement and the leftwing media are turning a blind eye to this. The powers that be seem to have decided that the time is ripe to wipe out the White South.

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  1. Desecrating Jewish or WW2 cimetaries in Europe made international headlines. Dylan Roof made international headlines. This is just historical payback for those commiting it see Jim Crow graffiti.

  2. Your last paragraph is the key to ramming this H8 down the throats of the Jewsmedia.

    This IS the “American Kristallnacht,” It IS a H8 Crime akin to Jewish persecution, and it all shows the UTTER FALSITY OF THE DEICIDE’S Empty Rhetoric, about their supposed ‘persecution’ with real facts, dead bodies, defaced monuments, and overturned graves.

    Six million Dead Jewish lies, aren’t worth one Christian’s fingernail, to paraphrase the Christ-killers own chutpah….

  3. it is going “un-noticed” because we have a black president who stands with them and agrees to what they are doing. And there is no other race who will stand against them because now that would be racist. What do you call your hate for white people? It’s history. Wether good or bad, it’s the history of this country. If you don’t like it, move!

  4. Unsurprisingly, facebook is only abuzz with Palestinian rockets or Fox News approved stories of microaggressions.

    Most people I’ve ever known are still hoodwinked by the media, even as they complain about “the liberal media.”

  5. Painful; and yet, what is more painful is knowing that our brethren are so complacent, the circumstances of which this is a symptom, will not be addresst.

    Too many other important things, such as ordering out for pizza, and catching the latest Sports Center report, on ESPN…

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