Ain’t That America: 35 Women Speak Out On America’s Rapist

He was a black man making a difference in racial attitudes

By Hunter Wallace

New York Magazine has published a massive expose of Bill Cosby complete with photos, videos, and the testimonies of each of his victims:

“There are now 46 women who have come forward publicly to accuse Cosby of rape or sexual assault; the 35 women here are the accusers who were willing to be photographed and interviewed by New York. The group, at present, ranges in age from early 20s to 80 and includes supermodels Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson alongside waitresses and Playboy bunnies and journalists and a host of women who formerly worked in show business. Many of the women say they know of others still out there who’ve chosen to remain silent. …”

The actual number of women accusing Bill Cosby of rape has climbed to 46. He got away with his own minature Rotherham for decades because of the difference he was making as a black man in changing racial attitudes. Exposing Cosby as a serial black rapist of White women was “a story about race” that would have inflamed “racism” and “stereotypes.” It was buried by our guardians in the media for that reason.

Bill Cosby awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
Bill Cosby awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

In 2002, President George W. Bush bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Bill Cosby, America’s highest civilian award, which recognizes exceptional meritorious service. All we can say is … Ain’t That America!

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  1. Atheistic, leftwing feminists want to replace Christ, King of kings, Who overcame death, with transgender ex-man, who overcame his evil masculinity. Evolution may have caused White men and Oriental men to be less prone to become rapists than men of other ethnic groups. However, rape seems to be an inherent part of animal nature.

  2. Black folks really do have something missing in their heads. Why would millionaire entertainers resort to dick crimes.

    If the only thing Bill ever did was “I SPY” in the 1960’s and all of those pudding commercials you would think that he could play on that to get willing participants between the sheets.

    And, then, of course, there was Little Mikey Jackson. Mikey was sexually attracted to kids and rather than jumping on a jet and landing in a place where it’s okay to be to be a perv, he instead built an amusement park and founded a charity to give him access to kids.

    Bill and Mike would have been better off on the Dark Continent.

  3. People “in the know” had to be covering for him for years. There must have been a reason that they finally decided to throw him under the bus.

  4. But the one question that still nags at me: Why this long to expose the man? Why? Why wasn’t he busted years ago, back when a lot of this was still fresh?

    That, y’all, makes me wonder…..

  5. Why wasn’t Cosby exposed years earlier? Years ago, he was the Establishment’s “Nice Negro”. Then a few years ago, he started speaking out against dysfunctional, irresponsible, black behavior. Hey, hey, hey Bill, blacks are the victims of white oppression, not their own screw-ups. That didn’t fit into the official narrative, so, hey, hey, hey, Bill had to be taken down for not being a “nice negro”.

  6. Am I correct in noticing most of the victims were white females? Of course, that is not racist according to the Cultural Marxist narrative but what if a white entertainer had raped that many black women?

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