Fourth Planned Parenthood Video Released

Hi, I crush and butcher little babies to sell their body parts, but you're the extremist ...

By Hunter Wallace

The fourth video in the Planned Parenthood sting has been released:

Opponents of Planned Parenthood on Thursday released the fourth in their series of undercover videos against the organization, this time with recordings of a doctor discussing how to avoid the perception of “selling fetal parts across states.” …

Meanwhile, the president of Planned Parenthood has an Op-Ed in The Washington Post in which she denounces her opponents as “extremists.” It is the latest reminder that we live in a country where the US federal government is considered sacred, which cares more about preserving the three-inch delta smelt than the unborn, and those who crush, dissect, and sell the body parts of children on the free market are “mainstream.”

Yeah, so I am an “extremist” for wanting to secede from this … smh

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