War Against The South: Confederate Lives Don’t Matter

"Hate" is fine so long as we are the targets

By Hunter Wallace

Just last night, I said that it seems like we wake up every day to a new vandalized Confederate monument, but this one in Pensacola, Florida really is something special:

“The words “Confed lives don’t matter” were spray painted in black on the south-facing side of the memorial.

The granite monument, located in Lee Square at 602 N. Palafox St., was erected in 1891 to honor “the Uncrowned Heroes of the Southern Confederacy, whose joy was to suffer and die for a cause they believed to be just,” according to the inscription on the memorial. …”

This pièce de résistance sums up the entire zeitgeist of America under the Obama administration:

– We saw it on display at the Netroots Nation conference where former Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland had to apologize for saying that “all lives matter.”

– We saw it on display when the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force leapt into action when four little Confederate Battle Flags were placed outside the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.

– We saw it on display in how The Lying Press responded to two mass shootings in Charleston and Chattanooga in June and July.

– We see it on display almost every night in the wall to wall coverage of the latest thug who has died at the hands of a police officer. That’s always “a story aboit race in America.”

– We see it on display in how the ghoulish abortion videos have been covered by The Lying Press, or 8-year-old Madyson Middleton in Santa Cruz, or Kate Steinle, versus Cecil the Lion or the three-inch delta smelt.

Let’s face it: from the perspective of most self-styled progressives, that anchovy matters more than the butchered remains of millions of little babies or that White 8-year-old left in a dumpster. It’s not just Southerners who are under attack either. We’ve recently seen that “Confederate Lives Don’t Matter” in Indiana or Ohio either. “Confederate” these days is really just a synonym for a class of undesirable White people.

This is why we need a nation of our own.

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  1. Cucks find our own heroes amd our people distasteful. The way they worship the Israeli military with almost erotic terms is why ‘cuckservative’ is so accurate.

  2. HW: “Confederate” these days is really just a synonym for a class of undesirable White people.”


  3. You do realize that your ancestors chose going to war to try to become a separate country just so that they wouldn’t have to free their slaves and actually have to pay people to serve them and to plant and harvest crops, right?

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