Cuckservatives: Plunging In The Polls, Jeb Bush Remains Confident


By Hunter Wallace

It doesn’t get anymore “cucked” than this:

“We speak Spanish at home. We eat Mexican food at home. Our children are Hispanic.”

… except for maybe self-identifying as a “trans-Hispanic.”

Remember, the definition of a “cuckservative” is someone who retains “a posture of command even as the reality of control is lost.” That’s exactly what ¡Jeb! is doing as he collapses in absolute numbers in the polls and is losing to Donald Trump in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and even Florida.

Politico asks “Is Jeb Bush Turning Into Michael Dukakis?”

“To hear Jeb Bush tell it, he’s right where he wants to be, the “joyful tortoise” in the race who doesn’t want to say “outrageous things that turns people off to the conservative message.” At the Koch Brothers’ GOP donor convocation in Dana Point, Calif., over the weekend, Bush waxed confident about the campaign strategy he’s following, including the $120 million war chest he’s spent six months amassing. “I mean, this is a long haul,” Bush said.

But many GOP voters don’t seem to care about the long haul. And they’re certainly not looking for a joyful tortoise. They want a fire-breathing dragon. They want, above all, passion. They want it now. And they’re not finding it in Jeb Bush. …

In New Hampshire, where Bush’s pragmatic and moderate conservatism was supposed to play well, he had 21 percent support in early June, but only 12 percent in a poll taken July 28. In Iowa, he is closer to the middle of the 17-candidate field than the top.

At an event for Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst last month, Cathy Grawe, who has been active in the Iowa GOP for more than 20 years, says she talked to more than 100 potential voters and that “not one mentioned Jeb Bush. Not good or bad. Not that I’m thinking of voting for him. Nothing. Zero.” ….”

That’s an insult to Michael Dukakis.

By comparison, ¡Jeb! makes Michael Dukakis, Bob Dole, and Mitch McConnell look like charismatic leaders. He makes Mitt Romney sound like a rock star. As Todd Starnes put it, if Donald Trump is a pit bull, then ¡Jeb! is a meterosexual purse dog.

The New York Times also senses trouble:

“After weeks of preparing for a smash-mouth debate with Donald J. Trump, 14 Republican candidates found themselves instead Trump-less but sandwiched into a constricting format on Monday night, delivering strikingly uneven performances just days before the first big test of the presidential primary contest.

Rather than making the other contenders look more presidential, however, the event, at St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., seemed to shrink the candidates. …”

Donald Trump is the Gulliver in this race and the rest of the GOP field are the Lilliputians … and I say this as someone who isn’t even supporting Trump.

“Uh, my dad is quite possibly the most perfect man alive, so it’s very hard of me to be critical of him. In fact, I got a t-shirt that says, uh, at the Jeb swag store that says, I’m the uh, I’m the, uh, ‘My dad’s the greatest man alive. If you don’t like it, I’ll take you outside.’”

Uh, you are going to lose for sure, ¡Jeb!

Scott Walker is another example of a top tier Republican candidate who has all the charisma of a Midwestern vacuum cleaner salesman. Unless Trump stumbles and self-destructs over the next six months, this race increasingly looks like it is going to be a blowout.

Full Disclosure: I also love Mexican and Latin American food especially Brazilian churrascaria. I’m a big fan of Cuba too.

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  1. Get a sexy hot young Latina GF or wife.

    Threaten to personally beat down the shorty Guzman Cartel leader on the lamb, insult Guzman’s young wife as a slut , their children probably aren’t even shorty Guzman’s as his $&$&@ is too small, plus she sleeps around a lot and prefers Anglo Gringo guys, as do all sexy Latinas.

    Good see the bush family and Rand Paul plus lisping Lydsey Graham and the Huckster all tanking in the polls.

    But, remember our people,are mostly dumb arse and will usually fall for Neo Con war propaganda about “Fighting I Ran”

  2. I think Jeb Bush as ‘cuckservative’ is a bit more complicated.

    After all, he is the humper of a Hispanic woman. So, one could argue that it is Hispanic men who are cucking their women to this Gringo Imperialist and others like him.

    In the case of Ann Dunham, it was a white woman surrendering her whiteness to a black man and then an Indonesian man.

    But in the case of the Bushes, we see a small Hispanic woman surrendering herself to Jeb Bush.

    But one could argue that Bush is a ‘cuckservative’ in the sense that he is surrendering US to Latin America. He is allowing the ‘browns’ to invade the the US. Instead of being a defender of White America, he is overseeing its demise with the Tide of Color.

    But then, Bush doesn’t see it that way. Notice that his main political interest/involvement is with Latinos, especially short Mexicans and other such folks, than with blacks or Asians. Even though white nationalists may see him as being weak and appeasing toward the Latinos, I think he sees himself as towering over them. He seems to be especially attracted to Latinos — than to blacks or Asians — because of the sense that Anglos could easily dominate them on so many levels: economically, politically, sexually, and etc.

    So, Bush doesn’t see the merging of Anglo-America with Latin-America as surrender of white power to brown power but the triumph of white power over brown power. When the two worlds meet, Bush feels that the short and docile browns will be looking up to tall gringo guys like himself. And Latinas will be putting out to men like him and having their children. If anything, Latino men will be ‘cucked’.

    Bush may be misguided in thinking this way, but I don’t think it’s a simple case of a white guy submitting to browns. The way Bush sees it, the coming together of the two worlds will essentially lead to white domination over browns.
    If anything, all the soft white rhetoric is a means to mask the fact that whites will be dominating browns economically, sexually, and politically than the other way around. After all, even when brown candidates run and win office, they will depend on white money as browns don’t have much money. And for the most part, browns will be working for whites, not the other way around.

  3. Of course Jeb! is confident. Why wouldn’t he be? He has the party establishment behind him, he’s raising money like there’s no tomorrow, and if Trump stays on top for too long, he can count on his allies peddling a campaign of eliminationism against Trump. Oops, what’s that you say, some lone wolf? Sorry ’bout that. So it’s on to Cleveland, where Jeb! will accept the Republican nomination at a convention where there will be more of either Israeli flags or Mexican flags and definitely both put together than even Amurrikan flags. And don’t even think about a Confederate Battle Flag.

  4. It’s a lot like that favorite TV show you really liked, only to learn it got cancelled and you wonder why, wasn’t it good enough? No, the powers-that-be say otherwise. Your vote doesn’t count.

    Trump is like that show: You like him, a lot of folks like him, but their vote ain’t jack doodly. Those like the Koch Brothers have bigger plans than wasting taxpayer dollars on a fence between the US and Mexico, and stuff like that. Ah, yes, the status quo! It must be maintained at all costs!

    Notice too, kids? Biden’s being considered. Why? It’s starting to dawn on the Democruds….Shillary may be adored by the party, Follywood and the Beltway lobby goons, but, to everyone else, she’s textbook Trotsky. And they know this.

    It might be Jebbie and Joey, and a public that may well realize…there is no choice and there never was.

  5. If this idiot had a brain, he’d take his “war chest” stick it in a steamer trunk and head South of the Border. I imagine that the Stupid Party will freeze Trump out and nominate this pansy anyway, maybe they can have Ben Carson as his VP to ensure their destruction. Forget the GOP they’re history. The GOP will never win an election anywhere again.

  6. Dr Doom, his brother has already built a huge compound in South America, so the take-the-money-and-run strategy is not far fetched!

    In retrospect, we may discover that all the problem with the Republicans and the American right were predominantly stemming from the outsized influence of a single family.

  7. Jeb Bush is the perfect candidate for ‘America’

    After all, he has no idea who he is, which is what the media has been attempting to create in all of us, for at least 60+ years.

    Of course, the the polls presently say otherwise, that Governor Bush is ‘optimistick’, is no surprise. Can we doubt that he knows America better than we do?

    No, I think not…

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