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Another Summer is starting to wind down and folks across the South are looking forward to the SEC college football season. SEC college football coaches are amongst the best paid, most admired people in the South, and SEC college football players are…

well, Roman gladiatorial slaves probably had better academic standards and lower crime/rape rap sheets than current SEC Black thugs.It wasn’t always this way. SEC football up through ~ 1970 was overwhelmingly played by Southerners. The Old Mis “Rebels” really were Southern Confederate Rebels, led by the likes of Archie Manning. But those beloved days are….

Gone with the wind.

Our people have a bad habit of holding on to loyalties to institutions that were once ours, but have long since gone over to the other anti Southern, anti White side. Most Southerners continued to vote Democrat up until ~ 1980 with the election of President Ronald Reagan. This at a time when the national Democrat party had been taken over by the likes of Marion Barry, Coleman Young, Jacob Javitz, funded by New York/Hollywood media jackals like Norman Lear – they simply hated the pre 1965 South. So why did Southerners continue to vote Democrat?


“Because my daddy was a Democrat and my grand daddy was a democrat and Hell the Republicans were the party of Lincoln and Reconstruction”!

Well, I would answer that times change – the Southern Democrats of Huey Long’s time weren’t defiling Confederate graves or forcing homosexual marriage equality on the South, now they are. The good side is that many things change for the better.

So here is a suggested good change for our Southern people:

Stop supporting SEC gladiatorial games, Black thug football and –

Start supporting other very Southern SEC sports like college baseball, women’s gymnastics or even tennis.

Vanderbilt Champions

SEC College (in name only) football and basketball or the only two college sports dominated by Black thugs. Everything else is white and very Southern. My alma mater Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee has an excellent baseball team – winning the NCAA national baseball championship in 2014 and coming within one game of repeating as back to back champions in 2015. How ’bout them Dores?! I watched some of the finals of the NCAA women’s gymnastic’s championship – the best teams were SEC colleges like University of Florida and the University of Virginia. The women gymnastic champions tended to be very athletic and also very beautiful adult women, which is a nice change from the 1970s when international gymnasts were little girls like Olga Korbit and Mary Lou Retton. Best of all, in these non football, non basketball college sports, we the spectators can get involved and get to support the real Southern college athletes and coaches, our sons, daughters, neighbors can become stars on campus, real Southern student athletes – how is that for a big change?

I hope to see other Occidental Dissent readers, League of the South members/activist at next year’s NCAA college baseball championships in Nebraska – the crowd is very good looking and mighty White.

Let’s enjoy life for a change, all the news isn’t bad and yes, I would say it’s OK to admire a pretty woman athlete – sure beats looking at the Yid Dykes on the US Supreme Court!


  1. NO

    C’mon now. SEC football is one of the last truly tribal traditions that brings Southerners together, and it has enriched the lives of me and my family (and many others) for generations. It doesn’t bother me at all that many of the players are black– sports is a meritocracy, and that’s the way it should be. If you don’t like it, then strap on some pads and go kick some dindu’s ass. Proud, strong, Southern white men shouldn’t be threatened by or afraid of the negro athlete. Show him what you’re made of instead.

    Why should a racially-conscious white person be bothered by the spectacle of 80,000 (mostly white) people watching modern-day (mostly black) gladiators do battle, especially since the “bosses”– head coaches, administrators, etc– are almost all white? Think of it as Mandingo fighting or ancient gladiatorial combat if it makes you feel better… you know, many leftists don’t like football for this very reason– they view it as a racist, classist spectacle of barbarity that should be outlawed (I’m sure you’ve been hit with the wave of anti-football propaganda that ESPN and others have been spewing for the last couple of years).

    Football is all about toughness, courage, physical strength, and yes, violence. I challenge you to find me another area of society where the masculinity valued by out ancestors is valued in such away. I don’t want to live in a world where Southern white men are indistinguishable from pansy California liberals who shun competition and think everyone should get a trophy.

    “Maybe we should start watching women’s gymnastics or tennis” he says. Get real.

    And surprise, surprise, it’s a VANDY grad who authored this article. Based on the attendance at Vandy home games I’m sure this attitude is common around the program… explains a lot. Enjoy your seersucker suits and your tennis. I’ll be in the Swamp in a few weeks with 90,000 fellow Southerners watching our band of mercenaries lay waste to some out-of towners.

    Go Gators

  2. Some guy wrote:

    “Football is all about toughness, courage, physical strength, and yes, violence. “…

    I respond, it’s now also about Black SEC “college students in name only” raping White college students.

    My alma mater Vanderbilt University had the best college football team in the state of Tennessee in 2012, 2013, we had the brother of Aron Rogers as our quarterback – and I was temped to think:

    “Hey maybe we’re the Stanford of the SEC – a place where talented more White football players who actually are intelligent college students go for both academics and high quality football”.

    And then I learn that Black Vandy football thugs are raping White college students – and it all gets spun as colleges have a culture of sexism, sexual harassment, sexual assault and the spin is that it is Southern Fraternity boys doing this, not low IQ Black football thugs.

    No sorry Florida Gator fan who just LOVES to be in that 90,000 Swamp with ~ 88,000 dumb arse idiots worshipping Black thugs, nobody on the field and few in the stands is an intelligent, educated Southerner, White Indo European person doing much of anything good for our people.

    How do the likes of Lisping Lyndsey Graham, Rand Paul, Mike the Huckster Hucklebee – how do they keep getting re-elected and working to replace Southerners in the South?


    Our people are too busy getting’ drunk and worshipping Black thug gladiatorial slave SEC football players.

    Yep, that’s our people….

    Another more accurate name is….

    Dumb goyim. Wanna bet who wins the South Carolina GOP Presidential primary?

  3. Ah, I see. You’ve exposed yourself as another self-hating “white advocate”. Yes, me and my fellow SEC football fans are the problem. If only we had more good, gymnastics-and-tennis-loving pansies in the “movement”, all our issues would be solved!!

    Newsflash: when you’re hostile towards the people on your side (and I think it’s safe to say that most racially-conscious Southern men are football fans), maybe it’s time to pick another side. Your position on this issue would do nothing but alienate the very people you claim to advocate for, but I don’t expect you to understand that while you’re busy changing the world one blog post at a time…

    Funny too that you keep referencing jews, as I can’t think of a single jewish player or coach (assistants included) in the entire SEC, and I follow this stuff pretty closely (which you obviously do not, as evidenced by your endorsement of Jordan Rodgers). If you can find a less jew-infested area of life than Southeastern Conference football, I’d like to hear it.

    Another self-hating, limp-wristed “advocate.” Jeez

  4. “Ah, I see. You’ve exposed yourself as another self-hating “white advocate”. Yes, me and my fellow SEC football fans are the problem. If only we had more good, gymnastics-and-tennis-loving pansies in the “movement”, all our issues would be solved!!”

    I respond:


    Stop wasting your life worshipping Black thug football and basketball players. It’s just about as bad as worshipping Martin Luther King Jr which all renegade, traitor pols RINOs like Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee now do. We have so many great White Indo European athletes now dominating the roughest sports like boxing. Vitali Klitischko and his beautiful Tennessee pop/C&W wife should be the #1 sports figure in the USA South. But, they are not, most of our people don’t even follow boxing anymore now that White Europeans and White British dominate the boxing sport and the anti White Jews media doesn’t promote White champions.

    Again, SEC football was once a very, very Southern sport played by Southerners. The Old Mis Rebels really were the Old Miss Confederate Rebels, same as Southern Democrats really represent White Southerners. But things change – SEC football has seriously changed for the worse. Same as the national Democrat party has changed, it is now overwhelmingly anti Southern, my god a viciously anti Southern, anti White Nig buppie from Barbados Eric Holder was the Attorney General of the United States – inciting Black mobs to attack and kill White people in places like Sanford Florida, Ferguson MO, Black gang members in BlackLivesMatter are now desecrating Confederate graves for God Sakes. It seems like it would be so easy to organize Southern people, regular White Americans to oppose these horrors – to oppose flaming queers like lisping Lyndsey Graham from openly championing the replacement of Southerners in the South.

    South Carolina now doesn’t have a hetrosexual Southerner in the offices of Governor and US Senators!

    What would Southerners in 1900 think of such dishonor? Would they be spending all their time worshipping Black rapist SEC football players – there was segregation in 1900, no Blacks in SEC colleges.

    Most of our people now can’t be bothered to fight or even work for the surviving of our people and our culture.

    No, they have more pressing concerns and things to do – like getting drunk and being in the Swamp worshipping Black thug rapist SEC “college students in name only” playing


    It’s sad but very true.


    Dumb, dumb goyim.

    Fee fi fo foyim, I smell the blood of some dumb goyim.

  5. Oh. My. God.

    I mean, does it get any better than this?? An unhinged blogger raging about the dumb goyim while claiming.. get this.. that VITALI KLITSCHKO (though I believe he means his brother Wladimir based on the wife reference) should be the “#1 sports figure in the USA South”

    That’s right, Klitschko… a JEW!!!!

    So SEC football fans are the problem and a JEW should be the “#1 sports figure in the USA south”, huh???

    “Fee fi fo foyim, I smell the blood of some dumb goyim” LOLOLOL

    I mean, this is unintentional comedy at its finest. Touche sir, you sure showed this dumb goy! Maybe I’ll join you on your next trip to see women’s water polo.

    Seriously, though– you should probably ask HW to delete this entire thread. Could you possibly look any more foolish?

    “dumb goyim”. Ha. I’ll be laughing about that shit all night

  6. “That’s right, Klitschko… a JEW!!!!”

    I respond:

    Oh dear.

    Hunter can we ban this commenter? It’s probably just a troll, but it might actually be that this guy really is this stupid.

  7. Light Division
    “Ah, I see. You’ve exposed yourself as another self-hating “white advocate”.

    Cheap shot! Everyone here knows the opposite is true.

    Light Division
    “If only we had more good, gymnastics-and-tennis-loving pansies in the “movement”, all our issues would be solved!!”

    Actually, gymnasts are the most versatile well-rounded athletes on the planet. Very muscular, powerful, graceful, conditioned and disciplined.

    To score well in competitions they must execute very complex strenuous
    maneuvers flawlessly with incredible precision.

    One minor almost invisible mistake/error can doom their chances of success.

    That is why the olympics gymnastic competitions are virtually negro free.

    Jumping off the ground and slamming a ball into a hoop is something I could do easily when I was young and it didn’t take years to accomplish.

    My grandma could probably shoot at least 50% at the line with minimal practice. Ain’t that hard.

    How many people on this planet have the strength to perform an iron-cross on the rings for several seconds without shaking? Or do a complex routine even with loose standards?

    The typical NBA, NFL, MLB athlete would look ridiculous and uncoordinated if they tried to duplicate a routine on the pommel horse, rings or any other discipline.

    Takes years and years to master even one let alone several.

    A fat azz slob star lineman who barely is able to run ten yards without needing an oxygen tank can perform adequately while half drunk or high on weed.

    Most viewers could not detect a difference.

    Tennis players need to be very fit and extremely athletic.

    The SEC in particular is overwhelmingly manned with retarded, low-life, thug players, anti-White cuck coaches and cuck fans.


  8. “Can we ban this commenter”

    Yes, ban the SEC football fan and LOS member who dares to think that a Jew shouldn’t be the “#1 sports figure in the American South”. Too funny

  9. That video was instructive.

    Ha ha ha.

    That negress, Da Gatas and let’s not forget dey FSU Criminoles (thug U) are perfect examples and very representative of SEC insanity.

  10. Sadly, Sam, that negress has served in the US Congress for 23 years and counting…

    Makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it?

    Go Gata!

  11. The Klitschkos apparently have some Jewish ancestry ~ 25%. – they are excellent White athletes the best White heavy weight boxers/champions in 75 years. They are extremely successful, very intelligent, good sportsmen and do not do anything anti White, anti Southern, anti Christ.

    Yes, it is champion Wladimir Klitschko that has the beautiful young Southern bride, Tennessee pop/C&W singer – the couple is expecting a beautiful White half Southern child.

    It seems to me that the Klitschkos would be better sports figures to support than Black FSU college football quarterbacks that rape White college students.

  12. Thanks Sam for supporting me on this.

    I think that breaking the habit of worshipping Black thug SEC football players – that’s something that Southerners and those who support the South reclaiming Southern culture, that’s something important to do.

    And my main point here is this is an example of our people holding on to loyalties to institutions that were once ours, but have gone against us – like the national Democrat party, or the tops of most tax except Christian denominations.

  13. Okay Jack, so I guess that was your weaselly way of admitting you were wrong. 25%, huh? Wonder where you came up with such an exact figure? Their maternal line is Jewish, correct? And that makes them Jewish, does it not? Need we post all the pictures of the Klitschkos with their yarmulkes on at the Synagogue? Because they exist… the link I posted has a few.

    I’ve clearly gotten under your skin (“can you ban this guy?” lol) so I don’t expect civility or any admission of a mistake beyond what you just posted, but I sincerely hope you realize how ridiculous you look ranting about all the “dumb goyim” and then suggesting a Jew as an athlete who should be idolized.

    Dumb goyim, indeed

    • “Their maternal line is Jewish, correct? ”

      Evidence appears 1 grandmother was Jewish. That s 25% Jewish. Wladimir’s beautiful Tennessee wife (expecting mother) is Very White Southern. That will make the child 12% Jewish, so things are looking mighty white.

  14. And the Klitschkos are not the only exciting White boxing champions. White boxers have dominated the middle and heavier weight divisions for over ten years!

    Castefootball is a great source for showing that our people can compete and win in the best, most exciting sports like boxing.

    “the White dominance of boxing was compiled nicely by some boxing fans here at Caste Football, this post by “Boxing Specialist 2? and his comments sum it up nicely:

    Wladimir Klitschko (IBF, WBO, WBA Super at heavyweight)
    Ruslan Chagaev (WBA Regular at heavyweight)
    Denis Lebedev (WBA at cruiserweight)
    Grigory Drozd (WBC at cruiserweight)
    Marco Huck (WBO at cruiserweight)
    Sergey Kovalev (IBF, WBO, WBA super at light heavyweight)
    Jurgen Brahmer (WBA regular at light heavyweight)
    Carl Froch (IBF, WBA unified at super middleweight)
    Arthur Abraham (WBO at super middleweight)
    Fedor Chudinov (WBA interim at super middleweight)
    Gennady Golovkin (WBC interim, WBA Super at middleweight)
    Andy Lee (WBO at middleweight)
    Dmitry Chudinov (WBA interim at middleweight)
    Evgeny Gradovich (IBF at featherweight)
    Vasyl Lomachenko (WBO at featherweight)
    Scott Quigg (WBA regular at super bantamweight)
    Carl Frampton (IBF at super bantamweight)
    Jamie McDonnell (WBA regular at bantamweight)
    Omar Narvaez (WBO at super flyweight)
    Hekkie Budler (WBA at minimum weight)

  15. Uh-huh.

    Anyway, Klitschko’s not only Jewish but he’s old, almost finished.

    GGG on the other hand, now we’re talking!

  16. Light Division
    ‘Their maternal line is Jewish, correct? And that makes them Jewish, does it not?’

    The story of one grandmother being jewish has been bandied about on internet sites for quite some time. Most just parrot what has been said repeatedly.

    One site claims the jewish grandmother had red hair and blue eyes and was well versed in Ukrainian traditions and folk songs.

    So, was she full jew or part jew or is it all bogus?

    I’ve read that religiously both of them claim to be of the Orthodox religion not judaism.

    Wladimir is about 6′-6″ tall and Vitaly is 6′-8″.

    Both are quite the physical specimens.

    How many jews have bodies like those two?

    As for wearing yarmulkes?

    Just take a look at our pols running for president.

    Most have worn beanies in various venues to curry favor from jews.

    Does not mean they are yids.

    The posters at Castefootball for years have discussed how the jewish press and boxing establishment have denigrated the Klitschkos.

    Perhaps they don’t believe the brothers are really jews.

    Let’s not forget the hype around Max Baer who for many decades was claimed to be a jewish champion.

    He was Scotch-Irish Protestant on one side, German Lutheran and supposedly jew on the other.

    Making him 1/4 at most -if true.

    Some writers question the hebe part.

    His handlers had him wear a star of david on his trunks for publicity purposes.

    The war, Hitler, yada yada.

  17. Okay Sam, I’m really not up for a debate on just how Jewish the Klitschkos are, I was just flabbergasted that someone would go on and on about how us SEC football fans are “dumb goyim” and then use a Jew as an example of an athlete Southerners should admire.

    Since you appear to be insinuating that they may not actually be Jewish, though, I feel compelled to respond. These aren’t wing nut message boards that are reporting this stuff, this is an actual fact, and I’m not sure why you’re trying to deny it.

    Forget the Daily Stormer link posted above (though that has plenty of relevant information and photos), here’s a link to mainstream Ukrainian news site that talks all about the Klitschko’s Jewishness, relating the heroic tale of their maternal grandmother’s escape from those evil Nazis:


    Here’s a translated excerpt discussing how Jews recognize the Klitschko’s Jewishness and support them fully because of it, even though the brothers themselves downplay their heritage:

    “Interestingly, the Jews themselves appear accepting of this fact, and have been vital to Klitschko. The famous Jewish lobby helped Vitali not only be a great athlete, but also quickly achieve results in business. For example, it is no secret that financial support was provided him by Odessa’s Edward Hurwitz. Moreover, it is Hurwitz who introduced Klitschko to his main sponsor, Valery Khoroshkovsky.”

    If you still don’t want to accept this, then I don’t know what else to tell you. Feel free to go on thinking they’re Aryan warriors or whatever… I’m just a dumb goyim reporting the facts

  18. Light Division
    ‘Since you appear to be insinuating that they may not actually be Jewish, though, I feel compelled to respond.’

    I don’t claim to know with certainty either way. The internet is loaded with information about their heritage which may or may not be correct.

    If they do indeed have some jewy DNA it surely must be miniscule.

    Have you read anything anywhere where they themselves have said they are partially jewish?

    If so, I would like a link to the comments.

    As you have noted there can be many advantages to being thought of as jewish.

    I remember listening to the late Robert Goulet many years ago doing an interview on local radio. He said many people in Hollywood and the entertainment industry thought he was a jew. He related that it was very advantageous for his career when he was trying to get more opportunities in show business.

    He never came out with the truth and allowed the perception to persist until decades after he was secure and famous.

    He also wrote something similar on his website:



    December 8, 1999

    Many years ago, when I was in the B’Way musical “Camelot”, I was occasionally allowed a leave of absence to travel to L.A. to appear on important TV show – :Lucille Ball, Bob Hope Specials, the Academy Awards etc…, and on one occasion, for reasons I cannot remember – I had to do two days of seemingly constant radio, Television and press interviews.

    Earlier, that last day, I had been interviewed by a charming young man named ‘Stanley Applebaum’. When at last, I was stepping into my limo to (take me away from the fray), leave – one last question was fired at me (amidst a horde of writers and photographers), asking if my real name was Robert Goulet! Exhausted, yet seemingly holding on to a tentative sense of humor – I answered – “No, it’s Stanley Applebaum!”

    I thought it was humorous & knew that the Stanley would think so as well but suddenly the press seemed to find a seam on which to stitch a by-line.

    My manager, my lawyer & accountant, my P.R. man were all Jewish & not really having ever had any in-depth conversations with me, called each other to say –: “He’s one of us!”

    Now — had I been born a Jew, I would never had denied that fact. But, I was born into French Roman Catholic home in Lawrence, Mass., and my real name is Robert Gerard Goulet. I do have a strange sense of humor, and didn’t intend to insult anyone. So please — laugh with me.
    Robert Goulet

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