Cuckservatives: Kevin Williamson Loses It Over Donald Trump

U mad bro?

By Hunter Wallace

The most persuasive reason yet to vote for Donald Trump: Kevin Williamson of National Review, an arch-cuckservative best known for his hatred of Sweden and his book on how the Democrats destroyed Detroit, absolutely loathes The Donald.

Check out his latest article in National Review:

“Oh, you’re goddamned right this is Vegas, baby! because the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino is the only truly appropriate venue for a show like the one we have right here. For your consideration: the carefully coiffed golden mane, the vast inherited fortune, the splendid real-estate portfolio, the family name on buildings from Manhattan to the Strip, the reality-television superstardom, the room-temperature-on-a-brisk-November-day IQ. The only thing distinguishing that great spackled misshapen lump of unredeemed American id known as Donald Trump from his spiritual soul mate, that slender lightning rod of unredeemed American id known as Paris Hilton, is — angels and ministers of grace, defend us! — a sex tape. The gross thing is, you can kind of imagine a Trump sex tape: the gilt pineapples on the four-poster bed, the scarlet silk-jacquard sheets, the glowing “T” in the background, the self-assured promises that this will be the classiest sex tape the world has ever seen — that it’s yuuuuuuuge! — the cracked raving 69-year-old Babbitt analogue barking inchoate instructions off camera . . . no, no more, that way madness lies. ….

Spend any time around the Trumpkins — the intellectually and morally stunted Oompa Loompas who have rallied to the candidacy of this grotesque charlatan — and you will hear purportedly heterosexual men working up freestyle paeans to Trump’s alleged virility — those “pussies in Washington” aren’t ready for “a real man like Trump,” as one put it — and cataloguing his praises in exuberant gonadal terms, with special attention paid to calculating the heaviness of the Trumpian scrotum relative to the equipment being packed by, e.g., Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. One says: “He is the only one that has the balls to tell the truth and to stand up for America.” “Trump’s got the balls,” proclaims the headline in a right-wing blog. “Donald Trump is a perfect example of an alpha male,” declares a commenter at (ahem!) “Alpha males lead for a reason,” retorted a Trump admirer when National Review’s Jonah Goldberg called for an “intervention” for the Trumpkins.”

I’m not even supporting Trump.

I just like the fact that he is causing all this heartburn. At the end of the day though, “Make America Great Again” is just the same old “Take Back America” message we have been seeing in every election cycle for the last fifteen years. That said, ringing endorsements like this one from the leading cuckservatives at National Review will increasingly tempt lots of disaffected Alt Righters to choose sides.

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  1. Well, we can do this, then: Blame the Koch brothers, after all, they were the sponsors of the Tea Party, recall, do we? And don’t you think some of that’s spilled over? Add the Adventures Of St. Trayvon, stir well, and bake at riot fire temps….

  2. Is there a Cuckservative meter or a directory where Cuckservatives can be rated and reviewed? There should be one. Kevin Williamson looks like the kind of guy that would take it right in the keister and then turn around to the guy behind him and berate him for being a queer. There’s just something about his face that looks as deceptive and deceitful as the hair on top of Trump’s head.

    This really is just one big circus event orchestrated to keep the rubes playing the game. My side is the pro-White side. I care for nothing else.

  3. Since when do people take ‘having balls’ so literally? He must have missed all of the things we have always said about politicians’ general lack of courage, conviction, honesty, honor, loyalty, and every other virtue you could name.

    It’s easier to be crude though, and it obviously strikes a nerve.

  4. What a cuckservative. I’m headed to NR to troll if they didn’t ban my disqus account for calling Jonah Goldberg a kike.

  5. Don’t bother with the New Zoo Review, its a dead zone. Hasn’t had traffic for years. Its the MLK BLVD of the Trotskysphere.

  6. Notice this man of the false-Right calls a full quarter of GOP voters “intellectually and morally stunted Oompa Loompas who have rallied to the candidacy of this grotesque charlatan.” Without the people he insults his awful party would not be competitive anywhere. More evidence that the GOP establishment hates its own base.

  7. “Take back America” is the appropriate goal, but a single election is obviously insufficient to achieve that goal.

    It took 240 years to take back Russia from the Mongols, it took 775 years to take back Spain from the Moors, and after 562 years we still haven’t finished taking back the Balkans from the Turks. Taking back America from the Jews is a task on the same order of magnitude. Certainly not impossible, but it will take generations of strenuous effort.

    (Hunter also wants to take back America, but he is content to take back only 15 states, the territory of the Confederate States of America. Well, its a start.)

    Some simple truths need to be kept in mind:
    1. We Americans have much to be proud of. Cherish your heritage, and pass your pride on to your great-grandchildren.
    2. Be aware that the Jewish elite is waging ethnic warfare against our people.

    Want to take a small step in the right direction? The next time you talk to a Jew, say in calm and friendly voice: “I am an American. You are not. You are a Jew.”

    Speaking the truth, in love. This is a far more revolutionary act than any elections, demonstrations or violence could ever be.

    Never give up your pride in your identity, never give up hope, and never give up your will to resist. We will one day take back this, our place of ethnogenesis, from our oppressors.

  8. Trump may be nothing more than an act but at least he’s exposed the GOP cuckservatives for what they really are. I hope Trump has started a chain reaction which will destroy the Republican party.

    If that’s all he does it’ll be enough for me.

  9. “At the end of the day though, “Make America Great Again” is just the same old “Take Back America” message we have been seeing in every election cycle for the last fifteen years.”
    That’s just pure bullshit. You have never heard any candidate speak out against illegal immigration the way Trump does. You have never heard any candidate speak out against “free” trade the way Trump does. To actually run a campaign based on these slogans is unbelievable. For this reason alone there is no other candidate to vote for. The only thing that matters is immigration. Will he fix it? I don’t know for sure, but I do know that no one would be even talking about immigration if not for Trump.

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