Donald Trump’s Jewish Ties

Donald Trump has Jewish grandchildren

By Hunter Wallace

This is certainly the greatest paradox of the 2016 presidential race: the candidate with some of the strongest ties to the Jewish community has emerged as the favorite of White Nationalists and Alt Righters:

“NEW YORK (JTA) — Among the expansive field of Republican presidential candidates on display in the party’s first debates Thursday night, Donald Trump may be the most closely connected to the Jewish people.

Trump is from New York, works in professions saturated with Jews and long has been a vocal supporter of Israel. His daughter and two grandchildren are Jewish, the executive vice president of his organization is Jewish — and Trump certainly has chutzpah.

But if you expect to find Jewish donors of influence in Trump’s network of associates, you’ll be disappointed: The billionaire’s campaign is self-financed, not donor-funded. …”

From Occidental Observer to The Daily Stormer to Amren to Radix, everyone is in the tank for Donald Trump.

Note: Just saying.

I think the answer lies in that third paragraph. It is because Donald Trump is a billionaire. He’s independent whereas a politician like Lindsey Graham is just a puppet.

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  1. Nobody is going to be on that GOP Pres debate stage without boasting of strong Jewish ties.

    Trump isn ‘t doing McCain, Lyndsey Graham, Huckster Neo Con war mongering , he s clearly on the opposite side of American Jews on immigration.

    Trump ain’t a Jew puppet.

  2. Ugh… The forums at Stormfront have his supporters, there are only a few of them, but they post and post and drown out everyone else. It was the same when Ron Paul was running and makes me think staff that work on these campaigns, register on Stormfront a year or two in advance.

    “From Occidental Observer to The Daily Stormer to Amren to Radix, everyone is in the tank for Donald Trump.”

    Not everyone. Don Black thinks he’s BS and Roy only likes him because he’s wrecking the Republicans. I think Bob Whitaker sees him as another Ronald Reagan. David Duke has been strangely silent on Trump.

    Problem with Trump is any other option, is far worse and Pro Whites still believe they can vote their way out of the mess.

  3. That’s my opinion.

    I enjoy his trolling. He’s funny and refreshing. He’s damaging the Republicans. That’s great and I hope he keeps doing it. I’m not a true believer though.

  4. “Trump isn ‘t doing McCain, Lyndsey Graham, Huckster Neo Con war mongering” – Jack Ryan

    Bovine Feces! Donald Trump is just as bad as all of the politicians you mentioned and perhaps even worse. Furthermore, Trump’s connections to the Jews are cemented in blood – both of his children are married to Jews and his daughter has officially converted to Judaism, making Trump’s grandchildren officially recognized as Jews by that bloody bastard state of Israel!

    Brother Nathanael has produced two videos pointing this stuff out, including one with footage of Donald Trump on Israeli TV praising that bloodthirsty Zionist lunatic Benjamin Netanyahu and stating that “I’m a big fan of Israel.”

    Trump’s Got A Trump Card:

    Trump Makes A Deal:

    Donald Trump on Jewish Daughter Ivanka: ‘This Wasn’t in the Plan But I’m Very Glad it Happened’ VIDEO:

  5. Eric Trump did not marry a Jew. Lara Yunaska is not Jewish. It all started with a chuppah that wasn’t!

    Sixth paragraph:
    www dot jewishtampa dot com/jews-in-the-news/jews-in-the-news-elizabeth-banks

  6. “From Occidental Observer to The Daily Stormer to Amren to Radix, everyone is in the tank for Donald Trump.” – Hunter Wallace

    Have you noticed that all of these outfits have avoided raising Trump’s Jewish blood-connections? Of all the sites, Andrew Anglin’s ‘The Daily Stormer’ is the worst offender IMHO. After all, this guy bills himself as the quintessential ‘anti-Semite’ and ‘neo-Nazi’ only to entirely refrain from pointing out Trump’s kosher connections and fanatical devotion to the state of Israel.

    It’s called lying via omission and it’s shameful. Unfortunately, Andrew Anglin’s dishonesty on other issues has already been exposed by Carolyn Yeager so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    When it comes to politics, Americans love a winner and will overlook serious flaws in a candidate’s background if he is perceived as having great potential to win an election. White nationalists are no different.

  7. “Eric Trump did not marry a Jew. Lara Yunaska is not Jewish. It all started with a chuppah that wasn’t!” – Snowhitey

    You are incorrect. Lara Yunaska is Jewish. Take a gander at the links below . . . even her mug shot says it all!

    Another Jewish Trump Wedding for the Books: Eric Trump and Lara Yunaska wed under ‘crystal-embellished’ chuppah

    “Those Trump kids sure have a type. Five years after Ivanka Trump married New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner (a card-carrying MOT for whom she converted), younger brother Eric Trump followed in her footsteps, marrying Inside Edition’s Lara Yunaska on Saturday at dad’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach.

    Kushner himself performed the ceremony, which the New York Post reports took place under a “crystal-embellished” chuppah. Because while the wedding may have been Jewish, it was still Trump.

    Kushner had some advice for Yunaska, telling her during the ceremony, “You are not just gaining a family you are getting 6 million Twitter followers.”

    Mazel tov to the happy couple. (“You have a new follower on Twitter!”)

    Here’s another one:

    Donald Trump Marries Off Son With Jewish Celeb Under Crystal Chuppah

    “The Trump family celebrated the past weekend another half-Jewish wedding, adding yet Jewish member to the rich family, the Jewish Daily Forward reports.

    Eric Trump, Donald’s 30-year-old son, married Jewish TV producer Lara Yunaska on Saturday in front of 450 people.

    The ceremony was held at Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach and the offical ceremony was held under a “crystal-embellished” chuppah, according to the report.

    Ivanka Trump, who married New York Observer’s Jewish publisher, Jared Kushner, posted pictures of the ceremony to Instagram.

    Kushner, who officiated the ceremony, reportedly told Yunaska: “You are not just gaining a family you are getting 6 million Twitter followers.” Also in attendance was Trump’s first wife and mother Ivana, and his sister Ivanka, who joined the ceremony as bridesmaid with her daughter Arabella acting as flower girl, and his brother Donald Trump Jr. as best man, according to The Daily News.

  8. Donal Trump is all about power…and what community has more power in the US than the Jews? New York City is completely dominated by Jews…via his daughter he’s now inside the magic circle and a member of this new aristocracy.

  9. “Men, this stuff that some sources sling around about America wanting out of this war, not wanting to fight, is a crock of bullshit. Americans love to fight, traditionally. All real Americans love the sting and clash of battle. You are here today for three reasons. First, because you are here to defend your homes and your loved ones. Second, you are here for your own self respect, because you would not want to be anywhere else. Third, you are here because you are real men and all real men like to fight. When you, here, everyone of you, were kids, you all admired the champion marble player, the fastest runner, the toughest boxer, the big league ball players, and the All-American football players. Americans love a winner. Americans will not tolerate a loser. Americans despise cowards. Americans play to win all of the time. I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed. That’s why Americans have never lost nor will ever lose a war; for the very idea of losing is hateful to an American.”

    Hollywood’s Patton is more inspirational than the real Patton.

    In any event, Trump is a White Alpha Male. When was the last time we had an opportunity to vote for a White Alpha Male?

  10. Hunter,

    This is Ron Paul 2.0, or if you prefer, Ron Paul Reloaded! Amazing, isn’t it?

    In the preamble to his autobiography ‘America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative’ Revilo Oliver wrote, “It is not my purpose to unsettle the placidity of the many who shrink from unpleasant realities and spare themselves the discomfort of cogitation by assuring themselves that some Savior, most commonly Jesus or Marx, has promised that the earth, if not the whole universe, will soon be rearranged to suit their tastes. As Kipling said of the fanaticists of his day, they must cling to their faith, whatever the cost to their rationality: “If they desire a thing, they declare it is true. If they desire it not, though that were death itself, they cry aloud, ‘It has never been”‘.

    An updated version of this paragraph would add Paul and Trump to the equation! LOL!

  11. “Kushner had some advice for Yunaska, telling her during the ceremony, “You are not just gaining a family you are getting 6 million Twitter followers.”

    It’s always gotta be six million this or six million that.

  12. Jim,

    You’ve been looking for the man on a white horse, Faithful and True, for years now to step and say “follow me.” Remember General Hal Moore on leadership? I also like what I am seeing and hearing from Trump, but there is a danger in seeing only what you want to see in a candidate.

    • “You’ve been looking for the man on a white horse, Faithful and True, for years now to step and say “follow me.” Remember General Hal Moore on leadership? I also like what I am seeing and hearing from Trump, but there is a danger in seeing only what you want to see in a candidate.”

      IMO, the greater danger is not breaking the stranglehold Cuckservatives hold over the titular White Party, i.e., the Republican Party.

      Trump is kicking Cuck ass and I like it.

  13. As for the Pauls, Spencer has this at Radix:

    “Is this the end of the Ron Paul movement, which began in 2007 as a heady, though quite genuine, antiwar alternative to the staus quo? Could we have seen this coming? Let’s put aside the “playing the game” critique, which so many have leveled against Rand Paul and his followers, who made their peace with the Republican establishment and conservative movement. Could we have seen this coming in the shear number of sub-mediocrities who were promoted by the “liberty movement” (some of whom were recently indicted for alleged campaign malfeasance)? Could we have seen this coming due to the nature of libertarianism itself? Libertarianism is, after all, a form of liberalism, in other words, a purified version of the system’s own ideology.

    In the end, millions of dollars were raised on behalf of the Paul family, and millions of man-hours invested in a movement that has become barely distinguishable from standard Republicanism. So again—what was the point?”

  14. “In any event, Trump is a White Alpha Male. When was the last time we had an opportunity to vote for a White Alpha Male?”

    Y’all thought the Paul boys were alphas? LOL.

    Trump is without peer and unprecedented.

    • No, I agree.

      Trump is an alpha male. That’s why he gets away with things – his support for Israel, his Jewish connections, his flip flopping on immigration, his celebrity background, his track record in general, etc. – on account of the force of his personality. Neither of the Pauls are alpha males. In fact, one of the funniest moments in the debate last night was when Trump dispatched Rand Paul with the quip, “you’re having a hard time tonight.”

  15. Everyone getting excited and placing all of their hopes in Trump gets us no closer to independence. This system will not change if Trump gets elected or not.Trump has come out as openly against the Confederate flag and the South. He like every Republican is not our ally. This white genocidal system cannot be stopped from within’. The only thing that can is Secession. When he gets elected he will see firsthand as every president has, the Zionist stranglehold on Washington. Nixon admitted openly that everything was controlled by Jews, Zionist Jews. Beating that power cannot be done by any single man, it can only be done with a united white front.

  16. His candidacy is a dangerous poison for many of my fellow countrymen, who, not as savvy as you, Sir, will think he can ‘fix America’ and will buy whole hog back into the whole subverted, unconstitutional, anti-Christian, anti-southern mess.

    But, certainly, I, like you, enjoy and find him a pleasant physick for business like normal. With any luck, the party of Lincoln will blow themselves to smithereens over his candidacy:)))

  17. His wife is Slovenian. I have never met a Slovenian jew have never heard of a Solvenian jew. There are 400 jews living in Slovenia and Trump has a Slovenian jewish wife? Are we sure?

  18. Mr Trump has always had ‘a thing’ for women from the former Czechslovak Republick – so, it’s probably a ‘sure’, Miss Christine.

  19. As Mark Felt told Woodward: follow the money. Google “Rothschild family”. Start there. It will then make sense as to why Trump’s that solid with them, eh?

  20. You guys are all seeing foreskin where there isn’t any!

    Trump is a MAN.

    It was his EX-WIFE who became a shiksa whore for Satan. He had no control over that event, and (if she got custody, as is usual) SHE IS TO BLAME FOR THE KIDS CONVERSION TO SATANISM, not Donald.

    moreover, the children were ADULTS when they married. Covenantal absolution for the Donald.

    And which of you, having a son or daughter, would NOT wish them well, especially in a day, age, and city where the Sons of Satan/Deicides are in the majority.

    But Trump has NO JEWISH BLOOD.

    and what his ex-wife and grown kids do, is THEIR SIN, not HIS.

    Your theology and mis-understanding of how the Tribe works, are legion, OD.


    Fr. John,

    Your extensive use of logical fallacies is annoying to say the least but demonstrates, once again to the readership of this board, that you are nothing more than a pseudo-intellectual pygmy with feet of clay who is apparently incapable of constructing even a simple argument.

    I already called you out on your use of a non sequitur and argumentum ad hominem but you seem to be a bit thick-headed so here we go again:

    “You guys are all seeing foreskin where there isn’t any! . . . Trump has NO JEWISH BLOOD. HE IS NOT A JEW”

    This is a textbook example of a ‘straw man argument.’ No one on this thread has stated or implied that Donald Trump is a Jew. But that doesn’t matter to a dishonest, shit-stirring white nationalist like Fr. John, who simply constructs a straw man and then proceeds to knock it down by exclaiming, “HE IS NOT A JEW.” How pathetic!

    “It was his EX-WIFE who became a shiksa whore for Satan. He had no control over that event, and (if she got custody, as is usual) SHE IS TO BLAME FOR THE KIDS CONVERSION TO SATANISM, not Donald.”

    This is a rather bizarre example of a ‘red herring’ designed to mislead us from the relevant topic at hand. It’s a piss-poor one given Donald Trump’s record of marital infidelity. After all, it was ‘The Donald’ who cheated on his first wife, Ivana, with the young hussy Marla Maples that led to the collapse of his first marriage, and yet Fr. John blames her for his kids “conversion to Satanism” while simultaneously proclaiming Donald Trump “had no control over the event.” ROFL!

    “And which of you, having a son or daughter, would NOT wish them well, especially in a day, age, and city where the Sons of Satan/Deicides are in the majority.”

    This is classic example of ‘context dropping’, yet another logical fallacy peddled throughout the ages by dishonest hucksters like Fr. John. For the record, Donald Trump did more than simply “wish them well”; he fully embraced the conversion of his daughter to Judaism publically at the The Algemeiner’s ‘Jewish 100? Gala in New York City while also proclaiming his complete support for the state of Israel: “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.”

    [NOTE: When ‘The Donald’ says we will fight for Israel, he means the sons and daughters of the American goyim, and Southerners in particular, not his own kids or that of the self-chosen people.]


    No honest man or woman of the West would attempt to whitewash this stuff by twisting the facts as Fr. John has attempted to do.

    “Your theology and mis-understanding of how the Tribe works, are legion, OD.”

    Thread disruption via logical fallacies would not be complete without a departing quip to boot! Condescending pontification at its finest!

    Fr. John, as an Andrew Anglin acolyte, why don’t you ship yourself back to the Daily Stormer playpen where you belong. Logical fallacies and pseudo-intellectual hucksterism aren’t welcome in these waters! Your attempt to downplay and obfuscate Trump’s Jewish connections while simultaneously whitewashing him of serious character flaws has utterly failed! Sorry Old Boy. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go straight to jail!

  22. I personally dislike Trump. He’s a caricature of a Yankee, Loud, bombastic. Yet a lot of the issues he’s stated to be for from the beginning and back decades ago in terms of trade are issues I’ve been bitching about forever. If he can fix some of our immigration issues and trade issues it’s all to the good. In this day and time we just can’t expect to much of anything from anyone in the political arena. Like Hunter and many others say he’s very likely not going to be the Great White hope and save us from the Jews.

    Trump has some huge advantages for Whites though. Donalds’s attack on political correctness is to our benefit. It’s one of the bedrocks of the disenfranchisement of Whites. If it’s seen as have gone too far by the majority of White people it ceases to become a weapon and becomes a force for White solidarity. People could come to believe every time it’s used it’s just another attack on Whites with no merit whatever the case.

    The attack on illegal immigration leads to an opening on just who is it we’re letting in our country. Donald has already said that Mexico is not sending there best. It’s just a hop skip and a jump to finding that some of the best immigrants we can get would come from Europe. Possibly Asia also. The Asians are least likely to push for our complete destruction and gives us breathing space and time. It took the Jews 100 years to get where they are but their whole plan could crumble overnight because it’s based on lies. So any space we get is too our advantage. If Trump gives us that and doesn’t force more of the National Security State on us it will be of great advantage to us.

    The key is will Trump play along with the NSS when in office? It is actually possible to roll the whole lot of the bastards up over 9-11. The Jews and their media minions are up to their necks in this. Building #7 is such a huge glaring fuck up. They really screwed building #7 up. I think it was supposed to come down with the North tower so it would look like it hit it. The way it fell was impossible to have happened from fires.

    So all in all it can’t hurt to get behind Trump 100%. If Trump is an Israeli cut out of some sort what’s in it for him? He’s can do fine without being President. Being President is just a huge pain in the ass for a guy like him. He’s definitely won’t be any worse than, God forbid, Bush or any of the others and he could blow the whole thing wide open. I don’t think he will say anything to piss off the Jews because they’d kill him. May do so anyways. Wouldn’t be the first time. I think John Jr. was killed as just in case.

  23. Scipio, I don’t consider a blog an exercise in philosophical rhetoric, nor do I consider you to be the owner of this blog. I come on, post a statement between work and home, when and if I feel the need to do so.

    You, however, seem to want to engage in some sort of cyber ‘Wittgenstein’s Poker’.

    Sorry, I could care less. The statements were made that trump is a Jew. I merely pointed out that this is ontologically incorrect, based on a genealogy study, and the common knowledge that his children and ex-wife are free agents, and (according to moral standards in Christian penology) he is not guilty for those actions, as all are now adults, and therefore, free moral agents.

    Instead of pontificating, and expressing your disdain for a man of God, why don’t you start your OWN blog, there to be undisputed ‘god’ of your own ego? I think it would make taking your meds a lot easier on your psyche.

  24. Oh, and as to Trump’s ‘love for Israel.’????

    I would rather you devote more of your time, and energy to dismantling the Dispensationalist Protestant hordes that believe this as a matter of FAITH- rather than (and this is merely my assumption, not based in fact, in case you were concerned) Trump’s take on a POLITICAL HOT BUTTON ISSUE.

    Finally, as to my ‘legitimacy’ on this site. I have little argument with HW, and have been commenting here since before Stonelifter- I was actually directed to Daily Stormer, because of a link on THIS site- so your attempts to paint me with a tarred brush don’t amount to diddly. Like your supposed intelligence. You aren’t the moderator of this blog, so take your damnable ego someplace else, where your devotees will worship at your feet… since you seem so prone to denying the real God, and worshiping the Idol of your own intellect.

  25. Trump has, so far, made remarks that are inching the White masses in our direction by;

    1) opening up the Mexican illegal immigration invasion can of worms,
    2) opening up the issue of the deconstruction of the middle class and the off-shoring of the “White” industrial base (although, for political reasons he still calls it the “middle class”),
    3) calling the main stream media, again very generously I might add, “…50% to 60% very dishonest…” and even going to far as to toss the NY Times off the podium at one of his rallies and calling it a “…rag…”
    4) by singling out the hedge fund managers as people who make lots of money and pay almost no tax. We all know that most of these managers are Jews.
    5) by pointing out the total failures of U.S. foreign military intervention and even saying that he would support UNILATERAL MILITARY ACTION by Israel against Iran. This would ensure the crippling of the “illegal outlaw state”.
    6) there are other minor remarks he has made, from praising Billy Graham (a finger pointer at the Jews) to his kids marrying Jews as “…not in the plan…” that make Trump an overall plus during the primaries for White nationalists.

    His oldest son has not yet married a Jew, Trump is not a Jew, his youngest son, Barron is not a Jew, his present wife is not Jewish and although he kisses Jewish ass like there is no tomorrow, what do you expect him to do?

    Do you really think the average idiot American is ready to hear about the Talmudic Retarded Race of Criminals?

    Do you really think Trump believes that if he starts to out the Jews as a cohesive corrupt Race of Liars and Thieves that his mere 10 billion can do anything against the Rothschildian Tsunami of assassins who would kill his entire family one by one?

    We do not need to throw our direct support behind Trump because “they” usually end up lying and backstabbing Whites in the end, but at this stage of the game he has done a lot of good at leveling the playing field for Whites.

  26. In fact, after some consideration, Whites should start to stand up to Trump and get in his face “en mass” so to speak to fish for a reaction.

    As an example of what I mean; I posted this attempt to be confrontational (trying to strike a contrast against the gung-ho, G.I. Joe, mental case mind-set) in a comment under a Trump Youtube video. Maybe if we all do it we can really get this election to mean something:



    To begin with Mr. Trump…,
    you freely criticize “our”…,
    [I am actually Canadian-German, but I love the US constitution…, especially since we had “ours” (first Germany’s then Canada’s) stolen from us long ago by the same “ethnic-money-minority” that is presently destroying the USA]…,
    “stupid” leaders…, or
    that the Chinese, the Iranians, the Japanese, the Mexicans, the North Koreans, etc… are “walking all over us”,
    but you never once…,
    talk about the one ethnicity/country [only Jews can be citizens of Israel] that is basically in control of the banks, the mass-media (that is SUPPOSEDLY giving you a hard time), most of the really big corporations who are leaving AND/OR doing all the outsourcing and the Lobby Groups spearheading the laws that are presently destroying, not only the USA,
    but also most of the once Western World…,
    if not the WHOLE WORLD….

    So my questions to you,
    Mr Donald J. Blabbermouth Trump is;

    “Why is it that no country or people seem to be off limits when it comes to your criticism, EXCEPT…, AND I REPEAT…, EXCEPT…, the one country that “…this OTHER race of people…” overwhelmingly supports,
    even more so than the countries where they presently live and where they currently make most of their money off of and also where they are causing most of the problems?”

    “Why do the Rich Jews and Israel NOT ONCE…, AND I REPEAT…, NOT EVEN ONCE, get just the slightest criticism?”


    Donald Trump,
    do you really expect the millions of Americans who know about the Jews and their hateful religion and their racist-apartheid-stolen nation they have called Israel,
    to simply do Nadia Comaneci-like, mental gymnastics around this 8,000 pound, wild Jewish gorilla in the room?

    Donald Trump, if you say you are going to.., “Make America Great Again”…, please tell us what you will do about THE ONE SINGLE ETHNIC MINORITY that has done more to destroy America than any other race of perpetrators on the face of the earth?

    Donald Trump…, with all do respect…, if you can not talk about the one single greatest obstacle facing, NOT JUST THE USA, but all man-kind, then please…, SHUT YOUR FÆCKING MOUTH!

  27. royalbrecht, no way in hell can Trump take your advice.

    You think he has critics now? He ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

    Most of his supporters, especially Christians, would turn on him so fast it would make his head spin.

    The major problem at this point is immigration.

    The demographics are fatal.

    IF he can check that, we have a fighting chance to make progress in the future. If not, it’s game over.

  28. @ Sam –

    I mostly agree with you.

    Immigration is a very real and immediate threat, but the underlying force behind this threat is, as usual, the filthy Jews (as oppose to the clean ones! LOL).

    Moreover, lately I’ve been pouring over “anything Trump”, (as well as following the Democratic Primary debate) just to get back into the political swing of things, and I do believe some sources have criticized Trump for, if I remember correctly, accepting money or moral support from “White-Supremacists”.
    Trump’s reaction to this “accusation” (as this was the implied tone of the interigating “murderator”), if I remember correctly, was to distance himself from “us” (not that I think “we” are Whi.Sep.s…, but…, you get my drift…) and that he did not and will not acknowledge us either now or in the future.

    So it is clear, for WHATEVER REASON”, – be it genuine stupidity and ignorance, simply a matter of political expedience as you suggested or, down right malfeasance, – Trump has, so to speak, shit on millions of Whites. [And I do believe “we” can safely count ourselves in the millions now…, even if a portion of those are implicit (unconscious, empathetic or in the closet W.N.ists) if not explicitly or outspokenly so.]

    It therefore stands to reason that we have NO reason whatsoever to be kind or respectful in any way towards Trump and risk absolutely nothing by being the seemingly ONLY DISSENTERS in a room that is otherwise full of White, rah-rah, on the bandwagon for Trump types.

    Moreover, by simple virtue of not only contrast, but a loud, brash, in your face kind of contrast, – that is marked different from your typical sayanim-hasbarat, Liberal-Retarded-Jew kind of contrast, – we can become our own 8,000 pound White Polar Bear in the room that, unlike the Jewish, 8,000 lbs., gorilla-camel hybrid, will NOT be ignored!

    We can, by this strategy, lay the ground work in advancing the agenda one step further in “our” direction in the minds of the hapless Judeo-Xtian shrunken heads using precisely that vehicle of attention that Trump has so generously provided.

    For “we” will no longer be DEFENDING our position, but simultaneously ATTACKING Trump’s position and sending an implicit ATTACKING message at the “shrunken heads” in the room that they are somehow missing some critical overlooked information in lieu of the fact that “we” are stating our position from a self-evidentiary perspective and not a persuasive perspective…., if you get my drift?

    Remember, just like the Jew-stream media, the Judeo-Xtian churches are losing members by leaps and bounds…, due to the increasing “untenability” of “their leaders'” positions and in light of present day realities and social media.

    We must also remember, due to the internet and the new environment of rapid, mental, mass-response and adaptability…, “our” counter-thrusts at the enemy must also pick up the pace of evolution to stay ahead of the wave or we will become like modern day Columbus’s, crying that the world is round to a people who have long since moved on to space exploration.

    We are in the business of taking back what was stolen from us and not in one of trying to hold on to what we have left.

  29. Both his kids married Yahoodys and he is a big Israel butt kisser. We are better off with Obama than this Zionist loving trash. What part don’t you all get? He is going to have your kids in a zionist war with Iran. Netanyahu and Rupert Murdoch want to control the oil in the Golan Heights. Elect this idiot Trump and your families in America will be in another Zio war.It makes me sick how these rabid Zios control America. I hate Israel.

  30. Donald Trump has five kids Donald Junior married a European American and has 5 European American Eric his other son is married to a Jew and ivanka is married to a jew. He had a daughter from his second marriage who is European American. He has a son from his third marriage Barron who is European American. Donald is a European American and grew up when America was 95% white. Hr is definitely on European Americans side!

      • God is on Israels side so I am too. But what would you know about God? I’ll bet you worship the pagan god, Odin.

        • “Israel” is the TRUE NAME of the Christian Host, you retardate. god REJECTED the treacherous, profane, scabreous Hebes.

        • You are misguided.Jesus himself was against the Pharisees(his word for the Jews).Judaism is not compatible with Christianity in the least.The chosen people are in truth not the Jews/Khazars but in fact very clearly those who accept Christ as their savior.Better to read the Bible and not get your info from Christ hating atheist Jews.

          • OK, I get it, you’re on of those fruit loops that tries to change the word of God to suit their needs. You’re wrong. God loves Israel and He is always true to His word. God blesses those who bless Israel and He curses those who curse Israel. No matter how you wan to cut it that promise is for the nation of Israel.

          • “Those who bless “Israel”‘??? This is not biblical, Read the scriptures again; Genesis 12:1-3. The LORD is speaking to Abram(Abraham), not to a city on a map. Even John the Baptist said this in Matthew 3:9. Trust no man and his word, always go to the scriptures to see if these things were so. (Acts 17:11).

          • If you hate the Jews, and it would appear you do, you’re filed with the spirit of your father the devil.
            Jesus was a Jew. You can’t bigotsplain it away.
            What is the matter with all you inbred idiots?

          • How on earth did you come to the conclusion that I hate anyone by correcting a statement that was misquoting the scriptures? There seems to be more negativity coming from your comments to others.

          • You’re not correcting anything, you’re trying to explain away you’re distaste for Israel.
            Am I negative towards others on this page? Yes! People who think like they do are a danger to society.

          • My love for God’s creation is complete. That includes you and every person on this earth. My distaste is for the sin committed against YeHoWaH and others by the wicked. And the scripture is clear, your reference is not of the state of Israel in the scriptures, it is Abram/Abraham. That is clear and you are aware of this by simply going to God’s word and reading it. The contempt in your heart is unwarranted towards me and if the love of God were in you, you would see this. This is a fallen world, full of evil towards God and each other. The creation is turning away from their Creator every day, not even realizing that He is the only way to peace. We all desire peace and love, but without the knowledge of truth that only comes from the Creator, we are all most miserable.

          • You’re mistaken when you say the blessing is to Abraham and not the nation of Israel.

            The nation is like a mighty lion;
            When it is sleeping, no one dares wake it.
            Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed,
            And whoever curses Israel will be cursed.” Num 24:9

            My disdain is for those who choose to make Jews the scapegoat for the death of Christ. Christ was not murdered by the Jews, Christ laid down His life for mankind. He was God incarnate, no flesh and blood person could’ve killed Him. No nation of people could have killed him, He laid down his life as a sacrifice for all mankind.

            Have you not read the horrible things being said about Jews on this page? God’s hand has always been on the Jews and will always be on them. This doesn’t make them better than anyone else, they are set apart to be a lesson of God’s faithfulness to mankind. It’s the devil that continues to flame hate towards the Jews. When I hear people express that hate I know the love of God is not in them.

            I gave you one example of God’s blessing on Israel. I could give you many more but I doubt it would matter. You have convinced yourself that Abraham is not synonymous with Israel and the promises clearly given to Israel are wrongfully explained away

            Yes, when someone tells me there is an oven waiting for me, I tend to get irritated. If your love for God’s creation is truly complete it will include love for Israel and the Jews. If not than you’re only fooling yourself.

          • I understand the rise in your heart because of things said against the Jews. I do not look at individuals through the eyes that these people look through. The individual is God’s child if they have acted upon Acts 20:21, if not they are most miserable and remain in their sins. There is only salvation through “grace”, nothing else. I do differ with you on Numbers 24:9, I am not sure what bible you are using but to insert “Israel” in place of “thee”(which is singular) causes much confusion. God is not a God of confusion. Within the context of the complete Word of God, we find more perfectly that this passage is speaking of the son of God, Yeshu’a(YeHoshua), not a nation of people.
            “His king shall be higher than Agag, and his kingdom shall be exalted.” Christ the King of the Jews is to be “higher” than all the kings of this world; and Christ’s kingdom “exalted” above all other kingdoms. All this glory is then traced to the first great act of redemption “God brought him forth out of Egypt.” Thus deliverance from Egypt and future glory are linked together. “He hath as it were the strength of the buffalo.” Here is the power of God abiding with, and resting upon, those whom He has redeemed. Then follows, in connection with their redemption from Egypt, that final triumph and glory. “He shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows.” This is the foretold destruction mentioned in the New Testament, which awaits all the enemies of the Lord at His coming. But in the meantime the attitude of the children of God is one of expectation. Our attitude is not one of judgment yet, but one of grace. This is strikingly brought before us in the next clause; “he couched, he lay down as a lion.” The “couching” of the lion is always the attitude of expectation–looking forward to the moment when he shall spring upon his prey. “Lying down” indicates rest. The believer now rests in Jesus, and awaits His return. In the meantime blessing is his portion–“blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee.” And we notice how the blessing culminates here. The first was, “How shall I curse, or how shall I defy?” After it was, “He hath blessed, and I cannot reverse it.” Lastly, it is “Blessed is he that blesseth thee.” This last form in which Balaam expresses himself shows us God’s estimate of His people Israel. “He that toucheth you toucheth the apple of His eye.”
            I do love all of God’s creation, but there are also standards and terms that God gives to His children on living a holy life and trusting in His son, Jesus Christ. Without salvation in Acts 20:21, His creation is destined for the Lake of Fire, that pains my very soul to know that some will go there, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just in the city of Jerusalem, there is much hatred for the son of God today. God will not wink at this, His wrath upon this earth is coming and those who have rejected God’s son, will not see deliverance from the Lake of Fire. God have mercy on us all. I am a sinner who was redeemed by the blood sacrifice of the son of God, Yeshu’a(Jesus) and I am sealed with His Holy Spirit until that great day of redemption. No one gets a free ride to glory because of their descendants, they can only be in the presence of God(YeHoWaH) if they have a covering and that covering is the blood of Christ. Any nation of people are doomed if they reject the promise and refuse to believe as in Acts 20:21. God has one way and that way has always been His son’s sacrifice on the cross. (John 14:6). The ultimate protector of any people or person is God Almighty. So spend your energy praying for the Spirit of God to pour out on the world and continue to call the people unto himself to salvation through His son. I’m sorry we disagree on these scriptures, but I do agree with your statements following. There is much contention in the world, but the peace comes from the knowledge of the scriptures and daily prayer and sometimes even fasting is needed. I do not separate people into groups, they are all God’s creation. Some for honor, some for dishonor, but I pray for God’s will to be done with and in all the lives of the living, even the ones that seem unlovable or nonredeemable. Only God knows the hearts of man and who will humble themselves and who won’t, I am asked to be faithful in the things He has given me to do. I can teach and share the knowledge of the scriptures, but only God can change the hearts of man. We all have our reasons why we are in the beliefs that we are in. I’m sure we are all most imperfect in our understandings. Lean on the truth of God’s Word, look for other scriptures to more perfectly explain the single scriptures(2-3 witnesses) and of course, we won’t understand it all in our life time, but to live peaceably with each other as much as we can is a good start in our lives as God’s children.(Romans 12:18)

          • Get thee behind me, Satan. You twist words to deceive. Jesus did not willingly submit to your murder. He instructed us all to be vigilant against you, children of Satan. He instructed us to sell our garments and take up swords against you deceiving children of the adversary.

          • Israel should be NUKED. Hitler was right. Jews are what Satan shat out. Now crawl back up your Daddy’s anal tract.

          • Hisssss. You’re a little demon and you speak like your father the devil..You’re black on the inside. Devoid of understand and drowning in the bitterness of the dark pit you inhabit.
            Go away before I chop down one of your relatives. You little druid joke. No one cares what you think or how you fee. Hitler was a little one-balled, mental midget. So insecure about his who he was that he allowed himself to be inhabited by the devil and carry out the work of the devil. Hitler burns in hell, he’ll burn there forever and ever. No relief from the heat, the pain, the darkness or the realization that he brought this on himself. For all of eternity he’ll be tortured for being a little man filled with hate and envy. A little man that stirred up the like minded and had them commit one of the greatest atrocities in human history. All the other souls he drug with him to hell will revile him, curse him, moan and wail. They’ll beat their chest hoping for relief from the pain then they’ll beat him for leading them to the eternal pit of hell they’ll sure with their evil demon leader with no relief, ever.
            Go away you red haired devil. You have nothing in common with me.

          • I believe it was Christ that said to the jews…Ye are of your fathers seed. Ye are of your father the devil……jew asskisser I cannot wait to see what you do when you have nothing to eat…and your money masters watch you starve to death. BTW the jews would of starved to death long ago without the Anglo Saxon sons and daughter of Isaac because as we know they are cursed and cannot even grow a weed.

          • What a kike imbecile. Jewish kikes are the embodiment of Satan and their actions throughout history has proven it. You filthy satanic kikes murdered the Christian Czar of Russia, burned all the churches, banned the Bible and put yourselves above God, making it a crime punishable by DEATH in Russia to even verbally oppose or identify you. Then you starved 33 million Russian farmers in the Holomodor. What was left, you sent off to die murdering German Christians. Die jew.

          • You’re vile. I’ll bet your breath stinks like sulfur. Do cats hiss when you walk by? What about dog, do the growl? Do the fowl of the air attack you in swarms hoping to take your eyes out?

          • People like you are the danger and always have been. Go bow before your master jews for the crumbs from their table because that is what is planned for idiots like you

          • The Christ was not a Jew, rebbe, he was an Aryan. Taking a little break from bathroom sex with Niggers?

          • Where in Scripture does it state that Christ was a jew? You mimic what you hear. The jews father is the devil. You may want to do a very serious study of the Garden of Eden and what actually transpired.

          • Where do you get the idea that God loves Israel? Because you sure did not get it from the King James Bible. You reading the Israeli Bible

          • Must be why the fake “Jews” of today are so ugly. It is God’s curse on them. The Israel of the Bible is not that shitty whorehole we call Israhell today, either. It is the tribes that created Europe that are a people- Israel. NOT a nation.

          • Just stop it with your stupid nonsense. I’m disgusted by people like you. What bible are you reading? blah blah blah
            Grow the hell up already.

        • Keep your god to yourself….please…and all the hideous facts that go with it….on both sides…C and Jew!!

        • God is not on the side of Israel. They are not Israel. They never existed as a country until 1948. They have been thrown out of every country they have ever gone into. God cursed them as vagabonds and these are the only people that have never had a country. In fact the Scriptures state very plainly that they are of the synagogue of satan. You might try studying the Word of God because your ignorance is obvious either by choice or by stupidity

    • Trump”s first wife, Ivana, is a Jew. His daughter is a Jew. His latest blow up doll, Melania is also a Jew. Baron is being raised a Jew.
      Trump is very likely of Jewish descent.
      Kind of hard to wrap you little head around isn’t it.
      Ha, European American, as if that makes any difference what so ever in the big scheme of things.
      Trump is a non-practicing Jew. Deal with it.

  31. Daily Stormer is run by Jews. Dont be fooled. Anglin plays strawman so people will discount the realities about Jewish criminality. He also has partnered with David Duke who is also a front man for the Jews. Anglin also has Jews from Red Ice Radio writing for him and Red Ice is a faux white nationalist internet show that is actually run by Jews. Wake up people. The only guy you can trust for exposing Jews is Mike Stathis. Spend some time looking into this brilliant man. Stathis also exposed Duke as a Jew puppet. Here is an article and video he made exposing Trump

    • Vanguard news network is also a jew run operation posing as Whites. They have entrapped, jailed and murdered SCORES of unsuspecting Whites trying to do something for their race. What always gives these Jews away is their rabid hate for the black man. Their fabricated comment sections are filled with incitements of PURE hate toward blacks. A ruse to deflect attention from the jew: themselves!

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