Ain’t That America: Target Removes Gender Based Labeling

Target phasing out "gender-based" signage in stores

By Hunter Wallace

Target has given us the latest ridiculous social justice crusade … eliminating gender binaries in big box stores:

“Kids visiting Target will no longer have to consider their gender while shopping.

The retailer announced Friday it will start removing gender-based labeling in several departments — including toys, bedding and entertainment — around the store. The company says the decision comes after feedback and suggestions from customers.

“As guests have pointed out, in some departments like toys, home or entertainment, suggesting products by gender is unnecessary,” reads a statement from Target. “We heard you, and we agree. Right now, our teams are working across the store to identify areas where we can phase out gender-based signage to help strike a better balance.” ….”

It is no coincidence that genderless big box stores and androgyny in menswear have coincided with the rise of cuckservative political pundits and other offended sissies trying to create “safe spaces” on the Right.

Perhaps one day National Review will have inclusive, genderless restrooms like the Obama White House? I can envision the voice of school marm Erick Erickson chiding male employees not to stand while taking a tinkle.

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  1. More of trying to force things to be different than the creator created them in the name of equality. Target is a liberal cesspool as it heralds and places estimates on the number of Hispanics that will replace whites in the coming decades.Equality is the weapon of Satan we need to make sure our people understand that. Nothing that is equal is healthy, it is dead. When the body reaches an equilibrium it dies. That is the way all life operates, when looking on a larger scale communities operate in the same manner. It is infinitely emergent and essential for things to exist. From the way two people look to two different races it is necessary for individualism and on a larger scale a community and if it has the potential, a civilization. Inequality is the cornerstone on which reality rests. Even left wing Scientists cannot escape if with their Big Bang Theory which purports that unequal differences in density between different regions of space triggered the formation of the Universe as we know it.

  2. Does Target think this is the first time this has been tried?

    No, and every time it is tried it fails because even with “reeducation” boys and girls just like different things. Even with my daughter, I catch myself wondering what she would ever see in a dolly because I just don’t see things as she does.

  3. Boycott Target. That’s all there is to it. It’s anti-white and probably anti-American so it should already have been on the boycott list.

    Brian C. Cornell is the CEO. Looks like a white wuss to me. Also sits on the Board of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. Pure vomit.

    Laysha L. Ward, a negro, is the Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer aka chief diversity officer. Guaranteed she gets everything she wants when it comes to the subject of social engineering.

  4. Target is a Minnesota-based company. Their merchandise has historically been of better quality than Wally World, and it was a far less obnoxious place to shop in. About twenty years ago (@1995 or so) they started to be a ‘gay friendly’ place of employment. A former student of mine who ‘came out’ decided he would have a ‘career’ in retail. (Yeah, right, You can’t even pay your monthly apartment rent working at Wally World, and target is only a step better) So, fags and fems started making ‘executive decisions’ for the chain.

    About seven years ago, they started to be ‘actively multicultural’ and hired the least-able hominid to work in retail- Somali sluts and jihadists. Well, actually just the female of the species…MN. Male Somalis are too busy going back to the ‘homeland’ to fight for “Allah”- or whatever demon they call their god.

    It’s fascinating that in MN. – that supposed bastion of Scandic/Germanic ‘tolerance,’ the lines AVOIDING the ‘Smelly Somali’ cashiers are always longer than those poor unfortunates who have to have the ‘Burqua babes’ handle their merchandise.

    Target has been shrinking their inventory, and trying to make up for it, by having ‘Market/Grocery Stores’ in their new Super Targets. But, as more and more of the sales staff look like rejects from teh Niger (cuz they are) less and less of us are buying our stuff there. This is yet one more ‘PC project’ that I hope bites them in the butt, BIG TIME.

    America needs to utterly destroy, dismantle, and demonize every single incident of PC/Multiculti, until the dogs return to their vomit, as the only consumers. A pox on their house.

  5. Never been to Target. Some people praise it for its quality and bargains. Remember years back, Target jumped big time into the happy secular winter solstice holidays. Went so far as to ban the Salvation Army and its Santa Clauses from its property. Well, it is their property. Since then I have spent probably tens of thousands of dollars elsewhere, and have convinced a few to do the same. Consider it a small drop in the bucket – and I’m not even a very good Christian – feel free to pray for my soul.

  6. When it comes to the androgyny of male clothing, most of it was just straight up cross dressing. However, I actually liked the cravat and the laced shirt. They are rather traditional. It is almost cute how the effete left will look at racist, sexist, elitist and classist traditions and try to make them gay. But I am not amused. They did not show the pants that were supposed to go with the longcoat and cravat or the laced shirt so I do not know what look they were really going for.

  7. We have an alleged gay man in aisle nine who by the time he got to the register had a temporary proclivity for a beautiful blonde in the adjacent line. May the kosher congress, and scotus take notice.

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