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  1. Now Hunter, don’t be snarky. These colored folks ain’t celebrating, they’re in deep mourning for that gentle giant, Mikey Brown!

  2. Full time Blacklivesmatter activists, paid by George Soros really are their own worst enemies. They pick the worst issues and incidents. They don’t know when to quit.

    Not letting Ferguson MO go, targeting Bernie Sanders campaign to intimidate, grab microphones – I’m seeing lots and lots of negro fatigue in White Liberal circles.

    Remember Richard Nixon ran and won to presidential elections on a law and order platform, basically on negro rioting fatigue.

    This is another good issue for Trump if he wants one.

  3. As long as they continue to act like Animals, I will say: Niggers aren’t human. They are only good as slaves, and we should repatriate them all to Africa.

    American for Americans. ‘For US and OUR Posterity’… forever.
    Deo Volente.

  4. Full time Blacklivesmatter activists . . . pick the worst issues and incidents. They don’t know when to quit. . .Remember Richard Nixon. . .

    This is out-dated, old-fashioned thinking. This isn’t 1968 or 1980, there is no white “Silent Majority” that is capable of unleashing a political backlash, or at least there soon won’t be. What we’re seeing is a real paradigm shift caused by open borders. When you have a third-world population you’ll be a third-world country, and the Obama administration and all the kookiness and violence and chaos is just the preview of politics and society in a third-world dump.

    A couple of quotes currently at VDare:

    Again, race riots and businesses in flames aren’t failures of state policy. They are the results of state policy. (The same could be said about mass immigration.) – James Kirkpatrick

    “America’s demographics are changing at lightning speed, so Republicans are going to have to court minority voters, period,” said GOP strategist Ford O’Connell. “This [Criminal Justice reform, i.e. freeing black thugs from prison] is a smart way to do it. Will it move the needle on the 2016 electoral map? I don’t know. But at least there’s a realization that we can’t win the White House relying solely on white voters.”

  5. Agreed. Politically there isn’t a fix.
    Our white kids will have to enter Favellas and slums not unlike those in Brazil. To shoot and exterminate the worst Ghetto dwellers.

    See the movie Elite Squad. It’s about a SWAT team in Rio. Really harrowing stuff. Whitish Portuguese bust into Favelas with APCs and G3’s blazing against gangs armed with AK’s and RPG 7s.

    That’s the future.

  6. “This is another good issue for Trump if he wants one.”

    – Trump is just the controlled opposition. Beside that, he is heavily involved with Jewish interests (you cannot be a real estate baron in New York without Jewish connections). So regardless of what he says, even if he were to be elected which is doubtful, nothing will change. There can be no change in favor of white interests any longer in this country- not through the political system. It seems it is just so hard for baby-boomers to wrap their heads around this. The “America” you were born into in the 1950’s is GONE.

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