League of the South Rallies For Christian Marriage In Tuscaloosa, AL

It is time to SECEDE

By Hunter Wallace

This went down in the Tuscaloosa area, specifically in Northport, last Saturday:

“The William L. Yancey Chapter of the LS joined the Tuscaloosa chapter in Northport Alabama today for a street demonstration from 1:00 til 3:00 pm at the junction of Hwy 43 & 82 in front of city hall, a very busy intersection. The Battle flag and our Southern Nationalist flags, along with ‘SECEDE’, ‘SUPPORT CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE’ and ‘STOP CULTURAL GENOCIDE’ were used. Hundreds of horns honked as well as many thumbs up from the busy Tuscaloosa traffic. Nearly 200 pieces of pro LS literature were handed out to the very positive motorists as they passed by us. It was very apparent that the good folks in Tuscaloosa are sick of the Cultural marxist and their tactics being used against the Southern People as we in the League are. A great day in Dixie rallying support for Southern people and our identity.”

Amid this sea of vandalism of Confederate monuments, home invasions over the Confederate flag, gay marriages, China sucking the blood out of the United States, black-on-white mob attacks, mass shootings, illegal aliens jumping the border, gender bending sweeping fashion and big box stores, and of course, aborted babies being dissected and sold on the free market, someone has to point to the exit ramp and say, enough is enough, it is time to SECEDE from it all.

Note: Not just wave the Confederate Battle Flag at Wal-Mart, but explicitly advocate the dissolution of the Union.

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  1. It was a great day in Northport…..except for a scalawag!

    I helped organize the rally and we had a great time except for a problem with a City of Northport employee.

    He is Scott Collins (a white man) the city administrator who thinks he runs the City of Northport. His e-mail address is scollins@cityofnorthport.org. He came by the rally with about 45 minutes left and demanded that we move the camper that the flag was draped over. He even said that we were only permitted to use the grassy area from the power poles out to the road and not the parking lot. Of course our permit did say the parking lot and the grassy area between the turning lanes. After some discussion he threatened to call and did call to have the police show up and to have a wrecker impound the camper. He was very threatening and would not be reasoned with. He said we could leave the camper where it was but the flag had to come down because it was advertisement. So we told him it was all about the flag which he did not deny. We took the flag down and he canceled the wrecker. After the rally was over we put it back up for the group picture. His picture was snapped by a LOS member and is on the LOS Facebook page along with a picture of his truck tag.

    This is not over with yet and I have several questions that I want answered by him through the Alabama Open Records Request Act and I probably will follow up with him at a city council meeting.

    On 8/10/15 I asked the following questions through an open records request:

    I request a copy of the bond and or bonds covering your employment with the City of Northport, Alabama.

    I request a copy of code, statue, ordinance and or document authorizing you to work in an official capacity for the City of Northport on a Saturday afternoon.

    I request a copy of code, statue and or ordinance authorizing you to enforce any code, statue and or ordinance of City of Northport or THE STATE OF ALABAMA.

    I request a copy of the code, statue and or ordinance authorizing you to have a vehicle towed and or impounded.

    I request a copy of the code, statue and or ordinance from City of Northport in respect to historical flags being used as advertisement.

    Again, it was a great day and thanks to those who showed up, honked a horn or yelled out a car window for our Southland and our future!

  2. Good pic, could be a banner somewhere in pro-Dixie outlets. Cant we have a close up though? I recognize brad with mini-him in his arms.

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