The False Narrative: White Man Beaten Over Confederate Flag Dispute In Winter Haven, FL

By Hunter Wallace

It’s just another day … and another black-on-white mob attack over the Confederate flag, this time at an Applebee’s restaurant in Winter Haven, FL:

“About 1:50 a.m., the victim, a 30-year-old man, was sitting in the bar area of the restaurant, 201 Cypress Gardens Blvd., when he got into a verbal altercation with the suspects. The argument got more heated, and the manager stepped in, police said.

It appeared the suspects were going to leave the restaurant, but when the victim headed towards the door, one of the suspects jumped him and began punching and kicking him. The other suspect, who had walked outside, came back in and joined in the assault. police said.

The altercation lasted about 20 seconds until the manager broke up the fight. The victim sustained only minor injuries and required no medical attention, police said. …”

Note: The original version of the video on Live Leak claims there was an argument over the Confederate flag that sparked the fight, but we can’t confirm that yet.

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  1. Never would have happened in the South before the federal faggots passed their Sybil Rites Act. One more reason not to mix the races.

  2. Maxillofacial surgeons must love the uptick in business since desegregation.

    All those white cheekbones needing titanium pins.

    Yay mixed race food establishments.

  3. When has a Demcuck or Cuckservative even addressed the KO game?

    Trump from Nov. 2013

    For all those sick degenerates contemplating a knockout attack, please remember the late, great Charles Bronson-no more crime!

  4. Sam,

    For all of his good points and determination in exposing the epidemic of black-on-White violence, Colin Flaherty still just doesn’t get it. I’ve always had a suspicion that he decided to jump into the race foray years after others had already talked and written about black-on-White violence as a convenient way to try and sell books. This is what he wrote pertaining to Youtube suspending his account recently:

    There is nothing racist or separatist or nationalist or supremacist about it.

    No, Colin, the underlying premise to black’s proclivity for high levels of violence and destruction, and the epidemic of black-on-White violence is about Race, Separatism, Nationalism, and yes, to some, even evidence to support their Supremacist views.

    How can you look at daily stories like this—spread out over decades—without finally coming to the conclusion that Separatism, Nationalism and Race-ism are really the only long-term remedies to deal with blacks?

  5. I think he gets it.

    Colin writes books about pervasive black crime and violence.

    He is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller: “White Girl Bleed a Lot.”

    He brought national attention to the knockout game.

    He opened the eyes of the masses to a subject that was largely censored and taboo.

    Now, it is acceptable to discuss raging negro crime without fear of being labeled as a hater in most segments of society.

    A self identified nationalist would never have that opportunity.

    Never in a million years would he have been a best seller author if he took that route.

    They have had to sell copies of books from the back of a pick-up truck.

    His powerful videos destroy the myth that blacks are victims of racial attacks. It is the exact opposite.

    For that he deserves praise in my estimation.

    No, he does not speak of Separatism, Nationalism and Race-ism.

    If he did he wouldn’t have been shut down long before the world had a chance to witness the undeniably brutal nature of the negro.

    Thanks to Colin, readers and viewers, unless they are total retards or social justice warriors, surely must come to the realization that separatism, nationalism and racism are increasingly desirable and totally valid options to the useless remedies previously offered.

  6. Speaking of false narrative, think on this…

    Let’s not forget the 100th anniversary of the last time Whites actually treated Christ-killers as they deserved to be treated. Never forgive, never forget.

    “This Monday, 8/17, marks the 100th year anniversary of the “lynching” of Leo Frank, a magnificent exercise in justice. This article shows in detail how a massive conspiracy developed to clear the murdering pedophile Frank of charges. This is how the “jews” work; after all the Talmud clearly states raping and murdering goyim children is a deeply religious act-…/100-reasons-proving-leo-f…/”

    – comment found at

  7. White men need education or a skill, a job, money to outfit themselves and clean records to obtain concealed carry permits. 2 negroes attacking would justify the use of deadly force. Educate your friends and neighbors, lead them by baby steps. Too much or too extreme information too soon will cause them to shut off. P.S. get rid of your TV.

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