Cuckservatives: ¡Jeb! Goes on Offense, Claims Diversity Is Our Strength

By Hunter Wallace

He’s immensely proud of his Mexican family … of course he is, he speaks Spanish at home and told the US Census he is Hispanic:

“We’re a diverse country, that’s a virtue, that’s a strength of our country, and I’m proud of the fact that my children have a Mexican-American mom as American as anybody else, loves this country as much as anybody else, believes in the shared values of this great country and my children are blessed to have that heritage,” Bush said….”

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  1. Then there’s the odious Rubio who says different things when he speaks in English and when he speaks in Spanish to Telemundo. Hard to tell which one is worse.

  2. Though I disagree with “diversity”, amnesty, and Americanism 100%….I actually find Jeb’s wholesale honesty on this issue somewhat surprising, and a positive thing.

    In the past, far too many pols change their stripes when the heat is on…but by doing this…he’s literally drawing a line between his position and Trump’s, and telling Southerners(and really everyone): choose!

    It’s nice to have that clear-cut dichotomy.

  3. I’m glad Jeb loves his family and is proud of them – I am of mine.

    That doesn’t make either one of us qualified to be President.

  4. It’s Heb.

    Which “great country” is he talking about? The United States or Mexico?

    The Mexited States of North America? Umexico?

  5. Too bad Jeb! can’t run for the presidency of Mexico instead. It’s a better fit for him (and us).

  6. The more talk of diversity the more hatred of it, but Jeb must be encouraged to bring up “anti-racism” which of course even regular conservative minded folks is nothing more than anti-white.

  7. The last thing this country needs is a man more fit to be the President of Mexico than the USA — Jeb Bush. We need a Jim Bowie or Davy Crockett and not a Santa Anna who would turn this country into a province of Mexico.

  8. Jeb, you are a traitor. Your father was a traitor, your brother is a traitor, but you take the cake. You are a race traitor, as well as an idiot.

    Nobody cares what you think. Slink off to Ecuador or Meh-HEE-Ko, and live in the barrios, where you would be more comfortable with your ‘homies.’

    Please. Spare us.

  9. I’m still waiting for any of these bastards who spout “Diversity is our strength” to explain exactly what the benefits of diversity are.

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