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  1. They’ll have to do something. In ferguson only 6% of blacks voted, they can’t keep destroying communities and relying on older black voters to carry them forever.

  2. And look at who wrote the fucking article. Educated, erudite and yet, another goddamned gibsmedat shit. Next!

  3. On further reflection, this was basically what happened during the 1st reconstruction, but that had to be enforced by federal troops.

  4. Would I be wasting my breath to explain to the moron that three-fifths had to do with Congressional apportionment and its ramifications for legislative power?

  5. I think it is a wonderful idea. It would make pretty the great majority of Southerners into Southern nationalists.

  6. Yankees were the reason slaves were counted as 3/5’s. We compromised and the result was a curbing of the power of our land. Slaves were actually worth more than whites in terms of productivity and necessity within’ our plantation civilization. They were the backbone of the economy and got to enjoy all of the spoils that came with it. The writer of this article would do well to read up on John C Calhoun and why he believed as do I that Slavery was a positive good.

  7. The North wanted the 3/5ths clause for obvious reasons of representation. That said, women, who did not vote were counted as citizens, so the North looked at the negro slave and demoted him to 3/5ths. This despotic Washington Post who insists on telling people what to think and how to think, puts forth that representation should now be reversed instructing us that “reparations” are out of the picture. The press and its constant instruction to how we must think and how we must react, one way or the other to it, the press, is its naturethat it has its own ideas and foists those ideas upon the public. It sells its idea, and waits for reaction. One way or the other it puts people under its despotic control.

  8. I meant to write: The press and its constant instruction to how we must think and how we must react, one way or the other to it, the press, is the nature of a “free press.” It has its own ideas and foists those ideas upon us, yet we always insist that we have a “free and open press.”

  9. If I might @Jay, Calhoun was right and had the best argument pro slavery. There is one thing about this, the blacks who were in slavery in the South had thousands of years of experience of being slaves in Africa. The native american indians could not be slaves or they would have been put into slavery. So, if you have one group, the slaves, adept at what it is they do, slavery, they are then a natural kind of competitor, they know the slave master through experience. Did white plantation owners understand this completely? In other words, the slaves never had it so good as american slavery. They themselves partook of a system they liked and were thoroughly familiar with. In that case, who was the slave and who was the master. Did not the roles interchange? Just thinkin’

  10. “They were the backbone of the economy and got to enjoy all of the spoils that came with it.”

    Undoubtedly. In fact, that’s why it’s a little bit silly even to call them slaves. Every one of them was free to go anytime he or she wanted to, but none of them ever did.

  11. I think most White and normal folks reached peak dindu some time ago. Blacks acting badly and then justifying it as well hurts them a lot more than it helps them. IMO, they are headed for big trouble but are too stupid to realize it.

  12. Everyone involved in this “injustice” is long dead now. What principle of justice requires us to perpetually live in the past?

  13. @more of the same: “… most White and normal folks reached peak dindu some time ago.” The Soviet Union lingered for decades even though the vast majority under Soviet control had no confidence in the system. Jewish students are now one-quarter of Harvard undergraduates. IMO Peak Jew is here and peak dindu is here. According to Harold Covington, if Whites don’t wake up and take effective action, the world will be under Chinese control. PC may be a last gasp of jew/dindu power.
    “Some argue that white novelists have no right to write about people of color; and Christians should not write novels involving Jews or topics involving Jews. I think all this is dangerous.” – Anne Rice

  14. What is the metric?

    Faithful Husband and devoted father?
    Guy you’d trust in a fight?

    White men are worth 100,000s black men.


  15. Clement Pulaski,”Saying that a negro is worth 3/5 of a white man is pretty generous to begin with.”


  16. This is Jew Run America in Blackface. The Negro wouldnt even be allowed to cross a street without our say-so if not for the Jews. As for the 3/5 rule, in 1787 Virginia had the largest population and Free Negroes were considered citizens in every state except Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia. The 3/5 rule was a typical political solution, everyone got partially what they wanted and it stole representation from the wealthiest states, Virginia and South Carolina. If slaves and free Negroes had been fully counted, its likely Dixie would have had enough electoral votes to set the tone for 100 years plus.

    Preston Brooks of South Carolina once said that when the Founders wrote the Constitution they did not expect slavery to last until his day that the Founders did not have the foresight to foresee the invention of the cotton gin. I am paraphrasing of course but Brooks was basically saying in his speech that the Founders, somewhat poisoned by the bug of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity did not pass strict laws in the US Constitution to keep Negroes from being citizens. They allowed for 2 levels of citizenship, federal and state and while the Negro could never be a US Citizen, he could be a state citizen and be allowed to vote, marry purchase property and serve in the state militia. In fact in Kentucky and Tennessee before 1800 Maryland until 1809 and North Carolina until 1835 free Negroes had partial citizenship.

    Even though Dred Scott declared Negroes not eligible for US Citizenship, as the Supreme Court had no direct power over the states, states could grant them citizenship. In 1860 they had full state citizenship in ME, NH, VT, MA and RI and partial in NY.

    This all goes to prove what I have said all along. The USA was founded upon an immoral illegal premise from day one and for whatever reason, Southern leaders squandered years of power by not fixing the problems and explicitly making our nation a Christian nation or explicitly banning nonwhite citizenship. Evidently they didn’t foresee that someday their oversight would harm them. I feel the same about Interracial and Gay Marriage, why Marriage wasn’t explicitly defined in a Constitutional Amendment and all states forced to have the same laws I will never know.

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