Cuckservatives: Who Are Trump’s Supporters?

By Hunter Wallace

The Republican establishment seems to be in the process of defining their own identity against Trump’s supporters:

“The big, existential question for Republicans right now is: who are Donald Trump’s supporters?

It matters because this will determine the future, and the future prospects, of the party. I heartily agree with Ben Domenech, whose article on this just made it harder for me to fulfill my obligations to his publication, by pre-empting most of what I was planning to write about Trump for The Federalist. Ben argues that Trumpism would turn the Republicans from a “classically liberal right” to a European-style nationalist party that is “xenophobic, anti-capitalist, vaguely militarist, pro-state, and consistently anti-Semitic. If you criticize Donald Trump, it is exactly the sort of hate mail you should expect to receive.” If that happens, he writes, we would be “losing a rare and precious inheritance that is our only real living link to the Revolutionary era and its truly revolutionary ideas about self-government.” …

They are discovering that they are deracinated classical liberals, not “conservatives” in any meaningful sense of the word. The trolling appears to be succeeding in polarizing them into a rump faction. They are very busy virtue signaling to each other that they are not like all those unwashed, boorish haters, xenophobes, and Vulgarians.

Good for them. I hope they continue to decry “statism” and immigration enforcement as “big government.” They really want open borders, free trade, political correctness and plutocracy. Trump is succeeding in pinning them down on all those unpopular issues.

¡Jeb! even went to the Mexican border, scoffed at the notion anyone could ever build a wall or enforce immigration laws, and talked about his Latino family in Spanish. Honestly, his flagging presidential campaign is a gift that is sinking the whole lot of them, which probably wouldn’t have happened if Romney had run again.

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  1. No doubt Romney wouldn’t have had a Mexican wife to amuse us with and he probably wouldn’t have campaigned in Spanish, but he would be every bit as big a loser as the rest of these cucks. Because people are sick of it. That Bush is in-yer-face with it is just icing.

  2. I’ve already said it before: Checkmate!

    The impotent and sputtering GOP Inc. pretty much has to now alienate a huge chunk of their base just to try and distance themselves from Trump. It’s not Trump that will receive the brunt of the ridicule and character assassination attempts, but rather his supporters who dared to remove the chains that the GOP had bound them with for so long.

    Now any person with an IQ over 80 can see the truth that the Republican party was never truly a representation or vehicle of the people that put them into power. The voters DON’T control or dictate the policies of the Republican party. The puppeteers and mouthpieces of the Republican party control the interests of the people and give them vetted choices. They carefully frame the debates and craft the narrative, and then allow you to choose from what they’ve given you. What you have is the illusion that you put people into power who represented your views and were going to do what was best for you.

    I could lock you in a room and then go on to tell you that you can eat whatever you want, watch whatever you want, and live whatever life it is that works best for you. Look how free you are! You are getting everything you asked for. Just don’t bring up that locked door thingy and it will all go smoothly for you. After sedating yourself with a steady diet of apple pie, reality TV and the latest techno gadgets, you forgot you were locked in a room, didn’t you?

    So if you begin to find yourself bewildered by the rhetoric involved, where GOP Inc. seems to employ the exact same tactics as the Liberals when it comes to silencing your criticism and daring to voice your honest(and factual) views and opinions, then the answer should be obvious: They are the same Party, run by the same special interest groups. Different names, different vehicles and different driving habits, but they are driving you to the exact same spot! How they got there is irrelevant if that place happens to be a place you never wanted to be.

    If anyone needs this to be any clearer and more obvious, I’ll gladly grab a crayon and draw it out for you.

  3. We are not classical liberals. We are classical conservatives. Our worldview is rooted in neo-classical values which work rather than turn civilizations upside down to appease aliens and radical deconstructionists.

  4. Trump doesn’t need to spend much money. His cuckservative enemies are giving him a lot of in-kind campaign contributions by loudly yelling their SJW-style rhetoric. Every time someone complains about Trump’s lack of loyalty to the Republican party and that he’s not a true conservative, they’re doing Trump a favor. I said it myself as early as the spring of 2014, that the only kind of Republican that could steal the nomination from Jeb Bush (before he started calling himself Jeb!) was a militant high energy populist who, even though he was running as a Republican, deliberately put some distance between himself and the party and between himself and the official ideological vessels of conservatism. I didn’t think that anyone would actually do that, much less think that Donald Trump would be the one who did.

    Even Mark Steyn said for the last couple of days that modern day ideological conservatism is good for nothing and useless if all it does these days is go on fits of medieval scholasticism and argues with itself over who is the “real” conservative, playing purer-than-thou games, while the other side keeps on racking up win after win.

  5. Celestial Time

    Whether or not Trump winds up doing anything for our cause in a proactive sense, he has already helped our cause in a way that even he doesn’t know he’s doing: He’s the force which will end the Repugnican Party as currently constituted, a party where there is a universe-wide disconnect between its senior establishment leadership both in elected office and party structure, and the expectations of the typical (white) person that votes for it. Trump will either win the nomination and set into motion a set of circumstances that end in the Republican Party being more or less a European style soft nationalist political party, or he is beaten back, doesn’t win the nomination, then the Republican Beltway consultant class will, as they have openly promised, go on a Caucasian chimpout and “cleanse” and “purge” the party, National Review to the power of ten, of anyone remotely interesting (to us), and in the process, the party will ruin itself.

  6. Everyone has said for years there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between these two shill groups for our parasitic alien enemies, but now for some reason, they’re taking off their masks and giving everyone a look at how phony they really are. What people are now seeing cannot be unseen. Let those clowns purge the GOP. Its deader than a Wooly Mammoth anyway.

  7. Trump is providing the most invaluable service, by serving as catalyst that’s imploding Conservatism, INC.

  8. If saying that the United States is a sovereign nation, with laws and traditions, not a jobs program for the rest of the planet makes one a ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’, then so be it.

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