Cuckservatives: Donald Trump Is a Snarling, Throwback Alpha Male

By Hunter Wallace

George Will:

“Every sulfurous belch from the molten interior of the volcanic Trump phenomenon injures the chances of a Republican presidency. After Donald Trump finishes plastering a snarling face on conservatism, any Republican nominee will face a dauntingly steep climb to reach even the paltry numbers that doomed Mitt Romney…

Rich Lowry:

“Trump is such a forceful communicator that he comes off as some sort of throwback alpha male, whereas Bush is such an earnest wonk he looks and sounds like a sensitive dad from a contemporary sitcom. It’s like watching a WWE wrestler get a stern talking to from Ned Flanders.”

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  1. Give ’em hell, Trump. If you win– great!
    If you don’t, who cares what happens to the Republican Party and its meaningless “brand?”

  2. “a sensitive dad from a contemporary sitcom….”

    lol What a loser. A deracinated, feminist man with not once of loyalty to his own people, culture or language, I might add. Jeb is the perfect symbol of Americanism and the GOP.

  3. The cuckservatives are apoplectic after Trump threatened wetback Mexican gang members last night, saying, “they will be gone (deported) so fast it’ll make your head spin.”

  4. Ironic timing.

    I finally got through with The Art of the Deal just a little while ago. In the second to last chapter, Trump is telling the story of his quest to build a consortium of buildings including what would have been the world’s tallest building at the time on some Hudson River front acreage that used to be railroad yards. The project was mainly intended to lure NBC away from Rockefeller Center, as in about 1986 or so, they wanted to move. Well, as it turned out, in the immediate few years after the book, NBC backed out of moving, and the world’s tallest building faced too much Nimby pressure, so the project was scaled back. But, at the time, a certain national columnist had much more praise for Trump:

    My favorite reaction to the world’s tallest building came from columnist George Will. I’ve always liked Will, in part because he’s not afraid to challenge fashion. “Donald Trump is not being reasonable,” Will wrote. “But, then, man does not live by reason alone, fortunately. Trump, who believes that excess can be a virtue, is as American as Manhattan’s skyline, which expresses the Republic’s erupting energies. He says the superskyscraper is necessary because it is unnecessary. He believes architectural exuberance is good for us [and] he may have a point. Brashness, zest and élan are part of this country’s character.” My only regret was that George Will didn’t have a seat on the City Planning Commission.

  5. Dynamite was quite interesting. The aging football star was found out to be a toolbag.

    I thought Napoleon had a strange sort of integrity.

  6. No empire survives Identity Politics and ‘Murka is no exception. The dissident right as blind as they are should be jumping for joy because even the Cuckservatives have taken to IP and in fact are its enforcers.

    A mainstream candidate could promise the electorate freedom from IP, and score well.

    A dissident candidate could promise to end his base electorate’s second class citizenship and score well.

    But the Cucks tell the base, you’re basically Jews in 1933 Germany, well off and comfy so don’t rock our gravy trains.

  7. A “snarling face on conservatism” is just what it needs. Mr. walk all over me nice guy doesn’t work. These beta wimps are really jealous of Trump because he is an alpha, or at least projects it.

  8. Make no mistake about it; the Republicans will screw Donald Trump in some way even if they have to manufacture a scandal.They will go out of their way to screw their base and find someway to lose! They are as useless as tits on a boar hog and thus do I call them Boar Hog Republicans. I have about as much use for the Retarded Right as I do the Lunatic Left.

  9. The boring sanctimonious moralist is typical of the double-talking “virtuecrats” of the GOP. Everything about the Republican establishment is false and loathsome, even their tawdry private lives:

    Will is still pissed at Washingtonian Magazine for running a photo of a sign his then-wife Madeleine planted on the front lawn of their Chevy Chase, Maryland home where she’d tossed his stuff: “Take it somewhere else, buster.”

  10. I also think that the Republican establishment and mainstream media will find a way to take out Trump. They will literally use all means at their disposal, including physical violence. They will not let go of their trough without a desperate fight. Like the Sicilian mob, the GOP is ruthless and vicious. Unlike the lying GOP, at least the mob doesn’t pretend to serve the common weal.

  11. George Will must have had his prostate removed in old age. He’s gone total cuck.

    And The Donald is acting just like MEN used to act, and should act- Strong, leader like, unafraid of taunts, and sissy posturing and ‘bad words’ from men like Jews, Spics, and Nigs.

  12. “Unfortunately Trump has said several times he wants to bring in Christian Syrians instead of Muslim ones.” – that is still a net gain. there are simply fewer christians, and the UN won’t have any reason to facilitate sending them here.

    Ultimately it is up to the states to opt out of the refugee resettlement program.

  13. “that is still a net gain. there are simply fewer christians”

    If he wants to help them, he can help them in the Middle East.

    Muslims will not integrate, the Christians will be easier to make Whites accept. If you can’t see a bait and switch when you see it, you are lost.

    “Ultimately it is up to the states to opt out of the refugee resettlement program.”

    States rights? Are you kidding?

  14. Not a good idea to bring Syrians in no matter religion they happen to be. I know several Syrian and Iraqi Christians and they are virtually indistinguishable from there Moslem brothers.

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