Bust: Montgomery Secession Rally

By Hunter Wallace

Around 30 people showed up at the secession rally in Montgomery, hung around for about an hour, and dispersed when it started raining:

“If support for the secession of Alabama from the United States can be measured in rally attendance, it’s safe to assume Alabama won’t be seceding any time soon.

More than 300 people were expected at the Alabama Flaggers Secession Rally, according to AF co-director Freda Mincey-Burton and the event’s Facebook page. On the steps of the Capitol Saturday, attendance peaked at 30 people — including event organizers — and rain showers after the first hour of the event sealed it as a failure. The 5-hour rally ended after about 2 hours. …”

More people reportedly showed up later this afternoon in between scattered showers, as the event was supposed to last five hours, but the weather wasn’t cooperating.

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  1. I think the US Presidential election will overshadow all of these types of protests for the next year and a half.

  2. Me too.

    Almost everyone who is a marginalized/disaffected White voter boarded the Trump Train after the immigration plan was announced. He’s given a lot people new hope that he can win and reform the system.

  3. Yeah, there was.

    300 people were supposed to come on Facebook. They just didn’t show up. I think the weather had a lot to do with it. Several other events across the South were rained out this afternoon.

  4. Hundreds of thousands would brave a near-hurricane to watch illiterate (and often criminal) negroes play SEC football, however.

  5. “Hundreds of thousands would brave a near-hurricane to watch illiterate (and often criminal) negroes play SEC football, however.”


    It s one of my causes to help Southerners and White Americans elsewhere break the Black thug college football addiction. All the other college sports besides football and basketball Whites, White Southerners do well. Division 2 college football in places like Montana and North Dakota is good, college hockey great. NHL hockey does very well in the South,meh not College hockey?

  6. College football season starts next weekend.

    It has nothing to do with football. The vast majority of people who are “Far Right” won’t show up at real world events regardless of whether it is football season or not. They are no more likely to show up in the spring or the summer than the fall. Believe me, I know.

    • In this case, the event was heavily promoted on Facebook, and what happened is that people who supported the idea of a secession rally, most of whom are not activists, clicked “Going.” Also, the event was originally supposed to go on for two days, and for five hours today, when it should have been 2 hours max.

  7. My guess is that making it a Facebook campaign is the problem. Plenty of people who would have participated don’t do FB. It’s the home of frivolity. The word has to be spread via independent sites, and far enough in advance to get it picked up by those who identify “hate”.

  8. They climbed aboard the Chump train, same as Reagan.

    You might be right but you have to admit that TPTB are going insane over the Don, but owned Reagan.

  9. Trump is exploiting a mood that is already out there. Wait till Trump picks Cruz as his running mate. Cruz loves legal immigration. Then you will know you’ve been cucked again.

  10. I’d say Trump probably spurred hope in reform rather than secession. I’m pro Trump, but I don’t think he can turn it around enough to eliminate the need for secession. At best he will just buy us a few more years before shtf.

  11. Trump won’t pick Cruz. While the cruztards think they’re using the Don, the opposite is happening.

  12. Will you make excuses for Trump if he does? I bet you will.

    BTW Trump/Cruz are holding a joint rally against Iran.

  13. Bet all you like.

    BTW Trump/Cruz are holding a joint rally against Iran.

    That’s what I meant about T using Cruz. T has already gone on record as having little problem with “the deal”, in spite of his meaningless populist rhetoric, whereas everyone knows Cruz is, if nothing else, an outright Israeli agent.

    T will thus get more of the stupid Evangoid votes once “Ted” has fulfilled his usefulness.

  14. Should that be “evangoid” or “evangeloid”?

    Doesn’t matter. Their brainwashed boomer asses are dying off.

  15. I was at an Evang(el)oid service once. I asked them if they really were Christians because it seemed to me from the sermon that they actually were Jews.

  16. I was excited and looking forward to this rally. It would have been a first opportunity I was given to speak outside the State Capitol Build. in Montgomery. I had scheduled with the event organizer to be a speaker at this event. The event had already closed down by the time I arrived in Montgomery around 1:30 PM. It would have been a waste of a two-hour round trip drive, however, I did take in the sights at the nearby cultural museum and other cultural sites nearby. Oh, well, anyone out there looking for a Presidential speaker in the area of Columbus, Ga., or Montgomery, and Birmingham Alabama?

  17. There were a couple of other notable rally’s which took place today of which I would have liked to join in on. The rally in Washington was put on by two candidates who have chosen to stand in the shadows for several months on this issue with Iran. I am the only Presidential Candidate who has published a stand alone Letter of Notice to Iran, and the Middle East regarding the matter. It was published along with my Platform concerns back in March / April on my Facebook Timeline following the GOP (47) Letter to Iran.

  18. Marc Bahn // August 30, 2015 at 2:10 am //

    “Bet all you like.”

    Avoiding the question means yes.

  19. Trump was promising a million dollars for vets, because they can’t get anyone motivated to go to war any more. So it looks to me like the Trump train is going to Iran, to make the world safe for a Greater Israel. And whats the bet they have no trouble getting funds for this war, but struggle to get funding for a border fence?

  20. It it true we have someone officially running for a President of the Unoted States posting comment here on OD?

    Oh dear.

  21. Perhaps one needs to research something called the “Society of Spectacle.” It is a term in vogue with the Alternative Right. It is a method whereby the system uses real and manufactured representational images to dissipate revolutionary discontent. Spectator sports would certainly be an example much like the World Controllers in Brave New World used Soma to make docile the masses.

  22. Sad to say, but a secession movement in the future would more likely create La Republica del Norte than a new Confederacy…

  23. Hunter, I think I am one of the few who almost wants to see Hillary Clinton win so we can have this crash. I am afraid IF they give us Trump everything will calm down and go back to sleep and there we go blithley down the road to destruction. We need to collapse the system NOW. If Hillary Clinton will cause it to collapse then I would say Hillary in 2016. Now would I vote for her? No i couldn’t do that without making myself physically ill, but like the fire eaters in South Carolina in 1860, sometimes the WORST OUTCOME is the BEST.

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