Arkansas League Rallies Against Immigration In Springdale

By R.G. Miller

The Arkansas League of the South held a rally to protest third world immigration on 29 August 2015. The event was held in an area that has been inundated with foreign immigrants due to mega-corporations such as Tyson and Walmart choosing increased profit margins at the expense of the systematic replacement of white Southerners. The event was held on the main thoroughfare in town, so there was a massive amount of traffic that witnessed our protest.

The local response was as we expected. A large majority of white Southerners supported our message and seemed encouraged by people willing to speak out against their replacement. We received countless honks, waves, and thumbs up from these folks. However, the substantial immigrant population did not take so kindly to our message. From the loud blaring of “Mariachi” music to obscene comments and gestures, the local immigrant population made sure to let us know that our message was unwelcome to them.

In addition to opposition from local latino immigrants, quite a bit of the black population was hostile to our message as well. This was surprising, as immigrants from Mexico and other parts of Central and South America have all but replaced the manual labor jobs, especially in agriculture, that used to be performed by Southern blacks. Ten or twelve of such black “youths” attempted to cause a confrontation. However, we were able to diffuse the situation due to a good working relationship with the local law enforcement.

Overall, the demonstration was very successful. We were able to be interviewed by a state-wide news station, and thousands of passersby heard our message. It was definitely a reminder of the hostility towards our people that some of those who reside in our land hold. In addition to this, it is illustrative of the severity of the immigration problem – it is surreal to feel like you are in a foreign country in the land your fathers built. However, it was encouraging to see the massive proportion of support from the native Southerners for our anti-immigration message and even for our message of Secession.
Southern Nationalism is growing in Arkansas.

God Save the South!

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  1. Some modern negro youth can’t think for themselves. They live in a drug and rap induced zombie like state. Why would they care if immigrants from backward nations take the jobs they would never do themselves? They make their cash selling the drugs which are destroying their own communities and by pimping out their own women. When Ahmed Ben Bellah led the Algerian revolution against the French they started by cleaning up their own society first by eliminating their own social parasites.

  2. That’s why immigration is bad for America. We don’t need minimum wage laws. We need a shortage of labor. Big business wants a labor surplus to drive down wages. When labor is in short supply employers bid up the price (wages) willingly.

  3. The international gangsters who run this place never asked us if we wanted ~50 million Third World “immigrants,” legal or illegal. W e D o n ‘ t M a t t e r.

  4. Naw Louis the coward who runs this blob removed my post. I didn’t realize you guys were so thin skinned.

  5. Naw Louis the coward who runs this blob removed my post. I didn’t realize you guys were so thin skinned.

    What was removed?

  6. I think local Blacks just see the Confederate Battle Flag and then go crazy.

    When the Confederate Battle Flag is flown, the flag itself usually becomes the issue, not our preferred issued which in this case was immigration, tyson foods.

  7. I thought it was the League of the South’s policy not to fly the Confederate Battle Flag, Stars and Bars at official LotS events.

    I support his policy as the confederate Battle Flag becomes the issue not the issue our side was protesting – immigration , Tyson Foods. Blacks go nuts when they see the Confederate Battle Flag, the media just puts out the line that Southern racists with Confederate Battle Flags rioted with, against Blacks nice Christians just don’t want any trouble from racist Whites or rioting Blacks, both are equally bad etc.

    The new White and Blue across of St. Andrew works better, it’s something new. We need effective new things.

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