Could Trump Provoke a Political Realignment?

By Hunter Wallace

Once again, I chalk this up in the realm of “too good to be true”:

“If the old ideologies no longer make sense, it’s not a surprise that a GOP elite dominated by cosmopolitan, pro-immigration Wall Streeters is getting winded in its attempt to chase after the Republican base, which wants government hands off their Medicare and a few 30-foot walls along the Mexican border. Trump may turn out to be a blip in this election cycle. But some days Trumpism looks like the future. Instead of parties divided by questions of political economy — crudely speaking, socialism or capitalism — we may be having debates between the globalized economy and actual communities: market or nation. The character of cities and places will be put against the demands of an invisible hand. Parties committed to diversity and breaking up the traditional cultures of their nations will find themselves allied with big business and the engines of the global market. Parties committed to preserving the national character may find themselves defending the 20th century’s legacy of national welfare states.

In other words, get ready for a hyper-capitalist left and an anti-capitalist right.”

In fact, this is exactly what I advocated on my previous blog in 2006-2008, and even further back on various forums in 2001-2005. All these Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street guys are on the same side as the SPLC on issue after issue. They all need to be in the same political party. As things stand today, in every election cycle, the White working class always loses no matter who wins.

Note: Robert Lindsay recently called for an Alternative Left.

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  1. The whole effort by the jewish financial elites and their gentile satraps is to destroy white people no matter what the alignments may be, now or in the future. That is the goal, that is uppermost. The rest is a sideshow of details to mull over and get side tracked. The goal is to destroy the white race through de-chrisianizing them, through the blacks with the browns. The whole thing is about one thing: render whites into hapless workers.

  2. In the same video, he talks about Baltimore, too.
    You know: great cops prevented from doing their job, the importance of law&order, etc

  3. A battered wife is in a very dangerous position ( think O.J.), if she deludes herself thinking she can change him, then tragedy awaits her. Today the D.C. Empire has battered the States into submission, being drunk on power the abuse increases. Anyone who believes reform is possible is deluded, Trump is the same as all the rest, arrogant, obnoxious, loud mouthed and no friend of the South. I would rather see Clinton elected, Lincoln’s election caused the South to break away, Clinton being elected could have the same effect, this is our ONLY remedy; namely Secession!

  4. We need a labor shortage in USA, not more immigrants. A shortage of labor will force employers to bid up the price by raising wages.

  5. I think one thing that is needed in a hurry is a political space for white people who are left wing on most things but want immigration enforcement and some other quasi racial or coded racial policies to live in comfortably.

  6. The first two paragraphs of this article in The Week should not be overlooked:

    There was once a fanciful idea that the internet and all its attendant technologies of cheap communication would reverse the pattern of urbanization in developed countries. Some people still believe this: People could telecommute to work while enjoying the comforts of the small towns and country roads of their childhood. A few people, in fact, do this. But the for the most part the opposite phenomenon is playing out. The information age is the age of moving people. And if that’s true, Donald Trump is just the first manifestation of a new era in global politics.

    The information age makes it very easy for a small town kid to find an apartment, a job, and a social network in the big cities and growth areas. It also allows him to stay connected with friends at home. In other words, it lowers the price of moving and the cost of leaving. It reduces the feeling of disorientation in new places, while allowing people to still belong, in some sense, to where they came from. New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Silicon Valley, Portland, and Austin have all benefited from these trends.

    Sam Francis wrote this in Chronicles in April 1992:

    There is a good deal of talk about how post-industrial technologies will lead to a radical decentralization of organizations. Don’t bet on it. The technology works both ways. It can be used to promote decentralization, but it also lends itself to tighter control from the center. Human nature seems to prefer more power and less responsibility, and my own bet is that post-industrial technologies will accommodate that preference.

  7. Marie Le Pen said, “There is no more Left and Right. Instead, there are globalists and nationalists.”

    Chalk me up with the nationalists, in my case, leftwing nationalists (I know how nuts that sounds). What’s weird is you guys on the Right are nationalists too, so you and I are in some weird alliance against the Globalist Corporate Right, DNC Left and the Cultural Left. All these people are in bed with each other. They are all pushing deculturalization, deracination and what boils down to the dismantling of nation-states.

    In our alliance, we are for de-emphasis if not outright hostility to the Cultural Left, preservation of the wisdom or ages (your grandma was right), anti-gender feminism, anti-Gay Politics, anti-laissez faire capitalism, pro-men’s rights, pro-equity feminism, pro tolerance but anti-celebration on sexual orientation, gender orientation and sexual freakism, pro-worker, pro-consumer, pro-environment, pro-people and pro-community. And for me of course, the preservation of the nation (my motto is “Without the Homeland, there is nothing”), distinct national cultures and traditions, of course national economies and welfare states.

  8. I read something not long ago that I found amusing.

    It went like this:

    Say you want to live in a place that is traditionalist, anti-abortion, anti-feminist, anti-gay rights and marriage, pro-gun, religious, with strong decentralization of power to localities, and no socialism,etc.

    You’d find that in Afghanistan or Pakistan’s NW province.

    The opposite would exist in Scandinavian countries.

    But you’d be happier in Scandinavia.

    Culture and race trumps all else, doesn’t it?

    But the cucks call the US a “proposition nation.”
    Whenever I hear talk in the US of future possible socialism I think what it really means is “money for negroes.”

  9. I can’t edit, so I have to add this important one.

    Low taxes in Afghanistan.
    High taxes in Scandinavia.

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