Authorities Won’t Release Vester Flanagan’s Manifesto

Where are the Hatewatchers now?

By Hunter Wallace

Very suspicious.

Flanagan is dead. He acted alone. Why hide the manifesto?

“Because this is an ongoing investigation, the sheriff’s office is not publicly releasing the manifesto sent to ABC News nor any samples of Flanagan’s writings.

Release of such records and documentation compromise the criminal investigative file.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has elected to exercise its grant of statutory authority to withhold the requested records and media requests for those records.”

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  1. I’d like to know about the 17 addressed letters found in his car and the amount of cash the DOJ paid out to the families of the victims of Flanagan.

    Actually, we know. It was ZERO, because White lives don’t matter and are worth nothing!

    On the other hand, black lives matter and black privilege is real.

    ‘On the late afternoon of Friday June 19 the Obama Justice Department led by new Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced it will “fast track” $29 million to victim families of the June 17 shooting at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina, Reuters reports. The exorbitant payout amounts to over $3.2 million per family.’

  2. Sam // September 5, 2015 at 1:31 am //

    “On the other hand, black lives matter and black privilege is real.”

    A black life is only of value, when a white man takes it. When a white takes a black life, all the race hustlers come out, because it rains money.

  3. $29 million??!!

    I wish never again to hear “land of the free,” “the rule of law,” “consent of the governed,” “equality before the law”, etc. What a fraud.

  4. There is no Black Privilege, the Negroes have no more power by themselves today than they did in 1865. The Negro has Jewish Sponsorship, Jewish Protection and Jewish Money. There is only JEWISH DOMINATION OVER WHITE SOCIETY and as Jews have dominance, they dole out privilege and as of now the Negroes have more rights than we do, not of their own accord but because of the JEWS. Never forget this

  5. They’re still stonewalling Waco, too. They don’t even bother pretending that whites are anything but 3rd class citizens. They don’t even bother pretending to hide the fact that they think whites aren’t human. And the real idiots, the real villains of the piece are are all those moronic cuckservatives who still hold up the system, join their rotten army and support their rotten wars. Your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore.

  6. The Jews have this idea that by exterminating whites they can bring forth a transhumanist world. Jett and Jahn actually detailed this in their article about Jew transhumanist Ray Kurizweil. The Jews want to start a worldwide cataclysm that will lead to the entire earth being depopulated. They believe that intelligent robots will be able to do all the work we do. They also believe humans can be outfitted with robot parts to live hundreds of years.

    The Georgia Guidestones in Elberton shed some light on this. Believe me this is much worse than anything we ever dreamed of. Much much worse.

  7. Rise up o [White] men of God, Have done with lesser things… etc.

    What do you think the words of that hymn, or ‘lock and load’ mean, anyway?
    Throw off the usurper. ‘THEY ALL HAVE TO GO.’
    And ‘the last one to go, will see the first three go before them,’ as it were. (Illegals, Moslems, Blacks, J…)

  8. The people who control this country are not elected. They didn’t get their power by elections nor by “we the people”. The power controls the elections.

  9. It is a shame that the left-wing nuts get kid-glove treatment for their crimes and a 21 year old white kid on drugs gets “lynched” within hours after his crime and not only him but the entire Southern white population in the form of cultural genocide in the banning of the Confederate Flag and the removal of memorials/monuments.

    Some of the conservative cuckporkers feeding at the government trough should be standing up and demanding a roll back of all the cultural genocide attacks against the South and/or going on the offensive and attacking the NAACP, SPLC, homosexual organizations, etc for feeding this black crazy man’s ego with all this victimization nonsense and they should be demanding equal punishment by banning all their flags and monuments performing a reverse cultural genocide on them to atone for this horrific hate crime they are responsible for.

  10. Didn’t the SPLC make a name for itself by going after groups allegedly influencing bad acts by whack jobs and taking their money?

    They themselves seem to be immune.

  11. Vester Flanagan is 2 for 2 a Negro and a Queer so you know the drill on that. The Jews of course have enshrined NEGROES and QUEERS as sacred groups, of no real power by themselves but with Quadrillions of offshore Jewish Banker funny money, you can guess the rest. This is JEWISH DOMINATION and JEWISH PRIVILEGE AT WORK.

  12. I think the real rulers of society is what I refer to as the Judeo-Liberal Coalition. It is composed of liberal whites motivated by feelings of white guilt and pathological altruism and Jewish supremacists operating from their traditional dual morality who desire a denationalized and deracinated society because they learned centuries ago that an organized minority is always more powerful then a disorganized majority.

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